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Our specialists share their knowledge about best practices of using VPN and Smart DNS. They write about how useful these services can be and what you can use them for.

How to Get Crackle Unblocked

Crackle is a great entertainment platform, but it’s a huge shame it isn’t available worldwide. Don’t worry, though – there are ways to get Crackle unblocked anywhere in the world, and we’re going those show you exactly how to do it.

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“Happy Valentine’s Day” Promotion

Curling up with your significant other on the couch to enjoy a glass of wine and some romantic movies is definitely a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day. But you know what would be even better? Being able to enjoy some exclusive Valentine’s Day movies – like the ones they have on Netflix US, for example.

Well, that’s exactly why we’re offering you this chance to enjoy a discount of up to 58% on our services – so that you can unblock any geo-restricted entertainment you want to make this special day more fun.

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How to Hide Your IP Address on Android Devices

Using an Android device to connect to the web is extremely convenient and satisfying. The whole Internet is literally at your fingertips anywhere you are in the world – and it’s all topped with a user-friendly interface. The only way to improve all that is to also hide your IP address while using an Android device.

Why? Well, in this article we’re going to show you exactly why you need to do that, and also how to hide your IP address on Android devices too.

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Smart DNS vs. VPN – Which Option Is Right for You?

Smart DNS vs. VPN – the debate has been going on for some time, and if you’re like most online users, you likely want to find out which service offers you the better online experience.

Well, in this article, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what both services are, how they work, what their pros and cons are, and we’ll take a look at which one you should use in certain situations.

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How to Use Booking.com in Turkey

Having trouble accessing Booking.com in Turkey? It’s not very surprising – the feud between the online booking platform and the Turkish government has been going on for some time.

Don’t worry, though – we’ll show you how to use Booking.com in Turkey with extreme ease in this article. Continue reading “How to Use Booking.com in Turkey”

How to Unblock iHeartRadio Outside US Territory

Looking to relax listening to your favorite artists on iHeartRadio? As enjoyable as that sounds, it’s often met with disappointment by people trying to access iHeartRadio outside US territory because the service isn’t available in that case. Don’t worry, though – we’ll show you exactly how to quickly and easily get iHeartRadio unblocked if you’re dealing with that issue. Continue reading “How to Unblock iHeartRadio Outside US Territory”

VPN Giveaway

January Giveaway Winners Announcement!

The time has arrived! After one week of entries, we are pleased to announce 5 winners of our giveaway. If your name is listed below, today just happens to be your lucky day! Before that, we would like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway this month!
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How to Unblock Websites at School (6 Methods)

Using the Internet to learn at school is definitely enjoyable. However, what’s not enjoyable is having to put up with annoying network restrictions that prevent you from accessing the websites you want. After all, maybe you want to watch a YouTube video or two after studying for half an hour, and not being able to do something as basic as that can harm your motivation. Continue reading “How to Unblock Websites at School (6 Methods)”

How to Get Crunchyroll Unblocked Fully

If you’re into anime and manga, you’ve likely heard of Crunchyroll – a website with tons to offer in terms of East Asian content. It’s just a shame that if you’re not from the US, you’ll have to settle for less shows, and find a way to get Crunchyroll unblocked fully.

If that’s what you want, we’ve got you covered. This article will show you why some Crunchyroll content is blocked, and what kind of Crunchyroll unblocker you can use to enjoy everything the platform has to offer. Continue reading “How to Get Crunchyroll Unblocked Fully”

“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” 2018 Promotion!

Update! 3 January, 2019 The promotion has ended!

First off – happy holidays! We hope you’ll be enjoying a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s along with your loved ones. But we don’t just want you to have a merry time during this period, but a safe time as well – especially on the Internet when you’re buying presents for your friends and family.

That’s why we decided to offer this big 58% discount on our services right now – so that you can save some money while you also get to secure your online and personal data (and maybe even catch some better deals by bypassing online price discrimination).
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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday 2018 Promotion

Update! 27 November, 2018 The promotion has ended!

Whether you want to kick back and relax this Thanksgiving with your friends and family and enjoy your favorite shows censorship-free, or just want to take advantage of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, we’ve got you covered.

Instead of running multiple promotions that force you to keep checking our website and social media pages each and every day, we decided to keep everything all-in-one – between the 15th and 26th of November you’ll be able to enjoy the same advantageous discount, no matter the national holiday or shopping holiday. Continue reading “Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday 2018 Promotion”

9 Reasons You Should Use a Ubuntu VPN

Ubuntu is a pretty safe operating system, and is generally considered more privacy-oriented than other OSs because of its open-source nature. As a result, many Ubuntu users (including you) probably never thought they’d need to use a VPN if they’re using this OS.

Well, the reality is there are actually plenty of good reasons to use a Ubuntu VPN, which we’ll discuss in this article. But before we get to that, here’s a quick definition of what a VPN actually is. Continue reading “9 Reasons You Should Use a Ubuntu VPN”

Want to Watch UK TV Abroad? Here’s What You Need to Do

Whether you live outside the UK or are a UK citizen away on a long vacation or gone abroad for work, you’d probably like to relax sometimes with some UK entertainment. We know that feeling, but there’s just one problem – you can’t actually watch UK TV abroad since the content is only available in the country.

Don’t worry, though – in this quick, informative article we’ll show you exactly how to watch UK TV abroad with ease. Continue reading “Want to Watch UK TV Abroad? Here’s What You Need to Do”

How to Watch ABC in UK Without Any Difficulties

Love the content on display on ABC but are frustrated you can’t enjoy it from across the pond? We know how annoying it can be – especially if you are an US expat or on vacation in the UK since it’s the kind of content you’d normally have access to back home.

Well, no need to worry since we’ve got your back. Here’s how to watch ABC in UK without having to deal with any stress and pesky content restrictions. Continue reading “How to Watch ABC in UK Without Any Difficulties”

Here’s How You Can Easily Watch NBC in UK

NBC is quite the versatile platform – what with all the shows, sports, and news you have in one place. It’s just too bad you can’t enjoy and watch NBC in UK (or anywhere else in the world) because it’s not available outside the US.

And yes, those restrictions apply to you even if you’re a US expat living in the UK or just a US citizen who is vacationing there.

But don’t worry – we’ll show you how to watch NBC in UK with this quick and informative article. Continue reading “Here’s How You Can Easily Watch NBC in UK”

Halloween Promotion – Up to 58% OFF!

Update! 2 November, 2018 The promotion has ended!

Looking to kick back and relax with some scary movies this Halloween? Sounds awesome – it’s just a shame most of the good stuff is usually geo-blocked if you’re not from the US (especially on Netflix).

Well, we decided to run a promotion for this spooky holiday so that all of you can enjoy your favorite Halloween shows and movies while also saving some money! Continue reading “Halloween Promotion – Up to 58% OFF!”

We Just Unblocked 12 More Websites for You!

We’ve got great news for you – we listened to your feedback, and we unblocked 12 more websites from the US, Switzerland, and Germany that you can access using our Smart DNS service. Here’s an overview of all of the new content you’ll get to enjoy: Continue reading “We Just Unblocked 12 More Websites for You!”

How to Get American Netflix Abroad

Netflix is an amazing content platform, and while the service is available worldwide (with a few exceptions), the US content is unfortunately locked behind restrictions.

Well, don’t worry – in this quick article, we’re going to show you how to get American Netflix abroad so that you can enjoy your subscription to the max. You are paying for it, after all. Continue reading “How to Get American Netflix Abroad”

How to Watch NOW TV Abroad Hassle-Free

With all the amazing content on display, it’s truly a shame you can’t watch NOW TV abroad to your heart’s content without encountering problematic obstacles that stand in the way of your entertainment.

Luckily, there’s a workaround to your problem, and we’re going to show you exactly what you need to do. Continue reading “How to Watch NOW TV Abroad Hassle-Free”

How to Easily Watch ESPN in Canada

Want to watch ESPN in Canada but are bummed out you simply can’t access its content? We know how frustrating it can be given how many decent sports ESPN’s programming features.

Well, don’t worry – we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to bypass any restrictions that stand in your way! Continue reading “How to Easily Watch ESPN in Canada”

Here’s the Easy Way to Watch Sky Go Abroad

Sky Go is a great platform, but you are likely to encounter obstacles or annoyances when trying to watch Sky Go abroad in Europe.

Don’t worry, though – in this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can access Sky Go in Europe, and discuss why the service is often restricted. Continue reading “Here’s the Easy Way to Watch Sky Go Abroad”

Unblocked music sites and more, thanks to SmartyDNS

Certain music services are only available in some countries, musical productions are only available to residents from certain locations etc. For a music lover, this can be a huge issue. That is why SmartyDNS comes to the rescue and provides a list of unblocked music sites which will bring you closer to the ideal of limitless music. Continue reading “Unblocked music sites and more, thanks to SmartyDNS”

Is VPN Necessary for Various Online Activities?

Is a VPN necessary every time you’re on the Internet, or do you just need to use one under special circumstances?

While a VPN can be a useful tool, it’s understandable if you might have certain doubts about whether or not you need to run it whenever you want to do something online. Continue reading “Is VPN Necessary for Various Online Activities?”

You Can Now Unblock 6 Australian Websites with SmartyDNS

Australia has a ton of entertaining, informative, and interesting content to offer the world. Too bad it’s only available in the country and nowhere else.

Well, we decided to change that. Whether you live in a different country, are an expat, or just traveling abroad Australia, you now can enjoy up to 6 Australian websites with our service.

Continue reading “You Can Now Unblock 6 Australian Websites with SmartyDNS”

How to Watch Sports Without Cable

Looking to get rid of cable TV but are afraid you might not be able to watch your favorite sports channels and matches anymore?

Don’t worry – here’s how to watch sports without cable with ease, and how to overcome any obstacles you might encounter. Continue reading “How to Watch Sports Without Cable”

SmartyDNS Summer Promotion, Up to 70% OFF!

Update! 28 August, 2018 The promotion has ended!

Whether you’re resting at a hotel, need to pass the time on a long train ride, or just relaxing at home, our Smart DNS service can always come in handy to help you enjoy your favorite shows.

Well, we’ve got great news – we’re going to be lowering our prices for a whole week! That’s right, SmartyDNS is ready to make your summer more exciting with an awesome promotion: Continue reading “SmartyDNS Summer Promotion, Up to 70% OFF!”

How to Easily Unblock Radio Stations Online

Can’t listen to your favorite tunes without having to unblock radio websites first? You’re not alone – many people worldwide have to unblock Internet radio sites before they can enjoy what they offer.

If that’s something you’re struggling with, don’t worry – we’ll show you exactly what you can do to access the most popular radio streaming websites from anywhere in the world. Continue reading “How to Easily Unblock Radio Stations Online”

Here’s How Easy It Is to Watch ITV in USA

Can’t watch ITV in USA, and feeling frustrated because of that? We understand – the website has plenty of great entertainment to choose from, but most of it is restricted to the UK.

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered with this article, where we’ll show you how to watch ITV in USA in as few steps as possible. Continue reading “Here’s How Easy It Is to Watch ITV in USA”

All Our Servers Now Double as Proxy Servers!

We’re happy to announce that all our existing servers are now fully configured with proxy capabilities. That means you can use them as proxy servers whenever you desire.

In case you’re interested in a full list of our existing server locations, here it is: Continue reading “All Our Servers Now Double as Proxy Servers!”

How to Watch Channel 4 in the US

Channel 4 is definitely a great source of British entertainment. It’s just a shame you can’t enjoy it to its fullest if you live in the US, as it’s only available in the UK and Ireland.

Don’t worry, though – you don’t have to give up cause we’ve got your back, and will show you how to watch Channel 4 in the US with little effort. Continue reading “How to Watch Channel 4 in the US”

How to Watch CBC in the USA

CBC TV features a lot of unique, amazing shows on its website. The problem is they are only viewable in Canada. So, if you’re from the US, you’re out of luck.

Don’t worry, though – you don’t have to give up on your favorite entertainment. We’ll show you exactly how to watch CBC in the USA without breaking a sweat. Continue reading “How to Watch CBC in the USA”

How to Get Pandora Unblocked Easy and Fast

Pandora Radio is an amazing service that can make listening to music feel like a much more unique and personalized experience. It’s just a shame those of you who are not in the US need to get Pandora unblocked first to enjoy it.

In case you’re in that situation, don’t worry – we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to unblock this service effortlessly.
Continue reading “How to Get Pandora Unblocked Easy and Fast”

Easy ways to use VPN to get cheaper flights

Although travelling by plane is by far the most convenient – and fastest – method, finding plane tickets that do not put a dent in your wallet can be challenging. Most often, the best thing you can do is check all travel websites at your disposal and even then, the prices just keep changing upwards. The reason for this is simple. Travel websites pin down your location and use it to serve you prices based on the demand rates in your location. The easiest way to get rid of this inconvenience is to use a VPN to get cheaper flights. Continue reading “Easy ways to use VPN to get cheaper flights”

How to watch Hulu in Australia: Easy tips and tricks

Everyone has heard about Hulu. The platform is an online content streaming service that puts a wide variety of TV shows and movies at the disposal of its users. However, unfortunately for many, Hulu is geo-restricted. This means that based on your location you might not have access to it.

Outside of the USA and Japan, Hulu tells all those attempting to access its content that they cannot view it. The service is not available in Europe, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world. If you want to watch Hulu in Australia you would not be able to do so without a little help. Continue reading “How to watch Hulu in Australia: Easy tips and tricks”

Get your Mother’s Day Special Deal from SmartyDNS

Update! 15 May, 2018 The promotion has ended!
Each of us celebrates Mother’s Day differently. But what better gift to offer someone special or why not even yourself than Internet freedom? In a time when geo-restrictions are growing more and more popular and the real Internet freedom which granted us back in the day with access to any content we could think of, we should learn to fight back! Continue reading “Get your Mother’s Day Special Deal from SmartyDNS”

How to Watch Channel 4 Outside UK

A lot of TV programming is nowhere near the standard Channel 4 has and they continue to hit it out of the park time after time. It’s a shame that it can’t be accessed from anywhere but the UK. Luckily though there is Smart DNS to help you watch Channel 4 outside UK. Continue reading “How to Watch Channel 4 Outside UK”

How to Watch HBO GO Outside US

Whilst HBO programming is available to a whole wealth of countries at the moment HBO GO is only available to those that reside in the United States. This is a shame as HBO really has a lot to offer, especially in the TV show department. There is a way to circumvent this blocking though. Let’s see how you can watch HBO GO outside US. Continue reading “How to Watch HBO GO Outside US”

How to Watch BT Sport Abroad

If you are an expat then there is an issue that arises, BT Sport is locked to UK residents only but of course there is a solution in the shape of Smart DNS. Let’s see how you can watch BT Sport abroad, if you are in USA or in any other location outside UK. Continue reading “How to Watch BT Sport Abroad”

How To Watch XFINITY TV outside US

If you are from Canada, UK or Australia and you want to watch XFINITY TV outside US, there is a problem as you need to have access to an American IP, this is where Smart DNS can help. Continue reading “How To Watch XFINITY TV outside US”

How to Get Access to DirecTV Now Outside US Territory

Bummed out cause you can’t enjoy DirecTV Now outside US territory? We understand – the platform is really amazing, and not being able to use it because you live outside the US can be very upsetting.

No need to worry, though, since we’ve got good news – you can actually unblock DirecTV Now outside the US quite easily, and we’ll show you how to do it in this article.

Where Is DirecTV Now Available?

Right now, DirecTV Now is only available in the US. If you try to watch DirecTV Now in Canada, Italy, Poland, or any other country, you’ll either be redirected to a different page, or you’ll be told you can’t do that if you’re not in the US.

Why? Because the DirecTV Now platform uses geo-restrictions to prevent “unauthorized” access from other countries.

What Are Geo-Restrictions?

Geo-restrictions are a type of technology that allows content providers to have control over which geographical areas their content (movies, TV shows, radio stations, podcasts, etc.) can be accessed in.

Geo-restrictions (also called geo-blocks) are easy to enforce because any website you access can see your real IP address. Since your IP address contains information that leaks your geographical location, the website can quickly check if your geo-location is blacklisted or not. If it is, your connection request is either denied or redirected.

Why Does DirecTV Now Use Geo-Restrictions?

One of the main reasons DirecTV Now content is geo-blocked outside the US is because DirecTV Now is owned by AT&T – a US telecommunications company that’s also the largest one in the world. It’s very likely that AT&T wishes to keep DirecTV Now content geo-blocked.

Why would they do that? Probably because of copyright regulations, for one. After all, AT&T doesn’t really own all the content that’s on display on DirecTV Now. A lot of it is owned by someone else, and AT&T just bought the rights to stream it. So, it’s not up to them whether or not that content is made available worldwide.

Besides copyright regulations, there are also licensing fees we need to consider. You see, if AT&T were to stream all their content worldwide, they’d have to purchase licensing rights in every single country in the world. On top of that, they’d also have to pay different national taxes. Overall, that accounts to huge expenses which the company likely can’t afford – despite its size.

how to watch directv now outside us

Still, while all that is understandable from AT&T’s point of view, that still doesn’t mean it’s fair that you need to put up with annoying geo-restrictions simply because you’re from a different part of the world.

How to Watch DirecTV Now Outside US Territory

Since geo-restrictions work based on your geographical location, it’s pretty obvious you need to find a way to hide your geo-location when you’re on the Internet. Luckily, doing that is pretty simple nowadays – just use a VPN or a Smart DNS.

Using a VPN Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that helps you hide your real IP address by replacing it with the address of a VPN server you connect to. So, all you’d need to do to access DirecTV Now outside US territory would be to connect to a US-based VPN server.

On top of that, a VPN also encrypts your connections, making them more secure and ensuring your ISP can’t monitor what you do online or throttle your bandwidth.

Using a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is a simple online service that replaces your ISP-assigned DNS address with a new one. Why? Because, like your IP address, your DNS address also contains data that can reveal your real geo-location.

Basically, when you use a Smart DNS, the DirecTV Now platform will think you’re based in the US. Also, the Smart DNS will intercept your connections to the website, and replace any information that can leak your geo-location with new data that points to a location in the US.

Which Option Should You Try?

It’s hard to say since both VPNs and Smart DNS services are great ways to access geo-blocked content. In the end, it’s all up to you and your preferences, but still – here’s some info that might help you out:

  • A VPN can protect your online traffic, but the use of encryption can also slow down your online connection speeds. Granted, it’s not guaranteed to happen 100% of the time, and drop in speed might not be noticeable (plus, it depends on many factors).
  • A Smart DNS doesn’t use any encryption, so you’re likely to get higher online speeds with this service. But the lack of encryption also means your Internet traffic isn’t secured, and that your ISP can throttle your bandwidth if they want. Also, you can’t bypass firewalls with a Smart DNS.

So, you should use a VPN if you’re more concerned about your online privacy and freedom on top of unblocking DirecTV Now outside US territory. On the other hand, if you want your original ISP speeds while watching DirecTV Now content, you should opt for a Smart DNS instead.

Unblock US DirecTV Now With SmartyDNS

We offer the best of both worlds – a Smart DNS and a VPN service. You decide which one works best for you, but it’s worth mentioning that both services feature high-speed servers and unlimited bandwidth to ensure you can enjoy a smooth online experience.

What’s more, if you ever get bored of DirecTV Now, you can always use our Smart DNS to unblock 120+ other US websites, not to mention access to content from countries like: Canada, Australia, The UK, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany.

How to Enjoy DirecTV Now Outside US Territory With SmartyDNS

  1. Sign up with SmartyDNS.
  2. Use our user-friendly applications to unblock DirecTV Now anywhere in the world, or manually configure our service on the device of your choice with our step-by-step tutorials.
  3. Get access to your favorite DirecTV movies and shows no matter what country you’re accessing them from.

What Devices Can You Unblock US DirecTV Now on?

We want you to be able to enjoy DirecTV Now anywhere – in your house, on the train, during your commute. That’s why we made sure our service works on multiple platforms:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • XBOX
  • PlayStation

No Need to Commit From the Get-Go

You can try out our services free of charge for three days first if you want. You don’t need to give out any credit card details, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Plus, once you choose a SmartyDNS subscription, you’ll still be covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee if something goes wrong.

Why Is DirecTV Now so Popular?

DirecTV Now is one of the best streaming platforms on the Internet, and it’s perfect for anyone looking to switch from cable and satellite to cord-cutting options. The subscription options are decently priced, offer a large variety of channels (up to 120+), and you can use the service on tons of devices (mobile, tablets, desktops, laptops, Apple TV, Roku, etc.).

What’s more, DirecTV Now offers a 7-day free trial, and even lets you pay with PayPal, offering you more convenience.


DirecTV Now is an awesome media streaming platform. It’s just a shame it’s only available in the US. If you’re from any other country, an expat, or away on vacation, you’re out of luck, unfortunately, since the content is geo-blocked.

No need to be too upset, though, since there is an easy fix to this. Just use a VPN or a Smart DNS, and you’ll be able to enjoy DirecTV Now outside US territory in no time.

How to Watch FOX in Canada

Are you here because you’re searching to find a way to watch FOX outside US? We’re sure that’s the case. If you travel to London, FOX will not be available there. Even if you want to watch FOX in Canada, you’ll still need to unblock it. Their local FOX will have a local programming and this means that you will not be able to watch the entire content you want to. Continue reading “How to Watch FOX in Canada”

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Abroad

Amazon Prime Video offers some of the most popular and most recent content so by not having access to it in your country, you are missing out on all of the best movies. You may be considering using a VPN service or proxy to watch Amazon Prime Video abroad, but you will soon find that this is not the best solution. Continue reading “How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Abroad”

How to Watch VH1 Outside US

The American VH1 can be accessed from US only. That’s why when you are traveling or let’s say you simply live in a different place than USA and trying to access www.vh1.com, you probably get a message that warns you that this website is not available in your country. This is because the American VH1 is blocked for the users located outside of US. And finally you are being offered to use their local VH1, as VH1 introduced many native-language local versions of the channel, just like MTV does. So, if you go to Poland you’ll be able to watch their branded channel in Polish and not the US VH1 that you want to see. Let’s see how you can watch VH1 outside US.
Continue reading “How to Watch VH1 Outside US”

The Easter Promotion Has Arrived!

Update! 3 April, 2018 The promotion has ended!
Easter is here, and Spring is just around the corner. That means that here at SmartyDNS, we feel like giving our customers a little something extra. Sign up to SmartyDNS this Easter, and you’ll be able to enjoy discounts of up to 66%. Continue reading “The Easter Promotion Has Arrived!”

How to Watch iTV Abroad

Yes, there are a lot of geo-restricted websites that can be unblocked with the newest and easiest method that was recently invented called Smart DNS service. iTV Hub is another website worth to be unblocked and we will tell you more about it in the following. We will describe it to you, will show you how good it is and of course, will light up the easiest way to watch iTV abroad from anywhere you would be – from anywhere in the world.
Continue reading “How to Watch iTV Abroad”

How to Watch Hulu Outside US

If you are into Hulu, you probably know that it is an amazing source of streaming TV. You enjoy your favorite TV shows, your favorite movies, favorite episodes such as Family Guy, Glee, SNL and many other hit shows… Unfortunately, like in every nice sounding story there is another part of it, a part which is more or less sad. Streaming videos of Hulu are currently offered only to users in the United States. But there is an innovative method that was created to wide the opportunity to watch Hulu outside US. Continue reading “How to Watch Hulu Outside US”

SmartyDNS Bring You Nine New Streaming Sites

We pride ourselves on providing our subscribers with access to some of the best sites around. By constantly expanding our service and responding to your feedback, we’re able to open up new streaming content to you on a regular basis. Today, we’re happy to announce that our users will now be able to enjoy nine great new sites from around the world. With a selection of the latest sports, drama, film and TV, there’s never been a better time to use SmartyDNS. Continue reading “SmartyDNS Bring You Nine New Streaming Sites”

How to Watch Xfinity Online

Xfinity provides viewers with access to over 200 of the best TV channels and streaming services around. But if you’re trying to watch Xfinity online from somewhere other than the USA, you’re likely to find yourself blocked by geo-restrictions. With SmartyDNS, you can make these problems a thing of the past. We provide our subscribers with everything they need to unblock Xfinity and access a huge selection of content with complete ease. Continue reading “How to Watch Xfinity Online”

How to Watch French TV Outside France

France has been a powerhouse of film and television for decades, and is a hub for European sport. But if you try and access French streaming websites from other countries, odds are that your access will be blocked. That’s what SmartyDNS is for. Our service lets you watch French TV outside France, no matter your location. Continue reading “How to Watch French TV Outside France”

How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

The BBC is the one of the world’s oldest public TV broadcasters. They’re also one of the very best, with content that is respected around the world. But if you try and access these great shows from anywhere outside of the UK, geo-restrictions will prevent you. However, using SmartyDNS, you can watch BBC iPlayer abroad with zero difficulty. Continue reading “How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad”