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Easter SmartyDNS promotion

Update! 18 April, 2017 The promotion has ended!
One month ago we had these overflowing thoughts in our minds saying “Welcome Spring”! Now, a month later we keep welcoming Spring! It is such a transformable season with so many surprises each day, that we just adore. This year Easter did not make us wait long neither. With this occasion let’s launch out Easter Promotion so you could enjoy our VPN and Smart DNS services at discounted prices. We thought it would be great for you to take advantage to get you online security and privacy at even better price now with Smarty DNS.
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VPN Giveaway

April Giveaway Winners Announcement!

The time has arrived! After one week of entries, we are pleased to announce 10 winners of our April giveaway. If your name is listed below, today just happens to be your lucky day! Before that, we would like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway this month!
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British Home Secretary wants to spy your chats

The British Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has stated that she believes that end to end encryption, particularly for messaging services such as Whatsapp, should be accessible by authorities.

These comments were made shortly in the aftermath of the terror attack in London when an individual drove along the Westminster Bridge killing three people and injuring dozens before crashing the car and getting out to stab a policeman. The assailant was then shot dead.
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American Senate gives ISPs the right to sell users’ data without consent

Trump’s slogan “Make America great again” became, among others, make America a great privacy invader. We say this because of some recent news that concerned us deeply. Senate Republicans voted a law against online privacy that gives Internet Service Providers the right to sell their clients browsing activity without their consent. Yes, you read it right.
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Spring 2017 promotion

Update! 20 March, 2017 The promotion has ended!
Hey everyone! We’re done with the cold season! Welcome Spring! Try to enjoy every single day of this gorgeous season. And, while everything is blooming and blossoming out-there, we have something to celebrate – the good times. Here “the good times” means having our customers happy and making them want and enjoy more and more of what we have to offer. That also makes us work even harder and keep on track running SmartyDNS to your best expectations!

Let’s start our Spring Promotion by bringing you even better prices on VPN + Smart DNS packages! Take advantage of up to 66 % discounts with SmartyDNS!
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Unblock FilmStruck with Smart DNS

Great news for those hunting on limitless access, from restricted regions you are, to this amazing source of a great content – FilmStruck!

Being an American movie subscription service, FilmStruck is unfortunately blocked outside of US. Feel free to watch it limitlessly from anywhere you are with us! Now you can unblock FilmStruck using our Smart DNS service.
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Valentine’s Day Promotion

Update! 16 February, 2017 The promotion has ended!
“We love our customers” promotion – that’s how we will call this promotion. We launch it in the name of well-known and long waited Valentine’s Day. A day that we honor and celebrate by showing love and affection to our beloved ones.

Let’s have another reason to be happy! Take advantage of our Valentine’s Day promotion to maintain your online privacy, security and to bypass restrictions!
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Smart DNS is now available with Android app

We’re sure you’re as happy as we are when we have something new and real good to share. Therefore we bring you the latest and the greatest news on what we’ve done here for you all!

The great news is that with the latest update of our Android application, you’ll have your Smart DNS service back within the application. That means that now you will have both VPN service and Smart DNS in one application. From now on, you don’t have to do it manually in order to set up Smart DNS on your Android device anymore.
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14 new media websites unblocked!

What does it take to become more and more satisfying service in any industry? The answer is: listen carefully to customers needs, yes their needs have a lot to “say” :) What else? Undoubtedly work hard on what they request and let them get the best of what you can offer. This is the point we came to and we hope to keep on moving that way so it puts us further!
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Australia declares legal using a VPN to unblock geo-restricted websites

If you’re wondering if it’s a fair practice to unblock geo-restricted websites using a VPN, take a moment to listen Australia’s point of view. In a time when more and more governments around the world promote laws that diminish citizens’ rights to online privacy and free, unrestricted browsing, Australia takes a stand against this injustices and plans to declare legal unblocking geo-restricted websites, in order to find the best deals on international content.
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Christmas VPN Promotion

Update! 1 January, 2017 The promotion has ended!
The most important day of the year is around the corner. It has been a tradition to celebrate Christmas in the most intimate ways close to those we love. We celebrate this holiday with our families or close friends, and of course, we always try to please them with Christmas Gifts and surprises especially when there is so much going on in the shopping centers allover where nice products are being “poured” around with irresistible discounts.
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German bill limits online privacy

It seems that, regarding online privacy, Europe no longer walks on steady ground. And the threat doesn’t come from outside enemies as you might think, but within its borders, from the same authorities that were supposed to protect it. The first country that made this dangerous and controversial step was UK with highly criticized IP Bill that will allow Police and government agencies to access private date of its citizens any time they see fit. And now is Germany’s turn. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere proposed a bill that will limit the right of the German citizens to protect their online privacy.
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Smart DNS and VPN joined forces for your privacy, security and freedom

Good news for our SmartyDNS users and for all of you online freedom and security seekers! We’ve decided to join Smart DNS and VPN into one single great service. From now on we will deliver a complete package of features that will fully guarantee your privacy, security and anonymity on the Internet. If you already are a customer, you will get the upgrade without extra payments. If you are a new online security enthusiast, don’t worry, we have a great deal for you also: you can access our upgraded services and pay the same old prices. Just check our promotions!
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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday Smart DNS promotion

Update! 1 December, 2016 The promotion has ended!
On the fourth Thursday in November, families gather to feast on turkey and watch football. Of course there is a lot of shopping to do also, as many retails prepared tasty discounts for the holiday season shoppers!

Before we tell you what have we prepared, let us ask you: did you know that turkey wasn’t even served at the first Thanksgiving — and that the Pilgrims didn’t use forks because they weren’t invented yet? We had read it somewhere and we must say it was a surprising fact for us. We also found out that the first Thanksgiving was held in the autumn of 1621. Although, Thanksgiving Day did not become a national holiday until over 200 years later. Quite long ago anyway, but let’s come back to nowadays :)
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Smart DNS Halloween promotion 2016

Update! 1 November, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Have you ever imagine yourself living back in antiquity, when you and your friends and family would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts? If you haven’t, then let’s do it together now! Straddling the line between fall and winter, Halloween is time of superstition, when the gap between life and death is celebrated for years.

Being a community-based event characterised by child-friendly activities, Halloween became the most waited holiday for those who love to party. We love to party and we adore trick-or-treating! We also have some sweet treats for you all! We launch our Halloween promotion!
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3 Years Anniversary Promotion

Update! 22 August, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Today is a special day for all of us – it is our third anniversary! Yes, it is our 3 year anniversary, guys! We have a few things to do: to say Big Thank You for all your support and for being loyal! Celebrate this day and make it remarkable for us as a team, and of course continue in that direction, because we are happy to serve you!

With this occasion, we would love to influence your mood and see you even happier for what we can offer you. We launch 3 Years Anniversary promotion that will offer you 30% discount for all Smart DNS packages! This discount is an additional one to our already existing discounts, so with this promotion you can save up to 53%!
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Summer promotion

Update! 1 August, 2016 The promotion has ended!
For all those who are used with their favorite media and would like to have the opportunity to unblock while being abroad channels like BBC, HBO or Vevo, here is our surprise for you! We launch our Summer Promotion so you could forget about the hot days and continue enjoying the sunny season with its best it has to offer! Our promotion will let you unblock your favorite regional blocked content at even better prices now!
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No more support for Netflix

Ever since Netflix went worldwide they have started to block Smart DNS providers. It’s been a difficult half a year for us. We worked really hard to keep the service for our clients. And we did. Up until last week you could use our service for Netflix. Unfortunately we just can’t do the unblocking anymore so we have to admit that from now on SmartyDNS doe not support Netflix. Please consider this for your next renewal if you use our service for this purpose only. If you have any questions just open a ticket.

Independence Day Promotion (2016)

Update! 6 Juy, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Hello everybody! May American Independence Day be here before we know it! This day is fun for all of us! 4th of July is commonly associated with parades and fireworks, barbecues and picnics, concerts, baseball games and family reunions. Meet relatives and have a good time, celebrating the history and traditions.

Being the National Day of the United States, a lot of companies are closed and their employees typically receive the day off. We will be working, but only for you :) With this occasion we launch our Independence day promotion for all those who want to access regionally blocked media websites. If you are outside of US, don’t hesitate to get limitless access to geo restricted media websites and be aware of what is going on home!

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Top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS

There are literally thousands of media websites available on the internet right now yet only a handful of them are popular because of their contents, quality and audience. Here is a list of top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS.
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Father’s Day Promotion (2016)

Update! 21 May, 2016 The promotion has ended!
All fathers in the world are supposed to celebrate the day that highlights their status of being fathers. We are pleased to have an extra reason to party and to bring you our surprise, so you could unblock media websites at even better price now! We want you to know that we lounge a promotion to honor this day and make it even nicer!
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10 new media websites and apps unblocked!

Hey, SmartyDNS family members! We’ve been working on your requests and that makes us happy, meaning that the service works just fine with you all. We are back with great news for all of you. We keep adding regionally restricted media websites to our list of unblocked media websites, so it becomes bigger and bigger each month. Browse the list and find your favorite media website in order to watch shows and many more that you have missed or are still missing. Check the list of newly added websites below.
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Mother’s Day Promotion (2016)

Update! 11 May, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Mother’s Day is coming. It is an ideal opportunity for us to encourage sons and daughters to thank their mothers for all their support and unconditional love. With this occasion we are pleased to launch our Mother’s Day promotion that will offer you 30% discount for all Smart DNS packages! This discount is an additional one to our already existing discounts, so with this promotion you can save up to 53%!
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Earth Day promotion (2016)

Update! 25 April, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Hi everybody! Since the Earth Day is near, why not prepare everything we need for it? Clean after us and make it look and feel better, because the Earth is a wonderful place to live in! To honor this special day we decided to lounge another promotion for you all – members of our big SmartyDNS family! If you did not get a way to unblock your regional restricted favorite media website, then wait no longer. With this promotion you have even better prices!
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Top 5 Netflix alternatives

Netflix is certainly known as the king of movie and TV show streaming and understandably it was one of the first and it certainly helped push online streaming to where we are today. Though it is certainly limited in its approach.
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Zattoo Switzerland unblocked

We have great news for you all! Our list of unblocked websites is getting bigger and bigger! Now it’s time for Zattoo Switzerland to join the media websites that we have already unblocked for you. Zattoo Switzerland – the much waited and one of the biggest European media websites, it’s now available and you can unblock it when being outside of the restricted area. Zattoo restrict their service to various regional boundaries, but through Smart DNS service, the usefulness of Zattoo Live and catch-up TV can extend to a real global level.
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What VPN protocol should I use?

The age old question when it comes to using a VPN is “What protocol should I use?” and that is the correct question to ask. There is no catch all protocol for everyone, everyone has their own needs. Hopefully this article and shed some light on what is best for you.

We offer the choice between PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and the new player SoftEther. Don’t worry if you are a little overwhelmed by the acronyms and what have you, I will break down which protocols are good for what.
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Easter SmartyDNS promotion 2016

Update! 30 March, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Chocolate eggs, Easter bakery treats, family visitors and children playing around are the creators of a warm and nice atmosphere in our houses. Easter falls at the end of March this year, so it is probably time for a tiny celebration and what SmartyDNS can do to honor the holiday is offer a chunky discount for all of you up there interested in unblocking regional restricted media websites.
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Valentine’s day SmartyDNS promotion (2016)

Update! 16 February, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Lovely surprises in the most lovely month of the year – February. Why is February lovely? Simply because we find love wherever we look and go. Now is our turn to spread it around. We announce our Valentine’s day SmartyDNS promotion so your Valentine’s Day could be even more intensive.
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4 US and 8 German new media websites unblocked!

After an intensive and great partying time within the holiday season, we are finally back to work. Always trying to do our best on getting even more regionally restricted media websites unblocked. We are excited to announce that we unblocked quite few more media websites and have added them to our unblocked websites list. This time we focused on unblocking US restricted media websites and some more German restricted media websites.
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Top 5 video on demand services you can unblock with Smart DNS

Video on demand (VoD) is huge now, this is no secret and with such growth sees a tonne of new players in the market all trying to make a name for themselves. We have the juggernauts of the streaming world but there are other more niche services that are filling a gap the big boys just can’t. Here are the top five video on demand services:
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Smart DNS Winter Holidays Promotion

Update! 4 January, 2016 The promotion has ended!
Winter holidays are around the corner and we can feel it in the air. This season reminds us that we are just grown up children and yes, we like surprises. That is why we decided to launch our Winter Holidays Promotion, so each of you could enjoy these special days even more.

Keep relaxing in front of your screens while watching your favorite media and take advantage of our wonderful deal saving up to 80% off on our Smart DNS packages!
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VPN service from SmartyDNS

Great news again! There are so many reasons to be excited about, one of which being our new surprise for you. Besides the holiday season that is about to warm our hearts and homes, we are pleased to announce the launching of VPN service that will make you enjoy SmartyDNS even more!
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Now you can unblock websites from Canada with SmartyDNS

We continue “flooding” our news feed! Everything we can only do is make our customers happy!

Our record gets bigger and richer! Besides the media websites that we already unblocked, we have also worked on something new you’ve requested from us. Question to you! Did you want to unblock websites from Canada? We think the answer is “yes”! Continue reading “Now you can unblock websites from Canada with SmartyDNS”

Thanksgiving Smart DNS promotion

Update! 1 December, 2015 The promotion has ended!
No matter how big your Thanksgiving shopping list is and neither matters that you’re blocked in between the questions like “which should I start from?“, there is always a teeny-tiny room for one more thing – your Smart DNS service that can be purchased at even better price now. We have 3 different events to enjoy major retailer’s sales online, and we are among them that offer you Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday solid discounts.
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SmartyDNS application now available on Android!

Dear SmartyDNS users, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Android Application!

Due to tremendous number of your requests on releasing Android application, we have taken in consideration your desires and dedicated some more time and energy to make it happen.
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Top 5 TV shows of the year 2015

2015 has been quite the year for TV shows. There was huge slack to pick up after the likes of Breaking Bad and Dexter aired their finales. There was certainly a hole in all of our lives when they were put out to pasture but there are plenty of worthy pretenders to the throne this year. I will be listing the top 5 TV shows of the year for your delectation.
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Smart DNS Halloween promotion 2015

Update! 2 November, 2015 The promotion has ended!
Have you missed one of the biggest scary parties of the year? If so, here you go! Welcome to our scary city, we call it Halloween City. Here we have surprises for each of you! We gathered all your favorite channels together so you could enjoy them in our Smart DNS Halloween promotion. Put your costume on and party like your favorite heroes do! Access the restricted media websites and applications right from where you are, now at even better prices!
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Top 5 sport media websites

As we have all moved online sports have certainly followed. Sports streaming services really come in handy. We don’t always have access to a TV with the relevant prerequisites to watch our favoured sports so being able to watch it with just the internet is fantastic. Especially those of us who may have moved abroad and there is pretty much zero coverage of our sport of choice. I lived in Germany for two years and finding a TV channel that showed cricket was pretty much impossible. Thanks sport media websites, I managed to watch whatever I wanted to.
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SmartyDNS Fall Promotion

Update! 29 September, 2015 The promotion has ended!
We’ve almost reached the real golden Autumn. Fall with it’s falling leafs will soon be upon us everywhere, even though some places are not colored in golden and on the contrary become green :) No matter where you are, come and unblock your favorite media websites that are restricted in your area! While we are still on the way let’s see what we’ve prepared for you – our valued customers! Jump here to enjoy our Fall Promotion that will make you feel that you’re living your life like it’s golden!
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Top 5 music streaming services

Music streaming has really taken off as of late, with the way mobile phones have essentially invaded our everyday lives (for better or worse) that also now means with mobile internet structure that we have instant access to the internet, anywhere and at any time. This is has really been quite the boon for music streaming services and that’s why it’s important to have a list of what I feel are the top 5 music streaming services.
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13 new media websites unblocked!

We continue to expand our list of unblocked regionally restricted websites. It grows thanks to your requests and suggestions. Now you have even more to watch, because your access to favorite media is now wider. There are more news to watch, more music to listen to, and more TV shows to enjoy. That’s because more geographically restricted media websites unblocked by us, including five from US, five from Germany and also three Polish media websites.
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Top 5 free video streaming services

Continuing from our last article in this series about the Top 5 TV shows on Netflix we now have the Top 5 best free video streaming services. Obviously this means our criteria is websites that let you watch content without needing any sort of subscription fee or one time payment. As streaming is now immensely popular you’ll find that you can watch a lot of your favourite movies or films online for free maybe just with the occasional advert here or there. For a lot of people that is worth the price tag of free.
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2 Years Anniversary Promotion

Update! 11 August, 2015 The promotion has ended!
Hi everyone! As we’ve said, SmartyDNS is a “nestle” where everybody learns to fly and experience new things, we’d like to dedicate this thought to all you, because you are we made it through all the way here with. It’s our 2 Year Anniversary! Two years of hard working and fun. We’ve met great people and we’ve built relationships that sometimes can’t even be built in a lifetime! We are happy to serve you!
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Unblock Orange is the New Black with Smart DNS

Orange is the New Black has really taken off this past year at least that is when I started to hear about it. It certainly has a rapturous word of mouth appraisal from pretty much any one that watches it. You can unblock Orange is the New Black with Smart DNS if it so happens that your country doesn’t have access to Netflix yet.
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Unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS

Blinkbox is another UK offering in the on-demand streaming business, with content deals with some of the biggest producers around. The likes of HBO, BBC Worldwide, Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal are just to name a few with there being many more on offer for customers. This makes it a worthwhile endeavor to unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS outside the UK.
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11 websites and 4 applications unblocked!

Hi everyone! Our team is addicted to impressing people, so it is a motivating reason to go on and keep our customers happy! We came up with another 11 media websites you might have been waiting for a while already. We love the way you communicate with us, by keeping us up to date to all your entertaining desires. So you know, the following unblocked websites came as a result of your request.
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Watch True Detective with Smart DNS

True Detective is a TV show that first aired at the beginning of last year, January 12th 2014. It airs on HBO and you can watch True Detective with Smart DNS online.

True Detective is (as the name suggests) a crime show, created and written by famous author Nic Pizzolatto. The first season contained eight episodes and has already been commissioned for a second season that was released on the 21st of June of this year. The TV show is written as an anthology so every new season brings us a new cast of characters to become acquainted to. Continue reading “Watch True Detective with Smart DNS”

Watch Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck with Smart DNS

Kurt Cobain is seen by many as a musical auteur. His band Nirvana are certainly an icon for their generation, pioneering the grunge genre and speaking to many apathetic teens at the time. This documentary charts the guitarist’s early days from when he was in Aberdeen, Washington but also shows his rise to stardom and then fall to Earth with his extremely popular band, Nirvana. The film has a lot of content to get through and is a whopping 145 minutes long so make sure you set aside the time to really become engrossed in the fascinating story of the man that helped create a genre in grunge. You can watch Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck online at either HBO NOW or HBO GO).
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Unblock CinemaNow with Smart DNS

CinemaNow has actually been around for a rather long time; the company was founded all the way back in 1999 and was one of the first on-demand streaming platforms. It seemed to have a bright future ahead of it as it secured backing from some huge names like Cisco, Microsoft and Lionsgate. In 2009 CinemaNow (now owned by Sonic Solutions) announced an alliance with Blockbuster to provide digital content under the once powerful Blockbuster brand. You have probably guessed that didn’t last long as Blockbuster slowly died out.
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