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Here’s 13 More Websites You’ll Be Able to Enjoy With SmartyDNS!

13 new websites

Thanks to all your feedback and recommendations, we found 13 more websites to unblock and add to our ever-growing list of unblocked sites. This time, we’ll be adding more platforms from the US, the UK, Australia, and Switzerland.

8 Great Platforms from the US (One Also Available in Canada)


MSNBC is one of the best US websites for people interested in news coverage. You can easily check the latest news, watch tons of informative videos, and even listen to live radio. You also get direct access to shows like “Morning Joe,” “Last Word,” and “11th Hour.”

2. VRV

VRV is the go-to platform for anyone interested in fun, nerdy content. It features both a free, ad-light experience, and a reasonably-priced premium subscription that removes ads and offers access to exclusive content. On VRV, you can enjoy gaming-related content, anime, horror flicks, adult animation, and speculative fiction.

3. Philo

Philo is the perfect choice for anyone who loves cord-cutting or wants quality live and on-demand TV streaming. The service is very easy to use, has a seven-day free trial, up to 58 channel on display, and works on the most popular devices and operating systems.

4. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is a streaming video channel that’s available on the IMDb website. It’s very user-friendly, and you can watch tons of popular TV shows, movies, and more. Best of all – it’s completely free to use, and you don’t have to deal with many ads at all.


If you’re a big fan of sports and UFC fights, UFC.TV is a must-have. It’s an online platform where you can watch the biggest UFC events and hundreds of live UFC fights. Not to mention you’ll get tons of behind-the-scenes footage too. You need to pay for the content, but the prices are pretty decent.

6. Criterion Channel

Available only in the US and Canada, Criterion Channel is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to enjoy older movies in higher quality. On this platform, you can easily enjoy remastered and repackaged versions of popular classic movies like “The Life of Oharu,” “Life Is Sweet,” and “A Night to Remember.”

7. Pure Flix

If you’re looking for wholesome entertainment, you can’t go wrong with Pure Flix. It’s an excellent Christian movie producer, and the company’s website lets you see your favorite family-friendly movies and shows, like “Finding Normal,” “Trust Fund,” and “Little Notes To Heaven.”


With COMET TV, you get the best sci-fi entertainment from the US – “Stargate SG-1,” “The New Frontier,” “Babylon 5,” and many other amazing shows and movies. Plus, you can enjoy COMET TV on multiple platforms, and you don’t need to pay any fees.

2 Much-Requested Websites from the UK

1. Box Plus

Box Plus is an online website that lets you watch some of the best channels on The Box Plus Network live. Currently, you can use the platform to binge:

  • The Box
  • Box Upfront
  • Box Hits
  • 4Music
  • Kiss
  • Magic
  • Kerrang!

2. QuestOD

QuestOD is the place where you can watch your favorite Quest and Quest Red shows, like “Bride Killa,” “24 To Life,” and “Scrap Kings.” The genres are very varied, and they include crime, lifestyle, factual, paranormal, motoring, sports, and reality. And the best part is that QuestOD is absolutely free to use.

2 Great Sources of Entertainment from Switzerland

1. Teleboy

If you’re looking for a smooth, convenient way to enjoy quality entertainment from Switzerland, you can’t go wrong with Teleboy. The platform has an easy-to-understand TV guide that lets you plan all your binging, and you can use the website to watch shows like “Doctors,” “The Stream,” and “Lüthi und Blanc.”

2. SRF Sport

SRF is one of the largest broadcasting companies in Switzerland, and its website lets you catch the latest sports-related news, videos, and live match results in the country. The website covers a broad range of sports like ice hockey, football, tennis, and skiing.

1 Very Popular Platform from Australia

1. ABC iview

ABC iview is one of the most used video-on-demand services in Australia. The website is very intuitive, the service works on multiple operating systems and devices, and the content variety is simply amazing. With ABC iview, you can enjoy amazing shows like “The Letdown,” “Killing Even,” and “Humans.”

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