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  • Been using Smarty DNS for over a year now to stream UK tv sites in France. Works really well and enables us to "catch-up"!!
    — Matt B.
  • I’ve been using SmartyDNS since May 2014. I have used both their services — the Smart DNS and the VPN — and have been absolutely satisfied (like watching BBC while in Canada). The two services deliver what they claim. And lest I forget to mention, their tech support is par excellence — extremely helpful and responsive.
    — Shah A.
  • Pleased to say that I found the support team at SmartyDNS did all they could to resolve my billing issue with courteous and speedy professionalism. Much appreciated.
    — Colin E.
  • Have been using their service for 18 months now and have nothing but praise for both the actual product and the excellent customer support, also recommended it to several friends here in Spain who use it and have nothing but good things to say about it.
    — mark s.
  • I'm using Smartydns wherever I go, Singapore, Switzerland, Indonesia, Hong Kong etc. It's also useful since it comes with VPN to be used in public wifi for example in hotels or Starbucks. Watching US and UK based steaming has never been this easy
    — xcharlie a.
  • Great service and great price with no disruptions. Issues are addressed and resolved almost immediately. Highly recommend.
    — Aleksandra G.
  • awesome
    — N30N O.
  • I have tried 14 day free trial version of Smarty DNS. First of all, it was really easy to install the program. I just went on to the website, read the instruction and followed the direction. Everything for the installation is written easy on the website. Next, the program worked perfectly well. It didn't harm my computer and make it slow. The speed of the Internet search was the same after the program was set on. I'm happy to know that there's a way to go around the globe unblocked.
    — Dean S.
  • I've using this for a long time and I can say it is the best service I've ever purchased. Thank you Smartydns.
    — Fernando B.
  • I commute between London and Lahore (Pakistan) and miss my British tv. Having tried the following VPN services: 1. Private Internet Access 2. pureVPN 3. VPNarea and the following Smart DNS services: 1. Tunlr 2. Smart DNS Proxy 3. pureVPN smartdns I have settled down to Smarty DNS. Everything just works so smoothly. All the facilities I had been asking for from the other suppliers are just built in to this service. Just hope the quality of the service continues and is not degraded as more and more users join ....
    — Syed A.
  • Temporarily living outside the US, and I found Smarty worked great when I first signed up with the service to access my US Netflix account. However, in May, Netflix successfully blocked Smarty from accessing the US site, I contacted the support section for help, but as of July, I still cannot access my Netflix account. I must say though, I like the service and I can still access CBS, Pandora, Hulu and others, but what I use the most is my Netflix account, and since I cannot access this account, I will not be renewing my Smarty subscription.
    — Brian P.
  • Good product and services. By default, the monthly subscription payment is manual which I prefer. Ease of use and customer services response is prompt and timely. Highly recommended.
    — Benedict V.
  • I've just installed it! By now it is working 04/06/16 . Hope it lasts... the last ones I've tried just worked for a couple of days :(. If it goes on working, I'll subscribe it....
    — alexandra c.
  • I have now tried a number of DNS services. This is the first one that works without any glitches. I am super satisfied. It is only my trial period, but I am definately enrolling for a year. SUPER SERVICE GUYS. KEEP IT UP!!
    — Pieter M.
  • Excelente este servicio lo garantizo 100%
    — Donnie L.
  • worked perfectly in Switzerland, at the hotel, for iPlayer. Brilliant service.
    — pete s.
  • Initially had the trial period for 14 days to watch UK tv from Cyprus. Very pleased with service, absolutely no problems whatsoever. Easy to set up and use.
    — Tina H.
  • Very nice!!!! All channel that I wanna open and see was opened with smartyDNS! Speed is fast and no delayed. It is very nice and convertable service! :) Thank you! :)
    — Jaehyung L.
  • finally i found that watching the unblocked website service very good
    — L S.
  • Ver netflix gratis en argentina
    — Patricio C.
  • fantastic.
    — paul b.
  • Awesome service. Works flawlessly on Apple TV and Mac. Really fast response from the support team.
    — Bhushan P.
  • It's awesome for apple tv!! this can be also used for my iphone ??
    — Daniel s.
  • Flawless!!! Love it!
    — Salamander s.
  • I use SmartyDNS for the 5 months a year I am in France. Effectively, for way under a pound a week, I am getting access to the same entertainment I have while in my main residence, the UK. What I like is the flexibility - I need only pay for the service when I am in France - and the helpful support (rarely needed as the system is so easy to set up. Highly recommended
    — David T.
  • The service is easy to use. They have a fast and efficient technical support.
    — Adolfo C.
  • I would recommend this service to everybody, because it really works unlike other services I have tried.
    — Robin M.
  • Works as advertised! :)
    — Philip G.
  • I use this for USA Netflix and many other services that matters. The most important thing with SMARTYDNS is that their systems are never down, translating into 100% availability of USA Netflix for my kids, wife and mum. I have services that are down due to upgrades, technical issues etc. SmartyDNS services are online 100%, you never hear of any downtime notifications from them
    — vijay h.
  • I am temporarily living out of the US and had zero experience on how to go about continue using my favorite services like Hulu and Pandora internationally. I ended up trying two other VPN and DNS services that were so incredibly confusing and time consuming and still did not completely work. I wasted so many hours of time and money that I am still in the process of fighting to get back! I was worried about trying another service but the fact that I could get a 2 week free trial convinced me. I literally had everything set up with Smarty DNS in ten minutes! I was in shock that it could be this easy and I had wasted so much time over complicating everything with other services. This service is incredibly easy to use, reliable, and the customer service is very helpful! I've now purchased it for the next 6 months and am so happy I found Smarty DNS! Thank you.
    — Anna G.
  • Using the free trial at the moment to test Netflix US from Australia,works like a charm, will be subscribing after trial, so much better content on US Netflix, easy to setup, must tr.
    — anon a.
  • Great smart dns for unblocking sites . Best option intstead of using VPN and avoid the middle man, I totally recommend Smartydns, its worth to try today.
    — ramu r.
  • This service is the greatest that I've ever experienced in my life for having access to blocked web page for I don't live certain country. This makes no slow down to my internet service when I use this and only change the DNS smartly to let me be able to do lots of amazing things. Thanks for servicing this awsome program. From Korea, Kichan.
    — KICHAN K.
  • Works excelent on xbox one yupyyyyy
    — costaniuc g.
  • Best DNS service around! Never had a single problem
    — Dewald E.
  • There is no doubt that Smarty DNS is the best solution to watch Netflix or Hulu outside US. I am extremely impressed with HD video streaming quality from Smarty DNS. It works great. No buffering and much faster than other DNS servers such as Unlocator,, Unotelly. Most of them are not stable when I have tried to test for a few months. But of these Smarty DNS is the most stable. Price is reasonable as well. Also it is easy to set up for my Apple TV. I would highly recommend to use it for playing movies and TV shows on NETFLIX or Hulu. Now My family and I are really happy with Smarty DNS service everyday. Thank you so much all team and keep up the great work !!! - Bi Pham from Korea-
    — bi p.
  • By far the best Smart DNS Solution I have come across. Others out there causes very long Ping times while Smarty DNS has a consistent 70ms to 85ms Ping times. Going pro on this one and I would highly recommend it.
    — Michael F.
  • So easy to use, just changed DNS on my atv2 unlike some others where you need to alter router settings, I now access netflix us, hulu+ and crunchyroll from UK.... Well done, also found out I can alter settings in my LG smart tv so this now access netflix us and crackle
    — Devlin O.
  • I have tried a number of unblocking services and this is the best. Their setup instructions are excellent, their website is simple, clear and organized very well. The customer service has been prompt and again the instructions provided by customer service are perfectly simple and structured for those who may be technically challenged. Price is very competitive. I just signed up for a year after my 14 day trial. I had one little problem and these folks fixed my up right away.
    — curt c.
  • Absolute recommend to friends and family, seriously has helped my children watch American tv, one of whom is suffering cancer so smartydns is very important to us as family as watching the kids smile is because of this services and American tv .. Thank you so soo much all team at SmartyDNS Regards
    — Cody s.
  • Works great on my Win7 laptop...did work well on my Android tablet until the 5.0 update to Lollipop. Now the setup is different than what is posted on their instructions for Android devices. Until the instructions is updated, I will not renew as I use this more on my Android device (Nexus 10)...
    — Scott S.
  • Excellent support again from SmartyDNS. Simple problem and I actually found it myself but the speed of response from Smarty was impressive not just the initial response but answering my subsequent emails in minutes. Will be renewing my subs when due
    — Aled W.
  • Smarty DNS has the best team of support engineers that I have ever come across. They got my system down here in Italy running as if charmed. However, the broadband system provided by Aria spa is rubbish and I would advise anybody to avoid this company. In fact Aria spa would be well advised to hire the excellent support engineers that I have worked with in Smart DNS.
    — Ernest W.
  • I have recently trialled SmartyDNS. Quick and very easy to set up on my Samsung Smart TV. Flawless streaming from my UK on Demand channels. Excellent value for money.
    — Imran M.
  • hello this not work for me in iran ! help me please.
    — amir s.
  • Works great for iplayer, netflix etc, had problems setting it up in a dd-wrt router but they responded and fixed my problem very quickly, other issues have also been resolved by them very quickly - brilliant service.
    — john b.
  • Great support, excellent speed, pretty easy to use it, that is what we need guys, continue like this.......
    — Kyriakos I.
  • This is the second year of using Smarty DNS and I can't praise the service enough. I am using it with an 8 Mbps broadband service here in the Balearic Islands and watch all the UK TV channels with very little buffering. On the odd occasion when I have contacted support they have solved any problem very quickly and with great professionalism. They will even unblock a new Channel if you supply details. The service is available to use in one or three month payments which I find useful as I don't have to pay when I am back in the UK. Recommend Highly.
    — Roger S.
  • I am happy to use Smart DNS. I want to watch Netflix. Finally I can. Thanks a lot.
    — heejoung c.
  • excellent service
    — Moumen O.