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Learn How to Watch TF1 Outside France in Seconds

How to Watch TF1 Outside France

Whether you just want to practice your French, enjoy peak French entertainment, or alleviate some of your homesickness while abroad, TF1 has everything you need in terms of content. Or it would if it were available outside the country.

No need to feel disappointed, though – we’ll show you how to watch TF1 outside France without having to take any drastic measures.

Can’t You Watch TF1 Outside France?

Not exactly. While you might be able to access the website outside the country, you won’t really have access to all its content. You’ll either be asked to sign up, and be told you can’t complete the process because you’re not in France, or won’t be allowed to watch what shows you want even if you already have an account but are outside France.

Why does that happen? Because TF1 – like many other content platforms – uses geo-restrictions.

What Are Geo-Restrictions & Why Does TF1 Use Them?

Geo-restrictions (also known as geo-blocks) are content control technology that allows content providers to decide what geographical parts of the world online users can access their platforms from. In the case of TF1, the website will blacklist any non-French IP addresses from being able to either sign up or view content on the platform.

What do IP addresses have to do with that? It’s simple – they contain information that leaks your real geo-location, and they can be seen by websites in the connection requests that are sent their way.


As for why TF1 uses geo-blocks, it’s hard to say. They don’t give a specific reason, but it might be because the channel and the TF1 Group (the media holding company that owns TF1) only have a license to broadcast the content in France. Normally, if they’d want to make it available worldwide, they’d have to purchase licensing rights in every single country, something that can be extremely expensive.

Also, it’s likely that some of the shows that are on display on TF1 aren’t directly owned by them. So, TF1 can’t go against the copyright holders’ wishes, and make the content available worldwide on their own.

While that might sound reasonable from one point of view, it still doesn’t mean it’s fair for people outside of France or French citizens who travel or work abroad. In the end, you’re being denied access to your favorite content based on what part of the world you are in, which is pretty discriminatory.

Here’s How to Watch TF1 Outside France Hassle-Free

Luckily, getting access to TF1 outside France isn’t hard at all. You won’t need to do any compex tweaking on your device or physically move to France. All you’ll have to do is hide your geo-location by choosing one of the following options:

1. Try a Smart DNS Service

A Smart DNS is an online service you can use to hide your ISP-assigned DNS address, which can actually reveal your geo-location when you try to connect to websites. The service will replace it with the address of a DNS server that points to a location in France.

Also, if you use a Smart DNS, your connection requests will be intercepted by it before they reach TF1. When that happens, the service will replace any data that might expose your geographical location with new information that is linked to a French geo-location.

All in all, TF1 will believe you are connecting from France, which is exactly what you want.

2. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN accomplishes the same goal as a Smart DNS, but does it differently. The service will hide your real IP address by replacing it with the address of a VPN server you connect to. So, you’ll just need to connect to a server in France, and you’ll get instant access to TF1.

Which Service Lets You Enjoy TF1 the Best?

Well, it really depends on your preferences. Here are some differences you need to know:

  • A VPN uses encryption to secure your online connections on top of hiding your IP address. So, you get to bypass geo-blocks and firewalls while also protecting your privacy. However, encryption can sometimes slow down your online speeds. It’s not by a lot, and doesn’t happen too often, but it’s something you should know about.
  • A Smart DNS doesn’t use any encryption, so you get to enjoy your original ISP speeds. However, the service won’t help you bypass firewalls if you happen to encounter them at work or school.

Overall, you should try a Smart DNS if you care about getting high, uninterrupted speeds, and opt for a VPN if potential slowdowns don’t bother you, and you also want to secure your Internet data.


Ultimately, though, you’re better off just using a provider that offers access to both services. That way, you can see on your own which one offers the best experience, and you’ll always have a service to fall back on if one of them somehow gets blocked temporarily by TF1 (not likely to happen, but it’s a risk worth keeping in mind).

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Why Is TF1 Such a Popular Platform?

TF1 is one of the most well-known private national TV channels in France. Its website, MYTF1, gives users access to lots of content in one place – from live videos and news to tons of replays. What’s more, the platform is easy to use, and features apps that run on both iOS and Android.

On top of all of that, TF1 offers access to the best French entertainment there is, such as “Clem,” “Sous le Soleil,” “La Mante,” and “R.I.S, police scientifique.”

How to Watch TF1 Outside France – To Sum It All Up

TF1 is an excellent platform for anyone who loves or is interested in French entertainment. There’s just one problem – you can only watch content on it if you’re in France. Why? Because the website uses geo-blocks to keep people outside the country from doing that.

While TF1’s reasons for doing such a thing can be understandable (making the content available worldwide would cost a fortune in licensing fees), it’s still not okay that you’re prevented from enjoying the things you like based on your geo-location.
No need to worry, though – if you use a Smart DNS or a VPN, you can easily mask your geographical location, and bypass TF1’s geo-blocks with ease. Just be sure to use a provider who offers both services to get the best experience.

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