Easy to use SmartyDNS Apps

Leave all the complicated, geekish details to us. We went the extra mile to make our apps really easy to use. You just have to install it and turn on and off VPN or Smart DNS by simply clicking one button.
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Internet Kill Switch
and Apps Killer feature

Even if your internet connection fails you, we will not let you down. With our special system-level and application-level Kill Switches you will be protected even if the Internet connection is not stable.

Choose preferred
VPN protocol

You have different needs regarding speed and security, depending on your online behavior. Based on daily online routine you can easily choose your preferred VPN protocol for optimized speed and safeness.

DNS leak

Our DNS Leak protection feature will allow you to use our DNS addresses to make sure that your DNS requests are going through us instead of directly to your ISP. Safe is the name of the game and we are playing it in the big league.

VPN Split

In our Android, Android TV and Fire TV apps, you can choose which of the apps installed on your device will connect to the Internet via VPN and which will connect directly when your device is connected to VPN.

Sort VPN servers
by speed

In order to make the best out of your connection we added the “Sort by speed” feature so you can easily choose the fastest server at any given moment. For us fast data transfer is very important, so we take it very seriously.

region switcher

While using Smart DNS, you can choose the region used for multi-regional sites that customize different content for specific countries. You can access any information you want, regardless of regional directed content.

Update IP

You can choose how often your IP address will be automatically updated while using our Smart DNS. That’s useful when you Internet Service Provider often changes your IP address.

Get SmartyDNS
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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