About us

SmartyDNS was founded in August 2013 but the idea of this service was cooking in our minds for the last couple of months before the launch. We wanted to deliver online freedom to people so they can access contents and services they missed. While growing considerably within the last years, our team became bigger and we have gained the experience that led us to developing our idea into something even bigger: we have started to provide VPN service.

Interestingly, we started it as a small project with no much hope of growing very much in terms of client base. But that changed when we decided to make it a full premium service with reasonably good looking software and mobile apps. Ever since, we are in the evolution phase of improving ourselves, apps, software and the service itself continuously. Luckily, we had the right combination of skills among our team members; we have members with network technologies background, design, user experience, and customer support.

Our clients are mainly with us because of competitive prices, personal approach and customer support. The reason behind all of these traits is the same; our team is powered by passion and desire of delivering the best products and services possible. One of the things we really feel proud of is our attitude toward clients. Sometimes clients request to add some new feature and we use their valuable feedback to add these features.

Although we started the journey with a small team yet we needed more people to continue it. We have been hiring since then and our hiring criteria is thorough; we want people who also want to deliver better and better user experience by our software, mobile apps, customer care and the service itself. We are very confident of maintaining our reviews and ratings in the future too.

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