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You Can Now Unblock 6 Italian Websites with SmartyDNS

Unblock Italian Sites

Italy has a ton of entertaining, informative, and interesting content to offer the world. Too bad it’s only available in the country and nowhere else.

Well, we decided to change that. Whether you live in a different country, are an expat, or just traveling abroad Italy, you now can enjoy up to 6 Italian websites with our Smart DNS service.

Here’s the 6 websites we added to our list of unblocked websites:

  1. Netflix Italy
  2. NowTV Italy
  3. Infinity
  4. RaiPlay
  5. Mediaset Play
  6. Dplay Italy

Have Other Requests?

Please get in touch with us then. We’ll do our best to unblock the sites you want as soon as we can.

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