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How to Watch Comedy Central Outside US Territory

How to Watch Comedy Central Outside US

Comedy Central is full of amazing, original, and entertaining shows. It’s just too bad that the the platform is only available in a few countries, and that the US content library is off limits to people outside the country.

Well, no need to worry about that – we’ll show you how to watch Comedy Central outside US borders with almost no effort.

Is Comedy Central Only Available in the US?

Yes and no. Comedy Central as a whole has websites in other countries too – here’s a whole list of them. So, if you’re from Poland, you have a dedicated Comedy Central platform at your disposal.

The problem is that you can only access the content that is available in your country’s Comedy Central library. Continuing with the example we mentioned above, you’d have access to Polish entertainment mostly, and wouldn’t get to see most of the content that’s on display on Comedy Central’s US library – where most of the great shows are.

Why does that happen? Because Comedy Central’s platform uses geo-blocks to make sure you are redirected to the “appropriate” page. And if the service just isn’t available in your country, you’ll just get a generic message telling you exactly that.

What Are Geo-Blocks, and How Does Comedy Central Use Them?

Geo-blocks (also called geo-restrictions) are a form of content control technology that is used by content providers like Comedy Central to make sure only “approved” website visitors get to access their content

Comedy Central Geo-Block

Here’s how Comedy Central’s geo-blocking process generally works:

  • The website will scan your real IP address whenever you send connection requests its way. Why? Because your IP address contains information that reveals your geo-location.
  • Depending on whether or not the service is available in your country, you’ll either get access to the platform, or you’ll get a message telling you Comedy Central isn’t available in your area.
  • If the service works in your country, the website will redirect you to the appropriate content depending on your IP address.

Why Does Comedy Central Use Geo-Blocks?

The company doesn’t specifically state why, but it’s rather easy to speculate. For one, Comedy Central doesn’t own the rights to all the shows it has on display. So, they can’t decide on their own in which countries to make shows and movies available.

And when it comes to the content they do own, they normally have to purchase licensing rights to broadcast videos in a certain country – and they need to do that for each country. It’s easy to see how that can get very expensive, so it’s likely why they don’t make their content available worldwide – and it’s also likely why the copyright holders to the shows and movies on Comedy Central don’t allow that to happen too.

However, while those reasons are understandable, it’s still not fair that you need to put with such restrictions simply because you’re from a different country. Not to mention you might also have to put up with such restrictions if you live in the US, and go on vacation abroad.

Here’s How to Watch Comedy Central Outside US Territory With Ease

We’ve established that you can’t access the content on Comedy Central US because the website will see you’re from a different country. So, how do you bypass that issue?

Move to the US?

Maybe if you planned to do that anyway, but making such a drastic change just for some entertainment isn’t worth it.

The only other option you have is to triack Comedy Central’s platform into thinking you’re accessing it from the US, when – in reality – you aren’t.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to do that – you even have two options:

1. Use a VPN Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online service that helps you bypass geo-restrictions by hiding your IP address. That way, no website can tell what your real geo-location is. Your IP address will be replaced with the address of the VPN server you connect to, so using a US-based VPN server means that Comedy Central’s website will think you’re from that region

On top of giving you access to geo-restricted content, VPNs also encrypt your online connections to keep your traffic and data safe from government surveillance and hackers. Because of that, though, you might sometimes notice drops in your online speeds. VPN encryption is usually pretty strong, and can take its toll on your bandwidth. Plus, there are other things that can influence what online speeds you get with a VPN too.

2. Use a Smart DNS Service

Unlike a VPN, a Smart DNS service won’t hide your real IP address. However, it will hide your ISP-assigned DNS address (since it contains data that leaks your geo-location) to trick other websites into thinking you’re from a whitelisted geographical area

Besides that, the service will also intercept all your connection requests to Comedy Central’s platform. Once it does that, it will find any data in the requests that leak your geo-location, and replace them with new information that points to a location in the US.

Also unlike a VPN, Smart DNS services don’t use encryption to secure your connections. While that does mean your privacy is exposed on the Internet, it also means you’ll get to enjoy your original ISP speeds, so you won’t need to worry about any potential slowdowns.

Which One Is the Best Option?

It’s hard to say which service is better suited for helping you bypass geo-restrictions in this case. It all comes down to what your needs are.


Still, to make deciding easier for you, here’s a quick overview of who each service works best for:

VPN Services

More ideal for people who want to protect their privacy on top of accessing geo-blocked content. Also more suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind a potential drop in speeds, and is looking for a way to unblock Comedy Central at work or school.

Smart DNS

A great choice if you’re only interested in getting access to the Comedy Central app outside US territory while also getting to enjoy your original ISP speeds, and don’t need to deal with firewalls.

Ideally, you should try looking for a provider that offers access to both services. That way, you can try them out both, and see which one offers you the best experience.

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Why Is Comedy Central So Popular?

Comedy Central is one of the most watched TV channels in the US, but the company’s website has its fair share of traffic and views as well. That’s because you can find some of the most popular shows and movies right now over there, such as “South Park,” “Archer,” Modern Geek,” Tosh.0,” and “New Timers.”

The platform also lets you watch live shows, use an app to enjoy your favorite entertainment on multiple devices, and even features a free 24-hour trial, so that you have plenty of time to see how the platform works.

The Bottom Line

Comedy Central is a very popular TV channel and online platform where you can find some of the best US entertainment. However, the service is only available in a few countries. And even if it’s available in your area, you still won’t have access to the same videos that are available in the US library.

Why? Because Comedy Central uses geo-restrictions to make sure their content isn’t available worldwide – mostly because they’d need to spend a lot of money on licensing rights, and because they don’t own the rights to all the shows they have on display.
Luckily, you don’t need to spend too much time learning how to view Comedy Central if you live outside the US. All you need to do is use either a VPN or a Smart DNS, and you’ll bypass those geo-blocks in seconds. Your best bet is to choose a provider that offers access to both.

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