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VPN Giveaway

May Giveaway Winners Announcement!

The time has arrived! After one week of entries, we are pleased to announce 5 winners of our giveaway. If your name is listed below, today just happens to be your lucky day! Before that, we would like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway this month!

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“Happy Easter” SmartyDNS Promotion

Update! The promotion has ended!

The Easter holidays are almost here, and you’re probably looking forward to that big family reunion – sharing laughs, telling stories, and spending much-needed time with your loved ones. Or maybe you just can’t wait to spend some relaxing, quiet nights curled up on the couch by yourself or your significant other.

Whatever the case, you know what’d make the experience much more enjoyable? Being able to access all the holiday-themed entertainment without any geo-blocks getting in your way. That’s exactly why we’re offering you a huge discount on our services.

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“Happy Valentine’s Day” Promotion

Update! The promotion has ended!

Curling up with your significant other on the couch to enjoy a glass of wine and some romantic movies is definitely a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day. But you know what would be even better? Being able to enjoy some exclusive Valentine’s Day movies – like the ones they have on Netflix US, for example.

Well, that’s exactly why we’re offering you this chance to enjoy a discount of up to 58% on our services – so that you can unblock any geo-restricted entertainment you want to make this special day more fun.

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“Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” 2018 Promotion!

Update! 3 January, 2019 The promotion has ended!

First off – happy holidays! We hope you’ll be enjoying a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s along with your loved ones. But we don’t just want you to have a merry time during this period, but a safe time as well – especially on the Internet when you’re buying presents for your friends and family.

That’s why we decided to offer this big 58% discount on our services right now – so that you can save some money while you also get to secure your online and personal data (and maybe even catch some better deals by bypassing online price discrimination).
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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday 2018 Promotion

Update! 27 November, 2018 The promotion has ended!

Whether you want to kick back and relax this Thanksgiving with your friends and family and enjoy your favorite shows censorship-free, or just want to take advantage of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, we’ve got you covered.

Instead of running multiple promotions that force you to keep checking our website and social media pages each and every day, we decided to keep everything all-in-one – between the 15th and 26th of November you’ll be able to enjoy the same advantageous discount, no matter the national holiday or shopping holiday. Continue reading “Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday 2018 Promotion”

Halloween Promotion – Up to 58% OFF!

Update! 2 November, 2018 The promotion has ended!

Looking to kick back and relax with some scary movies this Halloween? Sounds awesome – it’s just a shame most of the good stuff is usually geo-blocked if you’re not from the US (especially on Netflix).

Well, we decided to run a promotion for this spooky holiday so that all of you can enjoy your favorite Halloween shows and movies while also saving some money! Continue reading “Halloween Promotion – Up to 58% OFF!”

SmartyDNS Summer Promotion, Up to 70% OFF!

Update! 28 August, 2018 The promotion has ended!

Whether you’re resting at a hotel, need to pass the time on a long train ride, or just relaxing at home, our Smart DNS service can always come in handy to help you enjoy your favorite shows.

Well, we’ve got great news – we’re going to be lowering our prices for a whole week! That’s right, SmartyDNS is ready to make your summer more exciting with an awesome promotion: Continue reading “SmartyDNS Summer Promotion, Up to 70% OFF!”

Get your Mother’s Day Special Deal from SmartyDNS

Update! 15 May, 2018 The promotion has ended!
Each of us celebrates Mother’s Day differently. But what better gift to offer someone special or why not even yourself than Internet freedom? In a time when geo-restrictions are growing more and more popular and the real Internet freedom which granted us back in the day with access to any content we could think of, we should learn to fight back! Continue reading “Get your Mother’s Day Special Deal from SmartyDNS”

The Easter Promotion Has Arrived!

Update! 3 April, 2018 The promotion has ended!
Easter is here, and Spring is just around the corner. That means that here at SmartyDNS, we feel like giving our customers a little something extra. Sign up to SmartyDNS this Easter, and you’ll be able to enjoy discounts of up to 66%. Continue reading “The Easter Promotion Has Arrived!”

Pick up a Top VPN for Even Less with Our Valentine’s Day Offer

Update! 15 February, 2018 The promotion has ended!
Planning on spending this Valentine’s Day catching up on some hit TV shows with your loved one? With up to 66% off SmartyDNS from February 8th to 14th, there’s never been a better time to check out streaming content online. We give you everything you need to dodge geo-restrictions and access the best film, TV and more, from around the world. Continue reading “Pick up a Top VPN for Even Less with Our Valentine’s Day Offer”