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How to unblock with Smart DNS

Geo-restrictions. A pain in everyone’s… internet browsing. Don’t you just hate it when you want to watch a movie or get to date on your favorite series and realize that the only websites that are streaming them online are out of your geo-location reach?

We want you to have the chance to watch what you desire when you want it and from wherever you are. And this is why we’ll teach you how to unblock the websites that have the content you need. You won’t have to deal with geo-restrictions anymore when using SmartyDNS because we offer hundreds of online streaming platforms from all over the world. You even get access to! This is how you’ll do it! Continue reading “How to unblock with Smart DNS”

How to unblock TV4 Play with SmartyDNS

Traveling abroad may have quite a few perks, but being unable to watch your beloved series or TV shows is definitely not one of them. More often than not, the reason has something to do with geo-restriction – you know, that pesky feature limiting the access to your preferred video streaming service while you’re outside your country of residence. Well, if you want to gain unrestricted access to one of Sweden’s most popular video-on-demand services, look no further: here’s how you can unblock TV4 Play with SmartyDNS! Continue reading “How to unblock TV4 Play with SmartyDNS”

How to unblock Öppet arkiv with SmartyDNS

There’s almost nothing better than being able to watch, whenever you feel like it, TV shows, movies and series you used to adore as a kid. But, as if it weren’t bad enough that some of your TV childhood memories are hard to come by nowadays, even when you do manage to find a streaming service providing them, you get bumps on the road – geo-restriction.

That kind of “bump in the road” prevents you from diving into a couple of nostalgia-filled hours when abroad. But don’t give up just yet: with a Smart DNS (yes, it’s that easy!), you can unlock unlimited hours of your dearest shows! Today, learn how to unblock Öppet arkiv with SmartyDNS! Continue reading “How to unblock Öppet arkiv with SmartyDNS”

How to unblock Viafree with SmartyDNS

It’s rather frustrating to watch religiously online your favorite TV show, only to find yourself unable to do so once traveling abroad, isn’t it? Luckily, you can always trick your geo-restricted video streaming service with a Smart DNS. If you live in Sweden, you may want to find out how to unblock Viafree with SmartyDNS! Continue reading “How to unblock Viafree with SmartyDNS”

How to unblock SVT Play with SmartyDNS

Watching an episode of your favorite TV show or series while traveling abroad can be a real challenge. Just think of the geo-restriction you automatically face – your chosen streaming service most likely doesn’t work outside the borders of your home country. Well, if you love and don’t want to miss out on anything while traveling to a foreign country, you’ve come to the right place: we are here to help you unblock SVT Play with SmartyDNS! Continue reading “How to unblock SVT Play with SmartyDNS”

Unblock Plejmo with SmartyDNS

Not being able to see your favorite movies or TV shows because of geo-restrictions is obviously a drag. And you never know which online streaming service might be the best to suit your taste in movies, so why should you get stuck with the ones that are available to you based simply on your location. That is why with SmartyDNS, you will have the chance to access amazing content from hundreds of online streaming platform you never had access to simply because the content was restricted to a certain location. Using some clever techniques, a Smart DNS can help you unblock Plejmo. Here’s how. Continue reading “Unblock Plejmo with SmartyDNS”

Unblock TV NOW with SmartyDNS

If you reside outside Germany or if you are a German travelling abroad, you may find yourself unable to access some great streaming services. One of them is, and it is definitely one you should not miss out on.

Geo-restrictions are used by many online services to limit access to their services to a certain segment of users, based on their location. That is a huge inconvenience for the user, considering that even if you subscribe to a streaming platform for example, you will not be able to watch any shows, or just a small number of shows if you reside or travel outside the restricted location. Continue reading “Unblock TV NOW with SmartyDNS”

How to unblock with Smart DNS

There is no place for geo-restrictions in sports. That is what we think here at SmartyDNS and this is what we are trying to achieve with our services. It’s a long battle ahead, but we’re confident!

We continue our pursuit of the free Internet with the unblocking of the sports broadcaster. It is only destined to be used from within Germany, but even as a German member, their services become unavailable outside the country. Since there’s a great deal of sports and matches you can miss out on if you’re registered and living outside Germany or simply travelling abroad, we decided it’s time to take action and help you unblock from anywhere in the world! Continue reading “How to unblock with Smart DNS”

Unblock Tennis Channel Everywhere with SmartyDNS

If you want to watch all your favorite tennis players perform in the major tennis competitions from all over the world, you sadly already found out probably that most Sports televisions or generic sports streaming services only broadcast a couple or tennis tournaments every year.

For those who are really passionate, there are services like the Tennis Channel Everywhere, which focus specifically on tennis competitions and broadcast a much bigger selection of tournaments. Just like many other similar services, Tennis Channel Everywhere is geo-restricted and can only be watched by users in the USA. Continue reading “Unblock Tennis Channel Everywhere with SmartyDNS”

Unblock Eurosport with Smart DNS

Since Eurosport is a broadcasting service that is only available in Europe, watching your favorite sporting events through it from anywhere in the world is in theory impossible. Luckily, you can unblock Eurosport by using a Smart DNS. This way you can trick the geo-location techniques that restrict visitors from accessing the platform from other locations than approved ones and you can forget about all the inconveniences caused by geo-restrictions. Never miss out on any important sporting events again! Continue reading “Unblock Eurosport with Smart DNS”

Unblock CNBC with SmartyDNS

Not living in the USA usually means you do not have access to quite a lot of content on hundreds of streaming platforms that use geo-location to restrict access to their services. That can be quite annoying, especially when you want to stay informed and up to speed with all major events from all over the world.

Unblock CNBC easily with Smart DNS and stay informed from anywhere you are located. Continue reading “Unblock CNBC with SmartyDNS”

Unblock beIN Sports with Smart DNS

A man’s passion for his favorite team is something that cannot be measured and definitely something that shouldn’t be messed with. Despite the beauty of the sports and the magic of competition, sports have become a profitable business. And the same goes for broadcasting sports, whether it is on television or online. That is why most streaming websites use geo-location to restrict access to their services to only a couple of privileged, high-converting countries. We are here to help you move past that, so here’s how to unblock beIN Sports with Smart DNS and watch your favorite games online: Continue reading “Unblock beIN Sports with Smart DNS”

Unblock Freeform with Smart DNS

Not having access to video streaming platforms can be a nightmare. And considering the huge number of shows you can watch on Freeform, it would be a shame to miss out just because of geo-restrictions. That is why you can now unblock Freeform with SmartyDNS if you live outside of the USA. Continue reading “Unblock Freeform with Smart DNS”

Unblock National Geographic with Smart DNS

The access to knowledge should be one of the basic human rights. And when it comes to knowledge, National Geographic is one of the best resources. There should be nothing to keep you from exploring their huge collection of documentaries online. Stay informed, unblock National Geographic with Smart DNS and enjoy thousands of pieces of top quality content! Continue reading “Unblock National Geographic with Smart DNS”

Unblock Discovery Go with Smart DNS

It happened to all of us to want to watch a certain show, movie or documentary online only to find out that it is only available on certain platforms which use geo-restrictions. If you don’t live in the USA for example, where most streaming services are already available with no restrictions, you probably found yourself in a situation where you had to go through a lot of shady websites filled with pop-ups, ads and probably malware, in order to watch your favorite shows. Luckily for you, now there’s a solution, you can unblock Discovery GO with Smart DNS! Continue reading “Unblock Discovery Go with Smart DNS”

Unblock Zattoo with Smart DNS

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence doesn’t it? That is one of the reasons why it’s such a bitter moment every single time we realize a certain service is not available in our location. Especially with online services like Zattoo out there, it’s easy to understand why geo-restrictions are a huge inconvenience. Luckily, there are solutions nowadays! Now you can unblock Zattoo with Smart DNS and it is awesome. Continue reading “Unblock Zattoo with Smart DNS”

Unblock HBO Nordic with Smart DNS

Geo-restrictions have always been an inconvenience because they prevent internet users from viewing high quality content that is not available in their countries or regions. Luckily, Smart DNS can make you forget about these issues. You can enjoy tons of services that are not normally available in your country, including HBO Nordic. Continue reading “Unblock HBO Nordic with Smart DNS”

New VPN Servers in Germany, Australia and Singapore

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently added 3 more VPN servers so as to ensure the best online experience of our increasing number of users and to facilitate their access to online content. Adding new servers allows you to bypass certain regional bans and also allowing you to maintain your anonymity online. SmartyDNS users now have the opportunity to enjoy 3 brand new top notch VPN servers based in Sydney, Australia; Singapore and Nuremberg, Germany. Continue reading “New VPN Servers in Germany, Australia and Singapore”

EU Commission Votes for Content Portability

The European Parliament have returned a positive vote on content portability on May 18, supporting the right of EU citizens to access legal content, music, games and movie streaming subscriptions when travelling to any country within the European Union. The aim of this initiative is to improve access to content and reduce online piracy. The new rules were adopted with an overwhelming 586 votes to 34, with 8 abstentions. Continue reading “EU Commission Votes for Content Portability”

Top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS

There are literally thousands of media websites available on the internet right now yet only a handful of them are popular because of their contents, quality and audience. Here is a list of top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS.
Continue reading “Top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS”

Top 5 Netflix alternatives

Netflix is certainly known as the king of movie and TV show streaming and understandably it was one of the first and it certainly helped push online streaming to where we are today. Though it is certainly limited in its approach.
Continue reading “Top 5 Netflix alternatives”

Top 5 video on demand services you can unblock with Smart DNS

Video on demand (VoD) is huge now, this is no secret and with such growth sees a tonne of new players in the market all trying to make a name for themselves. We have the juggernauts of the streaming world but there are other more niche services that are filling a gap the big boys just can’t. Here are the top five video on demand services:
Continue reading “Top 5 video on demand services you can unblock with Smart DNS”

Top 5 TV shows of the year 2015

2015 has been quite the year for TV shows. There was huge slack to pick up after the likes of Breaking Bad and Dexter aired their finales. There was certainly a hole in all of our lives when they were put out to pasture but there are plenty of worthy pretenders to the throne this year. I will be listing the top 5 TV shows of the year for your delectation.
Continue reading “Top 5 TV shows of the year 2015”

Top 5 sport media websites

As we have all moved online sports have certainly followed. Sports streaming services really come in handy. We don’t always have access to a TV with the relevant prerequisites to watch our favoured sports so being able to watch it with just the internet is fantastic. Especially those of us who may have moved abroad and there is pretty much zero coverage of our sport of choice. I lived in Germany for two years and finding a TV channel that showed cricket was pretty much impossible. Thanks sport media websites, I managed to watch whatever I wanted to.
Continue reading “Top 5 sport media websites”

Top 5 music streaming services

Music streaming has really taken off as of late, with the way mobile phones have essentially invaded our everyday lives (for better or worse) that also now means with mobile internet structure that we have instant access to the internet, anywhere and at any time. This is has really been quite the boon for music streaming services and that’s why it’s important to have a list of what I feel are the top 5 music streaming services.
Continue reading “Top 5 music streaming services”

Top 5 free video streaming services

Continuing from our last article in this series about the Top 5 TV shows on Netflix we now have the Top 5 best free video streaming services. Obviously this means our criteria is websites that let you watch content without needing any sort of subscription fee or one time payment. As streaming is now immensely popular you’ll find that you can watch a lot of your favourite movies or films online for free maybe just with the occasional advert here or there. For a lot of people that is worth the price tag of free.
Continue reading “Top 5 free video streaming services”

Unblock Orange is the New Black with Smart DNS

Orange is the New Black has really taken off this past year at least that is when I started to hear about it. It certainly has a rapturous word of mouth appraisal from pretty much any one that watches it. You can unblock Orange is the New Black with Smart DNS if it so happens that your country doesn’t have access to Netflix yet.
Continue reading “Unblock Orange is the New Black with Smart DNS”

Unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS

Blinkbox is another UK offering in the on-demand streaming business, with content deals with some of the biggest producers around. The likes of HBO, BBC Worldwide, Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal are just to name a few with there being many more on offer for customers. This makes it a worthwhile endeavor to unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS outside the UK.
Continue reading “Unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS”

11 websites and 4 applications unblocked!

Hi everyone! Our team is addicted to impressing people, so it is a motivating reason to go on and keep our customers happy! We came up with another 11 media websites you might have been waiting for a while already. We love the way you communicate with us, by keeping us up to date to all your entertaining desires. So you know, the following unblocked websites came as a result of your request.
Continue reading “11 websites and 4 applications unblocked!”

Watch True Detective with Smart DNS

True Detective is a TV show that first aired at the beginning of last year, January 12th 2014. It airs on HBO and you can watch True Detective with Smart DNS online.

True Detective is (as the name suggests) a crime show, created and written by famous author Nic Pizzolatto. The first season contained eight episodes and has already been commissioned for a second season that was released on the 21st of June of this year. The TV show is written as an anthology so every new season brings us a new cast of characters to become acquainted to. Continue reading “Watch True Detective with Smart DNS”

Watch Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck with Smart DNS

Kurt Cobain is seen by many as a musical auteur. His band Nirvana are certainly an icon for their generation, pioneering the grunge genre and speaking to many apathetic teens at the time. This documentary charts the guitarist’s early days from when he was in Aberdeen, Washington but also shows his rise to stardom and then fall to Earth with his extremely popular band, Nirvana. The film has a lot of content to get through and is a whopping 145 minutes long so make sure you set aside the time to really become engrossed in the fascinating story of the man that helped create a genre in grunge. You can watch Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck online at either HBO NOW or HBO GO).
Continue reading “Watch Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck with Smart DNS”

Unblock CinemaNow with Smart DNS

CinemaNow has actually been around for a rather long time; the company was founded all the way back in 1999 and was one of the first on-demand streaming platforms. It seemed to have a bright future ahead of it as it secured backing from some huge names like Cisco, Microsoft and Lionsgate. In 2009 CinemaNow (now owned by Sonic Solutions) announced an alliance with Blockbuster to provide digital content under the once powerful Blockbuster brand. You have probably guessed that didn’t last long as Blockbuster slowly died out.
Continue reading “Unblock CinemaNow with Smart DNS”

Unblock Lifetime with Smart DNS

Lifetime is another one of the American TV mainstays; it has been around since February 1st 1984 and is in 82.4% of American households as of February this year. That is over 95 million homes that this TV station is being broadcast to. Lifetime was the result of a merger between the Daytime channel and Viacom’s Lifetime Medical Television. Lifetime is a TV station that is only available in America but you can unblock Lifetime with Smart DNS so you can watch it from anywhere in the world.
Continue reading “Unblock Lifetime with Smart DNS”

Unblock USA Network and USA Now with Smart DNS

You can now unblock USA Network and USA Now with Smart DNS. Using Smart DNS you can unblock outside the US or UK websites that are geo-locked to specific regions.
Continue reading “Unblock USA Network and USA Now with Smart DNS”

Unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS

Rhapsody has been around for a long time now (long in regards to online music services). They were in fact one of the first music streaming services about. They are now steadily become more and more popular so it’s lucky you can unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS.
Continue reading “Unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS”

Unblock Bloodline with Smart DNS

Bloodline is another one of Netflix’s own children, the whole first season premiered on the same date. Every single episode was released on March 20th and you can unblock Bloodline with Smart DNS. The first season received some glowing reviews, some outlets even call it the best Netflix original series to date and considering the wide portfolio that Netflix has now that is quite impressive. Bloodline was renewed for a second season on March 31st so the series must be doing something right.
Continue reading “Unblock Bloodline with Smart DNS”

Unblock House of Cards with Smart DNS

House of Cards is an addition to Netflix’s long line of fantastic original programming as the service looks to not just rely on other networks to allow them to stream their shows but to have a solid backup plan should that go bellies up. I am very surprised at how far Netflix has branched out from their role as just a streaming service, it is quite admirable. House of Cards not entirely a new concept as it is fact based on the BBC miniseries of the same name which focuses on UK politics after Margaret Thatcher. Continue reading “Unblock House of Cards with Smart DNS”

Unblock Vikings (TV series) with Smart DNS

Vikings started only a couple of years ago on the channel HISTORY and has since really caught on and has quite the dedicated fan base. It is worth nothing that even though the programme airs on HISTORY there are of course liberties taken in historical accuracies for the benefit of the programme (whether you think it is a benefit or not is up to you though of course). Though due to the continued success of the programme, I can probably safely assume the inaccuracies aren’t all that much of a problem to the majority of people. Still for those that love Vikings and love drama there probably isn’t a better series for you than Vikings.
Continue reading “Unblock Vikings (TV series) with Smart DNS”

Watch Game of Thrones with Smart DNS

Season five of Game of Thrones kicked off on brand new on demand service HBO NOW (which we have unblocked already!) and it looks to be more bloody than ever with how season four left us hanging. I don’t want to spoil anything if you are still waiting to catch up or still in fact waiting to start but I can guarantee it is more than worth catching up to season five because the ride is one of the most fantastic TV has ever seen. My other half convinced me to watch it after I was skeptical due to the first episode I watched not really clicking with me. But after a while I really started to enjoy it and it became something I really looked forward to watching throughout the day. I’m not really one for the high fantasy themes and though Game of Thrones hasn’t changed my mind on the matter the rest of it is good enough to keep me watching.
Continue reading “Watch Game of Thrones with Smart DNS”

Unblock HBO Now with Smart DNS

Today is quite a big day in the on demand streaming calendar as HBO NOW, HBO’s new on demand streaming service launched. Perfectly timed in fact as the fifth season of the smash hit Game of Thrones is set to make its premier in just 4 days’ time, which I am sure will entice quite a few to sign up just to watch what has become the most popular thing on television. Even with the likes of Breaking Bad the fandom never seemed to reach as far as that of Game of Thrones.
Continue reading “Unblock HBO Now with Smart DNS”

Unblock Cartoon Network with Smart DNS

I think Cartoon Network is probably one of the most well-known channels out there. Maybe that is just me speaking as a child growing up in the 90’s early 2000’s but it certainly was a huge part of my own childhood as I know it was for a lot of kids (that was until you started to have to pay for Cartoon Network then I would only get to watch it at my grandparents’ house back when OnDigital was a thing). Continue reading “Unblock Cartoon Network with Smart DNS”

Unblock Food Network with Smart DNS

The Food Network as you may be able to guess from the name is a channel that is dedicated to programming about food in all its various forms and varieties. Food Network was founded back in 1993 (dubbed TV Food Network back then until 1996) in New York City and has had quite a tumultuous history, with many ups and downs. 1997 showed for the first time that the channel had the legs to become something rather big as Erica Gruen was hired to be CEO of the company (becoming only the second woman in history to be a CEO of a US TV network) and helped pushed the Food Network as it started to become a staple of US television.
Continue reading “Unblock Food Network with Smart DNS”

Unblock Disney with Smart DNS

The Walt Disney Company or of course just Disney is one of the most recognized brands on earth. With the likes of Mickey Mouse and all of their various fairy tale story films that have accompanied many generations and continue to do so these days (though in a completely different tack). Of course there are some rather insidious things that lie within Disney but to the majority of people it is a factory of dreams. Pushing out one critically and fan adored brand behemoths after the other, I am not sure there is any other company in the world that can push anything out into the populous and have it adorned by so many (other than probably Apple but that is a completely different kettle of fish).
Continue reading “Unblock Disney with Smart DNS”

Unblock PBS with Smart DNS

PBS or the Public Broadcasting Service is a non-profit public broadcaster that launched 44 years ago on October 5th 1970. When compared to some of the other popular TV stations is not old at all (the majority being around at least 30 years older than that). PBS is available just in the United States and the service is stationed in Virginia.
Continue reading “Unblock PBS with Smart DNS”

Unblock STV with Smart DNS

STV is the Scottish variant of ITV for those that live north of the border. It launched all the way back in 2006 as a replacement to the previous available Grampian Television (this is now STV North) and Scottish Television (STV Central). STV has expanded a little more in the past couple of years. On the 2nd of June of last year they launched the first of two local STV Channels with STV Glasgow and just last week on the 12th STV Edinburgh was launched. Now the residents of these two cities have their own tailored STV channels. Continue reading “Unblock STV with Smart DNS”

Unblock Rdio with Smart DNS

Rdio was opened all the way back on August 3rd 2010 and is a similar service to that of Spotify. Rdio is a music service that offers free music streaming but is supported by advertisements, though as with Spotify there is a premium service available that eliminates the adverts leaving you with just the music you want to listen to. The music streaming service was created by the Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.
Continue reading “Unblock Rdio with Smart DNS”

Unblock MTV UK with Smart DNS

MTV is quite the international entertainment staple nowadays, though back in the 90’s MTV was truly in its prime very much influencing youth culture with its original programming, maybe less so in the UK but it still had an impact. MTV UK was launched on the 1st of July in 1997 and its purpose was to provide the people of the UK with more local artists and generally more relevant music content. Continue reading “Unblock MTV UK with Smart DNS”

Unblock NBC and NBC Sports with Smart DNS

NBC is another one of the American broadcasting giants and is the oldest one in the whole country being formed all the way back in 1926. It operates out of New York City and houses major additional offices in both Los Angeles and Chicago. In 1939 NBC broadcast their first TV programme and it was seen by around 1000 people in a 65km radius from its Empire State Building transmitter.
Continue reading “Unblock NBC and NBC Sports with Smart DNS”

Unblock CBS with Smart DNS

Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS as it is more commonly known is the second largest in the world. CBS was founded all the way back in 1927 under the name United Independent Broadcasters though at this time they were just a radio broadcaster. At this time the network desperately need investors so along came Columbia Records to save the day as they invested money to keep the company going though it was renamed to Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System.
Continue reading “Unblock CBS with Smart DNS”

Unblock music websites with Smart DNS

Over the years as digital music came to the forefront. Music labels have been searching for ways to seemingly force customers to find the music they want through more nefarious means due to the difficulty of finding the music they want in the country they live in. This is usually due to labels having various deals with companies in different countries so they can make more money. As usual from big companies this is completely anti-consumer and disgusting.
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