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“Happy Easter” SmartyDNS Promotion

Easter Promotion

The Easter holidays are almost here, and you’re probably looking forward to that big family reunion – sharing laughs, telling stories, and spending much-needed time with your loved ones. Or maybe you just can’t wait to spend some relaxing, quiet nights curled up on the couch by yourself or your significant other.

Whatever the case, you know what’d make the experience much more enjoyable? Being able to access all the holiday-themed entertainment without any geo-blocks getting in your way. That’s exactly why we’re offering you a huge discount on our services.

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Between the 22nd of March and 5th of April

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So take advantage of our promotion, and start enjoying the Internet as it should be – free and unrestricted. And, why not, share the news with those close to you – it could be an ideal Easter present.

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