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Start Off 2021 With 13 New Sites!

12 new sites

We wanted to start the new year with a bang, and what better way to do that than by unblocking 13 new sites from around the world for our users?

Based on your feedback we unblocked the following sites from Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Sweden, the US, and Australia:

6 Awesome German Sites

1. Sixx

A pretty cool site whose main audience includes women. Starting today, you can use our Smart DNS to unblock popular series like Stichstag, Das Internat, and Check, Check. You can also read the latest news and try out cozy recipes. 

2. Kabel Eins Doku

Love German documentaries? You’ll feel right at home on this platform! It covers topics like history, nature, and technology. Best of all – it’s free to use!

3. Bibel TV

If you’re interested in Christian-themed content, you can’t go wrong with Bibel TV. On this site, you get all sorts of things – movies, TV series, documentaries, kids’ programs, and the chance to live-stream Bibel TV channels (like Bibel TV and Bibel TV Impuls).

4. TV.de

A simple but fun site that lets you check each day’s TV programme. What’s more, you can watch live TV too.

5. SWR Fernsehen

The place to be if you want to watch live streams and enjoy popular shows like Kaffee oder Tee and Die Fallers.


A useful site that lets you check the latest in news (business, politics, finance, sports, and more). You can also use it to watch videos and streams.

2 Highly Requested Canadian Websites

1. OUTtvGo

The best in LGBTQ entertainment Canada has to offer! With our service, you can binge awesome shows like Hey Qween!, Untucked!, House of Drag, and My Trans Journey.

2. TSN

A cool site where you can read about the latest in sports: news coverage, scores, commentaries, and highlights. You can also watch live games and shows, documentaries, and listen to radio.

1 Educational Site from Sweden

UR Play

UR Play lets you watch educational programs, lectures, documentaries, and children’s programs. The content covers topics such as nature, language, health, relationships, science, and technology.

1 News Talk Music Radio from the US

WABC Radio

A simple but cool site where you can listen to news, podcasts, and more. Popular shows include Bernie & Sid in the Morning, Curtis & Juliet, Cats at Night, and Mark Levin. You can also use WABC Radio to check each day’s radio schedule.

1 Live TV Platform from Switzerland


With over 150 channels in its library, it’s safe to say you won’t get bored any time soon when using Wilmaa. It’s the ultimate TV experience – but in your web browser (or smartphone or smart TV)!

1 Hugely Popular Site from Russia

TNT Online

The official site of the TNT channel, one of the five most popular TV channels in Russia (and that’s saying something!). You can use it to check the TV program, watch popular TV series, and binge live shows.

1 Awesome Streaming Site from Australia


An Aussie streaming platform where you can (like the name implies) binge shows like Devils, The Third Day, Teen Mom Australia, and Euphoria.

Want to See Other Sites Added to Our List?

Then go ahead and let us know which ones you’d like us to unblock next in the comments below!

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