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How to Unblock SoundCloud (4 Options)

Unblock SoundCloud

Upset you can’t listen to your favorite SoundCloud tracks at work or school? It’s a frustrating feeling – especially since you might be more productive while doing that.

Don’t worry, though – we’ll show you how to easily unblock SoundCloud in this quick article.

How to Get SoundCloud Unblocked at School & Work

First, let’s see if a firewall is used or not. If you’re at work, they likely use it, so feel free to skip this quick tip.

Okay, you’ll need to find the hosts files on your computer. Here’s how to do it on:

  • Windows – Go to Local Disc (C:)/ Windows/ System32/ drivers/ etc. and look for the “hosts” file.
  • macOS – Open a Finder window, and go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal, type “sudo nano /etc/hosts” and hit return. If you’re asked for a password, try “admin” or “password.” If that doesn’t work, move on to the other tips.

Open the file. If you see something like “[IP address]    soundcloud.com” just delete the row. There’s a chance the admins used the hosts file to block SoundCloud instead of a firewall.

If that didn’t work, then try these tips:

1. Try Basic Unblocking Methods

  • Access SoundCloud by its IP address. Maybe the admins only blocked its domain. Try this IP: If it doesn’t work, use the ping command (ping soundcloud.com) with cmd (Windows) or Terminal (macOS) to find the right IP address. 
  • Try the following options in the URL search bar: “http://soundcloud.com” “https://soundcloud.com” or “soundcloud.com” There’s a chance the admins only blocked one version of the link (like the HTTPS one).
  • Maybe the admins use DNS filtering instead of a firewall. Try changing the DNS addresses to Google Public DNS ( and or OpenDNS ( and Here’s how to change the DNS address on Windows and macOS.

2. Use Mobile Data

The easiest way to unblock SoundCloud at work or school is to just use mobile data. You won’t be using the school/workplace network, so you won’t deal with any firewalls. 

You will have to get the SoundCloud app (iOS and Android) for this, though. Unfortunately, there’s no mobile version of SoundCloud – just a mobile-optimized landing page that links the mobile apps.

3. Try a Different Browser

There might be a small chance the admins blocked SoundCloud on a specific browser – the one installed on your school/work computer. 


So try using a different one. You might not be able to install it if the firewall blocks its download page, though. Also, security software on the computer might prevent you from successfully installing the browser.

In that case, you could try using Firefox Portable. You run it off a USB stick, so it might work.

4. Use a VPN

This is an online service that hides your IP address and encrypts your Internet traffic.

How do you unblock SoundCloud with it? Simple – the service offers you a new IP address which doesn’t have any firewall restrictions linked to it. Also, it routes your traffic through a VPN server, so there are no firewall rules that get in the way.

And since it encrypts your traffic, the VPN stops network admins from monitoring your traffic and seeing you’re unblocking SoundCloud.

You might not be able to install a VPN on your school/work computer if admin privileges or security software stop you from doing it. But you could bypass that by using VPN extensions in your browser.

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You can successfully unblock SoundCloud on your school/work computer, but don’t think the school administration or your employer won’t know you’re doing it. 

You are using their computers, after all, and they might have spyware and keyloggers installed on them. Or they might ask the IT team, teachers, or HR managers to check your computer when you go home.

So if your school or workplace has a strict policy against using VPNs, unblocking sites. or making modifications to the school/work computers, don’t push your luck. It’s not worth getting in trouble over it. The best thing to do is to get the SoundCloud app on your phone and use it with mobile data.

If you can use your own personal device, you should be fine. Though keep in mind admins can still see your connections, so they’ll know you unblocked SoundCloud. If you use a VPN, they’ll see the VPN connection, but not what sites you browse.

Why Do Schools and Workplaces Block SoundCloud?

As far as we can tell, it’s because they don’t want students or employees slacking off on that site instead of studying or working.

Also, they might worry that too many students/employees using SoundCloud at the same time could consume too much bandwidth, lowering the speeds for everyone else in the school/office building.

Getting SoundCloud Unblocked at School or Work with TeamViewer – Possible or Not?

It is doable. You just need to install TeamViewer on your home computer, and the computer you use at work/school. Then, when you’re at school or work, use the software to remotely access your home computer. Do that, and you can use your home network to browse SoundCloud.

However, we only recommend doing this if you can use your own device. Don’t do it on a work/school computer. If the IT team placed keyloggers on the computer, they’ll know your login credentials, and will be able to remotely access your home computer.

Also, make sure you use a VPN if possible. It will hide your home computer’s IP address. The extra privacy doesn’t hurt.

Can You Unblock SoundCloud Abroad?

You don’t really need to. SoundCloud is available worldwide, and doesn’t use geo-blocks.

Still, you might need to unblock SoundCloud if you travel to a country that blocks it. We haven’t really heard of any specific countries censoring SoundCloud, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. China, for example, did it before.

In any case, if you don’t have access to SoundCloud when you’re abroad, try using a VPN. Connect to a server in a nearby country, and you’ll likely bypass the block.

You could also use a VPN to solve regional availability issues on SoundCloud. Depending on licensing rights, some SoundCloud members might not be able to make their content available worldwide, only in countries where they have the rights to do it.

So if a track isn’t available in your country due to that, connect to a VPN server in a country where it is.

Can You Unblock SoundCloud with Free Proxies?

In theory, yes. In practice, not so much.

A free proxy hides your IP address just like a VPN, so it lets you bypass firewalls. But here’s the problem – the admins likely already block most free proxies you know about. And we’re not just talking about the websites, but also server IP addresses.

Since they’re free, these services can’t really afford to regularly update their IP addresses to bypass firewall blocks.

Even if they did work, you’d still get slow speeds because they often have bandwidth caps, and their servers get overcrowded fast. 

Can You Unblock SoundCloud with Tor?

Yes, you can. Tor works differently than a VPN, but it also hides your IP address. So it helps you bypass firewalls.

Here’s why you shouldn’t use Tor, though:

  • Your school/workplace could use a service like CapLoader to detect Tor traffic. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know you might get in serious trouble with the school administration or your employer if they catch you using Tor.
  • Tons of Tor IP addresses are publicly available online. The admins can easily block them with the firewall.
  • With Tor, you’ll likely get bad speeds. There are only 6,000 servers serving around two million users.

Can You Unblock SoundCloud with a Smart DNS?

No, you can’t unblock SoundCloud at work or school with a Smart DNS because it doesn’t hide your IP address. So it can’t help you get around firewalls.

How Do You Like to Unblock SoundCloud at Work or School?

Which of the methods we mentioned do you use, and which worked the best for you?

Also, do you know other ways to unblock SoundCloud at work or school? If yes, go ahead and tell us about them. If they’re good enough, we might include them in the article and credit you.

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