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How to Watch Eurosport in USA Hassle-Free

Watch Eurosport in USA

If you love sports, you’ve likely heard about Eurosport by now. It’s the platform where you can watch any kind of sports you want, after all. There’s just one problem – if you’re from the US, you won’t be able to access it.

No need to worry, though – here’s exactly how to watch Eurosport in USA without having to do anything too complicated.

Doesn’t Eurosport Work in the US?

No, Eurosport content isn’t available in the US, which is very weird since Eurosport is actually owned by Discovery, Inc. – a well-known mass media company from the US.

Right now, Eurosport can only be accessed in Europe and EU countries. Allegedly, it also works in places like Tahiti, Mayotte, Futuna, and Martinique, but it might be because those are French overseas territories.  Besides that, the platform can apparently also be accessed in places like Israel, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Still, it should be noted that the content can vary depending on the country.

How does Eurosport make sure their content doesn’t reach US audiences? Pretty simple – they use geo-restrictions, a type of content control technology that allows content providers to restrict access to their platforms based on user IP addresses, which actually contain information about users’ geo-locations.

Why Does Eurosport Use Geo-Restrictions?

Eurosport doesn’t offer any exact reasons why their content is geo-blocked. Still, if we were to speculate, Eurosport might be geo-blocked because the content shown on it isn’t solely owned by Eurosport. As a result, the platform has to follow the copyright holders’ requests, which might force a lot of the content to be restricted to European countries.


Besides that, it’s very likely that licensing regulations have a role to play as well. Basically, to make Eurosport content available in the US, the company and the copyright holders would have to purchase licensing rights and sports broadcasting contracts in the US, which can be very expensive.

Also, there’s also a chance that Eurosport has to be available only in countries that are part of various organizations and alliances, like ACT (Association of Commercial Television in Europe). So, alongside copyright and licensing regulations, you also have political and other legal causes contributing to Eurosport being geo-restricted.

While that can be understandable, it’s not really fair that you can’t enjoy top-notch sports content just because you live, work abroad, or are vacationing in the US.

Here’s How to Watch Eurosport in USA With Ease

Since geo-restrictions are what’s keeping you from accessing Eurosport in the US, it’s pretty clear you need to find a way to hide your geo-location when you’re on the Internet.

Sounds difficult? Don’t worry – you don’t need to do anything too complicated. In fact, you have three easy ways to hide your geo-location:

1. Use a VPN Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an online service that can hide your IP address when you connect to one of its servers. Basically, all you need to do is connect to a VPN server located in the EU, and you’ll be able to enjoy all the sports you want on Eurosport.

Ideally, you should try connecting to a VPN server that’s located in France, Spain, Portugal, or the UK, since the physical distance between you (who are in the US) and the VPN server will be smaller than if you’d use a VPN server in Poland, for example. That way, you might get better speeds.

2. Use a Smart DNS Service

With a Smart DNS, it’s not your IP address that’s hidden, but your DNS address. Like your IP address, it too can contain information that reveals your geo-location when you’re accessing websites.

Essentially, with a Smart DNS, you’ll get a new DNS address from a server located in Europe. On top of that, the service will intercept your connection to the Eurosport platform, and replace any info in your connection requests that can leak your geo-location with data that points to a location in Europe.

3. Use a Proxy Server

A proxy server pretty much works as a middleman between you and the Eurosport platform. Whenever you send a connection request to the website through a proxy, it will be intercepted and passed on by the proxy server. When that happens, your IP address is replaced with the server’s own address.

So, as long as you use a proxy server that’s located in Europe, you should be good to go.

Which Service Works Best?

Well, it’s hard to say since it all depends on your needs. To get a good idea of which one would work well for you, here’s what you should know:

  • VPNs encrypt your traffic on top of masking your real IP address. That way, you get to enjoy better Internet privacy and security, but there’s a chance – albeit a small one – that the encryption could lower your online speeds a bit. 
  • Smart DNS services don’t use any encryption, so you get to enjoy your original ISP speeds. However, your online traffic and data won’t be protected. Also, if a workplace or school firewall will prevent you from accessing Eurosport, a Smart DNS won’t be able to help you bypass it since it doesn’t hide your IP address.
  • Proxy servers offer a similar experience to VPNs, though it’s worth noting their level of encryption isn’t usually as good. Also, if you want to unblock Eurosport mobile apps too, proxies might not always help you since they’re mostly designed to unblock only websites. On the other hand, proxies might offer better connection speeds to the website if it’s archived on the server’s local cache.

Overall, your best bet is to just use a provider who offers all those services. That way, you can see for yourself which one works best for you. And if – for some reason – one service stops working properly, you’ll have another one to fall back on.

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Why Is Eurosport So Popular?

Eurosport is pretty much the go-to platform for any international sports lover. You can watch anything you want on the platform – snooker, motorsports, the Olympics, winter sports, football, tennis, cricket, horse racing, cycling, golf. And those are just some of the examples.

Besides that, you can also check out the latest videos, news, and you can even get live streaming coverage. What’s more, you can enjoy Eurosport content on multiple devices – Windows, iOS, Android, and Android tablets.

How to Watch Eurosport in USA – The Bottom Line

While Eurosport is a very popular and enjoyable sports content platform, it’s not accessible if you’re in the US. Unfortunately, you can only watch sports on the website if you’re in the EU or in certain European countries or overseas territories.

How does Eurosport know you’re from the US? Well, the website can see your geo-location when you’re trying to access it. It then uses geo-blocks to restrict your access to the platform. It’s not 100% clear why Eurosport does that, but it likely has to do with licensing and copyright regulations.
Luckily, you can easily hide your geo-location by using a VPN, a Smart DNS service, or a proxy server. All services have their pros and cons, so it’s best to pick a provider that offers you access to them all.

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