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We Unblocked 11 More Sites for You!

11 unblocked sites

We listened to all your feedback and acted on it. So we added 11 more sites to our ever-growing list of unblocked websites – the ones you requested the most!

We unblocked sites from the following countries: the US, the UK, Canada, UAE, and Poland. Here’s the full list:

4 Awesome Sites from the US

1. Disney+

The streaming site that made waves at the end of 2019. No need to wait until the service becomes available in your region to enjoy great shows like The Mandalorian or Pixar in Real Life. Just use our Smart DNS to binge them right now.

2. HBO Max

The perfect streaming platform where you can enjoy all the HBO content you love so much in one place. Kick back with awesome series and specials like Game of Thrones, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Watchmen, and Joker.

3. Tubi

A very popular streaming site that’s also free! It used to be available in Europe, but that changed after the GDPR. SmartyDNS can instantly unblock it for you now, so that you can enjoy amazing shows like Haven, Doc Martin, The Transformers, and Elfen Lied.

4. Peacock

A really cool streaming platform that’s completely free if you don’t have problems dealing with ads. On Peacock, you can enjoy amazing hit series like Parks and Recreation, Everybody Loves Raymond, Two and a Half Men, 30 Rock, Kings of Queens, and A.P. Bio.

3 Popular Requests from the UK

1. Dplay

A really decent streaming platform where you can enjoy the likes of Copycat Killers, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, My Lottery Dream Home, and Wheeler Dealers.

2. BritBox

The perfect place to enjoy amazing licensed and original British programs like Vera, Hold the Sunset, Gentleman Jack, Peep Show, the inbetweeners, and Downton Abbey.


A great site to enjoy entertaining shows like Forged in Fire, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and Highway Thru Hell. Best of all – it’s completely free and you don’t need to sign up to watch what you want.

2 Cool Sites from Canada

1. TVA

A pretty popular video streaming platform in Canada that caters to French-speaking audiences. Watch the latest from hit series like Boomerang, Fugueuse, BAM, and Face à la rue.

2. illico

Another great site for Francophones who love online content like Blindspot: mémoire tatouée, New Amsterdam, Panique, and Bloqueurs.

1 Artistic Platform from Poland


The perfect spot for art-lovers – especially those of you who enjoy modern audiovisual culture. Enjoy films, theatre, art galleries, concert halls, literature, and more.

1 Streaming Site Chock-Full of Content from the UAE


OSN’s HD streaming platform is where you can relax with exclusive Western, Turkish, and Arabic entertainment. You can binge content like Good Boys, Hamilton, The Souvenir, The Last KIngdom, and Saaet Reda.

Have Other Requests?

Please get in touch with us then. We’ll do our best to unblock the sites you want as soon as we can.

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