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We’ve Unblocked 10 More Websites for You!

10 new websites

We listened to your content recommendations, and we decided to go ahead and unblock 10 more websites many of you have asked for – from the US, Australia, and Germany:

7 Amazing Websites from the US

1. Spectrum TV

A popular Internet TV service, you don’t need to worry about any contracts with Spectrum TV, and you can also use tons of devices with it. What’s more, you get a very user-friendly UI, and thousands of on-demand shows (Blue Bloods, Beowulf, Black Sails, etc.) that are completely free.

Plus, you also get access to great exclusive shows like Curfew, LA’s Finest, and Mad About You.

2. Boomerang

Whether you love old cartoons, want to give into nostalgia to remember the days you spent as a kid watching amazing cartoon shows (Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, etc.), or want your kids to have quality entertainment at their disposal, Boomerang has got you covered.

3. Cinemax

The perfect website if you love action-packed movies and the best Hollywood hits – like Outcast, Banshee, Warrior, and Jett. What’s more, you can get MAX GO (which is very user-friendly) on your favorite platforms. 

4. Locast

Locast is one of the best streaming services to use if you’re really into local TV shows. You get entertainment from 15 cities, and you can watch your favorite shows and movies on pretty much any device you want.

Best of all – Locast is free to use. You’re encouraged to donate, but it’s not mandatory.

5. Apple TV Channels

If you love the Apple TV app, you’re definitely gonna love the new-ish Apple TV Channels. Basically, you can use that feature to subscribe to third-party streaming services and enjoy content from them straight on the Apple TV app.


If you’re a fan of on-demand streaming entertainment that’s free of charge, you can’t go wrong with XUMO. You can use the platform to enjoy all sorts of stuff – from keeping up with breaking news and checking out the newest music channels to having fun with stand-up comedy shows and watching your favorite sports.

7. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is the perfect place to enjoy premium live TV without having to worry about any costs. You get the latest in sports, 24/7 live news, and amazing shows on channels like Tastemade, FailArmy, ABC News, and Cheddar News.

2 Top Picks from Australia

1. Stan.

If you want to catch up on the hottest shows in Australia, Stan. is the right streaming platform for you. It’s easy to use, supports streaming in 4K and HD, doesn’t have any ads, lets you enjoy its content on up to four screens, and you get access to hit series like Murder in the Bayou, Younger, The Godfather of Harlem, and Ramy.

2. Kayo Sports

If you’re a big sports junkie, Kayo Sports is a must. It’s one of the most popular sports streaming platforms in Australia. On the website, you can stream over 50 sports, get HD support, save time with Key Moments, and watch your favorite team on nearly any device.

1 Popular Website from Germany

1. WDR

WDR is the place to be if you want to keep up with the latest in German politics, news, and culture. The design is very user-friendly, you can browse through the news at your leisure, and you’ve got multiple content options:

  • WDR Fernsehen
  • WDR 1 Live
  • WDR 2
  • WDR 3
  • WDR 4
  • WDR 5
  • Cosmo WDR

Want to Know More?

If you have any questions about the new websites we added, feel free to shoot us a message right over here.

Also, we welcome any suggestions you have about future websites we should unblock.

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