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VPNs are essential online security tools – especially for people living in countries that heavily censor the Internet. However, there’s one problem that often gets in the way – governments forcing ISPs to block VPNs.

That’s why we decided to introduce VPN obfuscation support starting right now. With the help of obfsproxy, you can easily hide your VPN traffic.

What Is Obfuscation?

VPN obfuscation is a way of hiding OpenVPN traffic. With obfsproxy, here’s what happens:

  • OpenVPN traffic is wrapped in an encryption layer that prevents anyone from detecting it.
  • A handshake without a recognizable byte pattern is used to make the traffic look like regular HTTP traffic, so that it doesn’t draw any unneeded attention.

That way, ISPs and governments can’t use DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) to spot your VPN traffic anymore.

Why Do You Need Obfuscation?

Well, we already talked about one reason – to stop governments from detecting and blocking VPN traffic. If they snoop on it, they’ll just think you’re browsing the web as usual.

Besides that, you should also use VPN obfuscation to:

  • Enjoy even more Internet privacy.
  • Stop ISPs from throttling your VPN speeds.

How to Use VPN Obfuscation with SmartyDNS

For the moment, you’ll have to use a manual setup. Don’t worry – it’s not that difficult, and we even have step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly what you have to do.

We plan on adding built-in obfuscation support in the near future, though. So you’ll be able to toggle obfuscation on and off with a simple click or tap pretty soon.

Want to Know More?

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