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We Just Unblocked 12 More Websites for You!

We’ve got great news for you – we listened to your feedback, and we unblocked 12 more websites from the US, Switzerland, and Germany that you can access using our Smart DNS service. Here’s an overview of all of the new content you’ll get to enjoy: Continue reading “We Just Unblocked 12 More Websites for You!”

How to Get American Netflix Abroad

Netflix is an amazing content platform, and while the service is available worldwide (with a few exceptions), the US content is unfortunately locked behind restrictions.

Well, don’t worry – in this quick article, we’re going to show you how to get American Netflix abroad so that you can enjoy your subscription to the max. You are paying for it, after all. Continue reading “How to Get American Netflix Abroad”

How to Watch NOW TV Abroad Hassle-Free

With all the amazing content on display, it’s truly a shame you can’t watch NOW TV abroad to your heart’s content without encountering problematic obstacles that stand in the way of your entertainment.

Luckily, there’s a workaround to your problem, and we’re going to show you exactly what you need to do.

Continue reading “How to Watch NOW TV Abroad Hassle-Free”

How to Easily Watch ESPN in Canada

Want to watch ESPN in Canada but are bummed out you simply can’t access its content? We know how frustrating it can be given how many decent sports ESPN’s programming features.

Well, don’t worry – we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to bypass any restrictions that stand in your way! Continue reading “How to Easily Watch ESPN in Canada”

Here’s the Easy Way to Watch Sky Go Abroad

Sky Go is a great platform, but you are likely to encounter obstacles or annoyances when trying to watch Sky Go abroad in Europe.

Don’t worry, though – in this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can access Sky Go in Europe, and discuss why the service is often restricted. Continue reading “Here’s the Easy Way to Watch Sky Go Abroad”

Unblocked music sites and more, thanks to SmartyDNS

Certain music services are only available in some countries, musical productions are only available to residents from certain locations etc. For a music lover, this can be a huge issue. That is why SmartyDNS comes to the rescue and provides a list of unblocked music sites which will bring you closer to the ideal of limitless music.

Continue reading “Unblocked music sites and more, thanks to SmartyDNS”

Is VPN Necessary for Various Online Activities?

Is a VPN necessary every time you’re on the Internet, or do you just need to use one under special circumstances?

While a VPN can be a useful tool, it’s understandable if you might have certain doubts about whether or not you need to run it whenever you want to do something online. Continue reading “Is VPN Necessary for Various Online Activities?”

You Can Now Unblock 6 Australian Websites with SmartyDNS

Australia has a ton of entertaining, informative, and interesting content to offer the world. Too bad it’s only available in the country and nowhere else.

Well, we decided to change that. Whether you live in a different country, are an expat, or just traveling abroad Australia, you now can enjoy up to 6 Australian websites with our service.

Continue reading “You Can Now Unblock 6 Australian Websites with SmartyDNS”

How to Watch Sports Without Cable

Looking to get rid of cable TV but are afraid you might not be able to watch your favorite sports channels and matches anymore?

Don’t worry – here’s how to watch sports without cable with ease, and how to overcome any obstacles you might encounter. Continue reading “How to Watch Sports Without Cable”

How to Easily Unblock Radio Stations Online

Can’t listen to your favorite tunes without having to unblock radio websites first? You’re not alone – many people worldwide have to unblock Internet radio sites before they can enjoy what they offer.

If that’s something you’re struggling with, don’t worry – we’ll show you exactly what you can do to access the most popular radio streaming websites from anywhere in the world. Continue reading “How to Easily Unblock Radio Stations Online”

Here’s How Easy It Is to Watch ITV in USA

Can’t watch ITV in USA, and feeling frustrated because of that? We understand – the website has plenty of great entertainment to choose from, but most of it is restricted to the UK.

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered with this article, where we’ll show you how to watch ITV in USA in as few steps as possible. Continue reading “Here’s How Easy It Is to Watch ITV in USA”

All Our Servers Now Double as Proxy Servers!

We’re happy to announce that all our existing servers are now fully configured with proxy capabilities. That means you can use them as proxy servers whenever you desire.

In case you’re interested in a full list of our existing server locations, here it is: Continue reading “All Our Servers Now Double as Proxy Servers!”

How to Watch Channel 4 in the US

Channel 4 is definitely a great source of British entertainment. It’s just a shame you can’t enjoy it to its fullest if you live in the US, as it’s only available in the UK and Ireland.

Don’t worry, though – you don’t have to give up cause we’ve got your back, and will show you how to watch Channel 4 in the US with little effort. Continue reading “How to Watch Channel 4 in the US”

How to Watch CBC in the USA

CBC TV features a lot of unique, amazing shows on its website. The problem is they are only viewable in Canada. So, if you’re from the US, you’re out of luck.

Don’t worry, though – you don’t have to give up on your favorite entertainment. We’ll show you exactly how to watch CBC in the USA without breaking a sweat. Continue reading “How to Watch CBC in the USA”

How to Get Pandora Unblocked Easy and Fast

Pandora Radio is an amazing service that can make listening to music feel like a much more unique and personalized experience. It’s just a shame those of you who are not in the US need to get Pandora unblocked first to enjoy it.

In case you’re in that situation, don’t worry – we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to unblock this service effortlessly.
Continue reading “How to Get Pandora Unblocked Easy and Fast”

Using VPN to Get Cheaper Flights – Does It Work?

With plane tickets getting more and more expensive because fuel prices go up, it’s hardly surprising that most people have started using VPN to get cheaper flights when planning their trips.

But is that something that actually works? Can you really just use a VPN service to quickly find discounted flights you wouldn’t otherwise see?

If that’s something that’s on your mind, we’ve got just the answers you need.

Continue reading “Using VPN to Get Cheaper Flights – Does It Work?”

How to watch Hulu in Australia: Easy tips and tricks

Everyone has heard about Hulu. The platform is an online content streaming service that puts a wide variety of TV shows and movies at the disposal of its users. However, unfortunately for many, Hulu is geo-restricted. This means that based on your location you might not have access to it.

Outside of the USA and Japan, Hulu tells all those attempting to access its content that they cannot view it. The service is not available in Europe, Canada, Australia and other parts of the world. If you want to watch Hulu in Australia you would not be able to do so without a little help. Continue reading “How to watch Hulu in Australia: Easy tips and tricks”

How to Watch HBO GO Outside US

Whilst HBO programming is available to a whole wealth of countries at the moment HBO GO is only available to those that reside in the United States. This is a shame as HBO really has a lot to offer, especially in the TV show department. There is a way to circumvent this blocking though. Let’s see how you can watch HBO GO outside US.

Continue reading “How to Watch HBO GO Outside US”

How To Watch XFINITY TV outside US

If you are from Canada, UK or Australia and you want to watch XFINITY TV outside US, there is a problem as you need to have access to an American IP, this is where Smart DNS can help. Continue reading “How To Watch XFINITY TV outside US”

How to Get Access to DirecTV Now Outside US Territory

Bummed out cause you can’t enjoy DirecTV Now outside US territory? We understand – the platform is really amazing, and not being able to use it because you live outside the US can be very upsetting.

No need to worry, though, since we’ve got good news – you can actually unblock DirecTV Now outside the US quite easily, and we’ll show you how to do it in this article.

Continue reading “How to Get Access to DirecTV Now Outside US Territory”

SmartyDNS Bring You Nine New Streaming Sites

We pride ourselves on providing our subscribers with access to some of the best sites around. By constantly expanding our service and responding to your feedback, we’re able to open up new streaming content to you on a regular basis. Today, we’re happy to announce that our users will now be able to enjoy nine great new sites from around the world. With a selection of the latest sports, drama, film and TV, there’s never been a better time to use SmartyDNS. Continue reading “SmartyDNS Bring You Nine New Streaming Sites”

How to Watch French TV Outside France

France has been a powerhouse of film and television for decades, and is a hub for European sport. But if you try and access French streaming websites from other countries, odds are that your access will be blocked. That’s what SmartyDNS is for. Our service lets you watch French TV outside France, no matter your location. Continue reading “How to Watch French TV Outside France”

Learn How to Watch CWTV Live Stream outside the US

CWTV is one of the USA’s foremost channels operating today. However, due to geo-restrictions, it’s likely that your access to this great broadcaster is severely limited. That’s where we come in. With SmartyDNS, you can easily watch CWTV live, no matter what country you’re watching from.

Read on to find out exactly what you can expect when you watch CW live stream broadcasts, and how to ensure you get the most out of this top channel. We will tell you exactly how to watch CW online with zero stress.
Continue reading “Learn How to Watch CWTV Live Stream outside the US”

SmartyDNS Has New VPN Server Locations In Canada, Italy and France

We are happy to announce that SmartyDNS is set to expand, with three new VPN servers coming into operation in Canada (Montreal), Italy (Milan) and France (Gravelines). We are constantly working to set up in new locations around the world, providing our clients with a service that gives them flexibility coupled with the highest levels of privacy and security. These new servers do just that. You’ll be able to access any geo-restricted content from these countries, without risking either your online security or your internet speeds. Continue reading “SmartyDNS Has New VPN Server Locations In Canada, Italy and France”

New sign in process on Android devices

We always struggle to make things easier for you and to provide you with an amazing experience every time you use our services. Because we love what we do, we want you to love using SmartyDNS as well. We constantly update our apps and find ways to make them quicker, more efficient and more user friendly. Continue reading “New sign in process on Android devices”

How To Get MTV Unblocked

If you are tired of having limited access to MTV and really want to watch it everywhere you go, this post is for you. Well, we will tell you how to get MTV unblocked every time you want to access it while being outside of the USA

Continue reading “How To Get MTV Unblocked”

Unblock Vevo with Smart DNS

We all have YouTube – the most famous video-sharing website. Besides the fact that we can upload, view and share videos, most of us more likely search on YouTube various music videos, including our favorite artists latest releases and music videos, live shows, concerts and so on.

But what if there is something that can bring you all that without making that search? A media website that is focusing only on music industry and it’s their aim to bring you everything about Show Business and nothing else. There is such a media website and it’s called Vevo but unfortunately it’s geo-restricted.
Continue reading “Unblock Vevo with Smart DNS”

Cryptocurrencies now available on SmartyDNS

We want our users to have the best possible experience and that starts right from the moment you decide to purchase our VPN and Smart DNS services and need to pay for them.

We know that on top of your desire to access amazing video and audio content that is normally geo-restricted in your country, you also need to know that your personal information is secure and kept away from prying eyes. Continue reading “Cryptocurrencies now available on SmartyDNS”

Major update on our iOS app

As you probably already know, here at SmartyDNS, your needs always come first. And that is why our top priority is to find ways to provide you with the best experience possible for you when using our services. Following the feedback from customers, we decided it was time to make some important changes to the SmartyDNS iOS app. Continue reading “Major update on our iOS app”

IKEv2 VPN protocol added on SmartyDNS

Big news from your favorite VPN and Smart DNS provider! In our attempt to provide you with the best possible services, we decided to add the IKEv2 VPN protocol and now all the servers from SmartyDNS support this protocol. Continue reading “IKEv2 VPN protocol added on SmartyDNS”

How to Get Cartoon Network Unblocked

Cartoon Network is so radically different throughout the world. Many shows are missing from various regions or are broadcast way later than their American equivalents. Thankfully SmartyDNS can help nullify these borders and get Cartoon Network unblocked.

Continue reading “How to Get Cartoon Network Unblocked”

New VPN server in Poland!

You already know that here at SmartyDNS we do tremendous efforts to bring you the best VPN and Smart DNS services. As part of our desire to be close to our customers and to get them access to as much geo-restricted content as possible, the best level of online security and online privacy, we decided to expand our reach to Poland. We are now the proud owners of a VPN server in Poland, Gdansk! Continue reading “New VPN server in Poland!”

The UK spy agency is monitoring millions of social media accounts

Reports were made by non-profit privacy organisations that the UK GCHQ is collecting social media data from potentially millions of Facebook and Twitter accounts. According to the documents published by the organisation, the agency is collecting and accessing information through databases of private companies.
Continue reading “The UK spy agency is monitoring millions of social media accounts”

SmartyDNS VPN app now available on Android TV

We have amazing news for our customers again! SmartyDNS users can now use our services on Android TVs without getting through all the hassle of a manual setup! All you need to do is simply download the app and start using it!

It probably happened to you too, like it happened to thousands before you. To get excited about starting to watch a show or to try and register an account on a music streaming platform only to find out that users from your country are not accepted or have limited access to their content.
Continue reading “SmartyDNS VPN app now available on Android TV”

SmartyDNS unblocks 12 new websites!

We love to bring good news to our customers and that is why it’s a great pleasure for us to announce the fact that you can now unblock 12 more video streaming services with us!

We took our customers’ feedback into consideration and we carefully selected a collection of very accessible streaming platforms, which cover even the most sophisticated taste. Whether you are interested in documentaries, news, movies or television shows, you will find an exciting new video service in the list below. Continue reading “SmartyDNS unblocks 12 new websites!”

SmartyDNS VPN app now available on Fire TV!

We are excited to let you know that we found another way of making your life easier! The SmartyDNS VPN app, which has already been appreciated by thousands of our users on other devices, is now also available in the Amazon App Store.

We believe that the internet should be a completely free environment, with no restrictions or limitations. And we also believe that you should be able to watch your favorite shows, TV programs, movies or documentaries from wherever you are and on any device that you wish to use.
Continue reading “SmartyDNS VPN app now available on Fire TV!”

Unblock Zattoo with Smart DNS

The grass always seems to be greener on the other side of the fence doesn’t it? That is one of the reasons why it’s such a bitter moment every single time we realize a certain service is not available in our location. Especially with online services like Zattoo out there, it’s easy to understand why geo-restrictions are a huge inconvenience. Luckily, there are solutions nowadays! Now you can unblock Zattoo with Smart DNS and it is awesome. Continue reading “Unblock Zattoo with Smart DNS”

GHCQ warns Europe travelers of cyber threats

The Government Communications Headquarters issued a warning earlier this week, alerting UK holidaymakers of cyber threats that could ruin their vacations in Europe. The main threat is represented by insecure Wi-Fi networks. Scheming hackers infiltrated a large number of Wi-Fi networks across Europe and even created completely fake ones, with the sole purpose of stealing all the information from unsuspecting users. Continue reading “GHCQ warns Europe travelers of cyber threats”

DOJ demands that DreamHost hand visitor IP addresses

A web-hosting and domain registration company, DreamHost, is now fighting the Justice Department’s warrant for information on people that have browsed one of the websites hosted by them and organized a protest against President Trump’s inauguration.
Continue reading “DOJ demands that DreamHost hand visitor IP addresses”

We updated the SmartyDNS Android App!

Our constant efforts for better Smart DNS and VPN services lead us to a series of massive improvements that were necessary for our Android VPN App. We therefore decided to work hard with our technical team on updating the SmartyDNS Android App and we released several updates within the past couple of months. Continue reading “We updated the SmartyDNS Android App!”

5 more websites unblocked!

More awesome news from our scientists at Smarty labs! As you already know, we’re always cooking something new for our users here at the SmartyDNS headquarters. Today, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve just extended the list of unblocked websites by 5 new additions. Eureka! Continue reading “5 more websites unblocked!”

OpenVPN updates for the SmartyDNS Windows and macOS apps

We have some amazing news for all our VPN app users out there! We’re happy to announce that we have updated the SmartyDNS Windows and macOS VPN apps to the latest and most secure OpenVPN 2.4.2 version. Through the OpenVPN protocol, we ensure a high degree of security on all devices for the best online experiences. Continue reading “OpenVPN updates for the SmartyDNS Windows and macOS apps”

Unblock Websites from Sweden using SmartyDNS

We like to tailor our services as to meet all expectations and this is why at SmartyDNS you will always find new and improved services every time. And because we strongly believe in online freedom for everyone, we are proud to announce that our users have now the possibility to unblock websites from Sweden.
Continue reading “Unblock Websites from Sweden using SmartyDNS”

The Australian Government requests access to encrypted communication

In the wake of recent UK terrorist attacks, the Australian Government plans to increase internet surveillance by compelling big corporations like Google, Facebook and Apple to give security agencies full access to encrypted communication in alleged counter-terrorism actions.

PM Malcolm Turnbull and Labor leader Bill Shorten agreed to give the law enforcement unrestricted access to encrypted messages and social media, causing concern amid internet users. Continue reading “The Australian Government requests access to encrypted communication”

New VPN Servers in Germany, Australia and Singapore

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently added 3 more VPN servers so as to ensure the best online experience of our increasing number of users and to facilitate their access to online content. Adding new servers allows you to bypass certain regional bans and also allowing you to maintain your anonymity online. SmartyDNS users now have the opportunity to enjoy 3 brand new top notch VPN servers based in Sydney, Australia; Singapore and Nuremberg, Germany. Continue reading “New VPN Servers in Germany, Australia and Singapore”

Updates on macOS and Windows Apps

In the fast-paced online world, the only constant is change. Having that said, we always try to create the best experiences for our users. By adding new and improved features to our Windows and macOS VPN apps, we give users the ability to benefit from these new functionalities every time they use our VPN and Smart DNS services. Continue reading “Updates on macOS and Windows Apps”

SmartyDNS App for macOS has been updated

We are very happy to announce the release of a series of updates on our SmartyDNS App designed for the macOS users.
Continue reading “SmartyDNS App for macOS has been updated”

Turkey Blocks Wikipedia as a National Security Measure

Following the Russian model, the Turkish authorities are increasing their efforts to consolidate power through online censorship culminating with the recent ban of the Wikipedia website. Officials have stated that the block was carried on under a law that allows filtering for national security and public safety purposes.
Continue reading “Turkey Blocks Wikipedia as a National Security Measure”

British Home Secretary wants to spy your chats

The British Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has stated that she believes that end to end encryption, particularly for messaging services such as Whatsapp, should be accessible by authorities.

These comments were made shortly in the aftermath of the terror attack in London when an individual drove along the Westminster Bridge killing three people and injuring dozens before crashing the car and getting out to stab a policeman. The assailant was then shot dead.
Continue reading “British Home Secretary wants to spy your chats”

American Senate gives ISPs the right to sell users’ data without consent

Trump’s slogan “Make America great again” became, among others, make America a great privacy invader. We say this because of some recent news that concerned us deeply. Senate Republicans voted a law against online privacy that gives Internet Service Providers the right to sell their clients browsing activity without their consent. Yes, you read it right.
Continue reading “American Senate gives ISPs the right to sell users’ data without consent”

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