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Unblock your favourite content while outside the US, UK, Germany, Canada and Poland! Doesn't affect your internet connection speed! Works on most popular devices!

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Access blocked websites Access blocked websites Access blocked websites
Accessing streaming content while outside the US, UK and Poland just got easier. One click in the SmartyDNS client will connect you to a server in the United States or Europe. That's all there is to it. Enjoy your favourite streaming media sites at full speed and without restrictions.
First thing that I liked is that they have a software for Windows. The setup is really simple. This service is fast and easy to use. Works across all major platforms. They have one of the largest list of unblocked sites and it worked with every website I tried. The 12 month plan is the cheapest one on the market.
Our favorite Smart DNS provider - super fast speeds, a large variety of services unblocked , very affordable with a lot of payments options. Using the nicely designed SmartyDNS client you can choose between an IP in the US or in Europe quickly. Well done SmartyDNS!