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Unblocked music sites and more, thanks to SmartyDNS

Unblocked Music Sites

Certain music services are only available in some countries, musical productions are only available to residents from certain locations etc. For a music lover, this can be a huge issue. That is why SmartyDNS comes to the rescue and provides a list of unblocked music sites which will bring you closer to the ideal of limitless music.

Just like the video content, audio content became more and more regulated over the past years. Despite the benefits of digitalization in the music industry, some big disadvantages became clear in the past years.

I am sure that each and every one of us faced the problem of a certain song not being available in our country. That is because music labels have been trying for years to limit the users’ access to certain productions based on location and monetization possibilities.

Why are music sites blocked?

There are several reasons behind music sites being blocked. Whether it’s through geo-restrictions, government issued bans or network limitations, the great news is that SmartyDNS represents an easy fix.

Music sites blocked due to geo-restrictions

Certain services use geo-restrictions in order to limit users’ access to certain content based on their geographical location.

When it comes to music, this usually happens because of copyright regulations that allow music websites or apps to provide certain content only to certain countries. As I mentioned above however, the problem also comes from monetization issues. In their attempt to get the most profit possible, many companies choose to limit their users’ streaming possibilities based on their calculations of monetization possibilities.

While it does make sense from a business point of view, it can be daunting for a music lover who is even willing to pay for music but only has access to a limited amount of content.

unblocked music streaming

SmartyDNS helps its users gain access to a great deal of unblocked music sites and unblocked music apps. We think it is only fair to give our users a solution for geo-restricted music platforms since we are music lovers too.

Getting music streaming unblocked is pretty easy and effective, as you will see later in the article.

Government issued bans

Even though these are not as popular as geo-restrictions, they still exist. There are certain countries where not only are many music apps or websites blocked, but also many Youtube videos are banned. This is due to censorship in communist countries like China, or even religious beliefs in countries like Israel.

Even though for the rest of the world listening to certain songs is common, there are a lot of countries where these are either forbidden or completely inaccessible. Getting music websites unblocked or bypassing censorship can easily be done with SmartyDNS.

Network and bandwidth restrictions

Another reason for not being able to access certain music sites or apps is represented by restrictions issued on your network. These can be on ISP level, meaning that your internet service provider is blocking certain websites due to internal policies.

The restriction can even come from a network admin in your school or workplace who has decided that some sites need to be blocked either because they are considered time wasters or because of how much bandwidth they would need if more people were to use them at the same time on that particular network.

music websites unblocked

Getting your music websites unblocked can be particularly useful if you just want to use them on your breaks or if you live on a campus where these restrictions are in place.

Another common practice amongst ISPs from all over the world is to use bandwidth throttling. By monitoring your online activities, the ISP can see how much bandwidth you use anytime. This is especially unpleasant if you want to stream music or videos online, because once the ISP notices that you use more bandwidth, they will start throttling your bandwidth, considerably reducing your online speed.

Luckily, there is a workaround.

How to unblock music websites

There are several services you can use in order to get your favorite music sites unblocked. Some are better than others, but that is why we are here: to guide you!

1. Use a VPN to get music websites unblocked

The VPN is the most complex solution for your needs. That does not mean it is by any means difficult to use. A VPN is a service offering remote servers which allow you to connect to the internet through themselves. By doing that, you can be seen online by the websites you want to visit as being from another country than you are actually in, which will solve your geo-restriction issues.

While connecting to a VPN, all the data you send and receive online will be protected by encryption. That means that what you do online will remain unknown even to your ISP.

unblocked music apps

By keeping this information from your ISP you will also avoid bandwidth throttling, because without your navigation info, your provider will not know what you do online and won’t know when to throttle your bandwidth.

2. Use a Smart DNS if you want quick and easily unblocked music sites

A Smart DNS will replace your default Domain Name Server or DNS, which is what helps your ISP translate the IP addresses of the websites you visit into actual website names.

By changing this, a Smart DNS will trick the websites you visit into thinking you are visiting from a certain country, even though your real location will be completely different.

That is why a Smart DNS can help you bypass most restrictions you can face while trying to stream music online. Your internet speed is not affected by using a Smart DNS and you will basically be able to access a great deal of unblocked music sites with no effort at all!

3. Use a proxy to for an easy way to get music websites unblocked

A proxy server is basically a dedicated computer or server which acts as a hub through which internet requests are sent and received. That means that some geo-restrictions can be bypassed through proxy servers, but they are not ideal for streaming music, since your internet speed can be affected if the server is not correctly set up or is overcrowded.

Since they are mostly free however, proxy servers could be a temporary solution worth a shot.

How to access unblocked music sites with SmartyDNS

  1. Try SmartyDNS for free for 3 days.
  2. Install our app for Windows, macOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV / Fire TV Stick.
  3. Access your favorite music websites!

Most popular music websites unblocked by SmartyDNS

SmartyDNS will help you unblock a great number of online music streaming services, as you can see from the list below:


Channel4 4Music






Absolute Radio


CMT – Country Music Television


Jam Music


Now 80s

Box Plus


On top of these, here are some of the most popular music streaming services SmartyDNS will help you unblock. These are used worldwide by millions of users and of course, many of them are only available in certain countries or have the content limited for users from less privileged locations. But SmartyDNS is here to change that.

Check out the list of the most popular music sites unblocked:


Definitely one of the most popular music streaming services in the world and one we are big fans of. Whether you choose to use Spotify for free or you decide to become a paid subscriber, you will love this platform. With over 20 million songs in their library and a high quality streaming of 320kbps Mp3, we are proud to put Spotify on our list of unblocked music websites.

iHeart Radio

Owned by iHeartMedia Inc, iHeart Radio was founded in April 2008 and has been the market leader in the online music streaming scene for a while. Even now, with Youtube, Spotify, Google Play Music and iTunes taking a great chunk of the market, iHeart Radio still has close to 30 million users every month. And it’s no wonder. They offer an amazing service and even though the platform uses geo-restrictions, we all know now that it is not an issue.


Since it’s been around for more than 15 years, Pandora is definitely one of the greatest online radios you can listen to even nowadays. Since it is also one of the cheapest music streaming websites, it’s definitely one that you should check out. Get it unblocked with SmartyDNS and enjoy hours of high quality music


It was launched back in July 2010 under CBS Radio and it is now a free broadcast and internet radio platform. There is a huge number of radio stations you can choose to listen to, provided you are from the USA. If you are not from the USA, you can use SmartyDNS to get this platform unblocked.


Even though Nietzsche once said that “without music, life would be a mistake”, we live in times where financial reasoning sometimes take over. Music is not as “universal” as we’d like it to be and unfortunately despite their love for music, there are millions of internet users who don’t have access to as much music as those from privileged countries. We believe in bringing our users online freedom and as little restrictions as possible.

We know how frustrating it can be to want to listen to your favorite music and no be able to because of different restrictions. That is why we are working hard to unblock as many platforms as possible. So stay tuned and be the first to know about the latest services we manage to unlock.

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