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How to Watch ABC in UK Without Any Difficulties

How to Watch ABC in UK

Love the content on display on ABC but are frustrated you can’t enjoy it from across the pond? We know how annoying it can be – especially if you are an US expat or on vacation in the UK since it’s the kind of content you’d normally have access to back home.

Well, no need to worry since we’ve got your back. Here’s how to watch ABC in UK without having to deal with any stress and pesky content restrictions.

Is ABC Available Worldwide?

Unfortunately, it isn’t. The platform only works in the US. If you ever try to watch content on ABC’s website outside the US, you’ll usually be met with an error message.

How does ABC restrict its content to a single country, you ask? It’s quite simple – they use geo-restrictions.

What Are Geo-Restrictions?

Simply put, geo-restrictions are a technology content providers can use to restrict access to a website or content on a platform to Internet users based on their geographical location. That’s how ABC ensures only US users watch their shows.

How does the platform know what your geo-location is, though? Well, it’s all because the website knows what your IP address is every time you try to connect to it. In case you didn’t know, your IP address contains information that can reveal your geo-location.

Why Does ABC Use Geo-Restrictions?

ABC doesn’t do this because they are “selfish” or because they don’t want foreign users enjoying the content on their website. They use geo-blocks because it’s the only way they can comply with licensing and copyright regulations.

Don’t forget – not all the content on display belongs to ABC, and the content owners decide where they want to make the content available. And even when it comes to shows owned by ABC, to broadcast content worldwide, the company would need to purchase licensing rights in every single country. Something like that can get extremely expensive, so ABC just broadcasts their shows to a US audience.

abc geo-restricted

Of course, while all that can make the situation a bit more understandable, it doesn’t mean it’s not unfair to online users like you who either don’t live in the US, or just left the country to move to the UK or travel there frequently.

How to Watch ABC in UK With Ease

Since ABC relies on your geo-location to restrict access to its content, it’s clear you need to find a way to hide it when you’re on the Internet. While that might sound difficult, it’s not such a hard thing to achieve – you’ve actually got 2 options at your disposal:

1. Use a Smart DNS Service

A Smart DNS can replace your ISP-assigned DNS address with a different, more “acceptable” one. How does that help? Well, your DNS address – like your IP address – contains info that leaks your geo-location on the web. The Smart DNS essentially replaces it with a new DNS address that contains information which can be linked to a location in the US.

Besides that, a Smart DNS also intercepts your connection requests to ABC’s website. Once it does that, it replaces any data that leaks your UK geographical location with information that points to an area in the US.

And if you’re not sure what DNS is, it stands for Domain Name System, and it’s responsible for translating website domains into IP addresses, and vice-versa.

2. Use a VPN Service

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service you can use to hide your real IP address when you’re online.

Essentially, you just run a VPN app and connect to a VPN server. When you do that, your ISP-assigned IP address gets replaced with the VPN server’s own IP address, and makes it seem like you’re sending connection requests from the server’s country. In this case, you’d just need to connect to a US VPN server to unblock ABC in the UK.

Which Option Works Best?

It all depends on your preferences. You see, the main differences between a VPN and a Smart DNS in this situation is that a Smart DNS lets you enjoy your original ISP speeds, while a VPN uses encryption to secure your connections, which can sometimes result in slower speeds (though that’s not guaranteed to happen).

So, if you don’t care about online security and just want to enjoy fast streams, a Smart DNS is the right option. However, if you want to also protect your online data while watching ABC in the UK, and don’t mind potential minor slowdowns, you should opt for a VPN.

All in all, we believe you should try out both services to see which one offers you the best experience.

SmartyDNS – The Best Way to Watch ABC in UK

Want to learn how to watch ABC in UK hassle-free? You’ve come to the right place – SmartyDNS can offer you exactly the service you need to quickly unblock ABC in the UK. Plus, besides just being easy to use, our Smart DNS also comes equipped with unlimited bandwidth.

What Devices Can You Watch ABC in UK on?

We know a lot of you are likely looking forward to watching ABC when they’re not at home too, which is why we made sure our service works on multiple platforms:

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Android TV

  • Apple TV

  • Roku

  • Xbox

Not only that, but you’ll be able to enjoy much more than just ABC. SmartyDNS can help you unblock over 280 other websites from around the world (120+ from the US). Basically, if you ever feel like you need a “change of scenery,” SmartyDNS will offer you access to new content from countries like Australia, Sweden, France, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada.

How to Watch ABC Player in UK with SmartyDNS

  1. First, register an account with SmartyDNS..
  2. Next, use our user-friendly apps to set up the service automatically. Alternatively, browse our handy tutorials to see how you can set up the service manually on other devices.
  3. Stop worrying how to watch ABC Family in UK, and start enjoying everything the platform has to offer with just a few clicks.

And that’s not all – we also offer a reliable VPN service if you prefer that option over a Smart DNS. It features powerful encryption that secures your privacy on the web, high-speed servers, DNS leak protection, and unlimited bandwidth just like our Smart DNS service.

Don’t Worry – It’s All Risk-Free!

If you’re not quite sure SmartyDNS is the right option for you, we welcome you to test-drive our services for free for 3 days first. No credit card details are needed, and you can enjoy all our features – no limitations!

Plus, once you become a SmartyDNS user, we’ll still have your back with our 30-day money-back guarantee if the service doesn’t work as advertised.

Why Is ABC So Popular?

ABC’s website (also called ABC GO) is known for offering users tons of entertainment. On their platform, you can enjoy the likes of The Rookie, The Kids Are Alright, The ConnersI, black-ish, and General Hospital (just to name a few examples).

But the website doesn’t just offer access to a wide variety of shows – you can also use ABC’s platform to build up a list of your favorite shows for easier browsing, check out the latest in news and music, enjoy ABC Freeform (previously called ABC Family) and all sorts of video clips, and enjoy ABC’s content on multiple devices through their apps.


ABC has tons of amazing content on display. However, if you try to access it from the UK, you won’t be able to do it because of geo-restrictions. Why does ABC enforce geo-blocks? Because it’s the only way they can comply with strict copyright and licensing regulations.

But that’s probably not what’s on your mind right now – you’re likely interested in learning how to watch ABC in UK. Well, you’ll be happy to know you actually have 2 options to choose from: Using a VPN or a Smart DNS service.

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