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How to Watch iTV Abroad

How to Watch iTV Abroad

Yes, there are a lot of geo-restricted websites that can be unblocked with the newest and easiest method that was recently invented called Smart DNS service. iTV Hub is another website worth to be unblocked and we will tell you more about it in the following. We will light up the easiest way to watch iTV abroad from anywhere you would be – from anywhere in the world.

iTV Hub is Blocked Outside UK

What if all these are not available to us at a certain point? Imagine that you travel and you’d like to watch all these as you used to from the region you are. Normally there is no way we could do that, as iTV is restricted to other countries.

iTV is widely available in Ireland on cable and MMDS and is also available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. But is limited to the rest of the countries.

So, if your destination is Italy, France or any other part of the world you should be expecting some sad warning messages. Be ready for “this content is not available in your region” message when trying to access iTV. Because it is so successful and because of advertising customers iTV is blocked outside of the UK. Technically, anyone who tries to access the whole website (iTV.com) from abroad, cannot view iTV.com and associated web pages.

How to Unblock iTV Abroad?

The method that gives the possibility to access regional restricted websites from different countries is called Smart DNS. Whoever wants to gain access to a specific geo-blocked website can do that by simply using this service. The regional blocked website that we’ll focus on in this post is iTV.

It is a service that can be used anywhere anytime, ensuring it’s users limitless access to the geographic blocked websites. It opens the access to a lot of restricted media websites. iTV is not an exception.

How to Watch iTV Abroad With SmartyDNS?

  1. Join SmartyDNS.
  2. Install the SmartyDNS app.
  3. Access iTV Hub outside UK!

On What Devices Can You Watch iTV Abroad using SmartyDNS?

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Android TV

  • Apple TV

  • Roku

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Samsung Smart TV

  • Now TV Box

Bottom Line

Thank Smart DNS service, you can watch iTV abroad and access it worldwide. The service is easy to install and so is to use. It can be set on your home router or on each device separately. It also works on most popular platforms, so every time you want to access iTV being out of the region you can do it on any of your devices.

More to that, it works on the Internet provider’s original speed. So, you’d never experience a lowered speed, no buffering and no pause while watching any video on demand.

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