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Here’s the Easy Way to Watch Sky Go Abroad

sky go abroad

Sky Go is a great platform, but you are likely to encounter obstacles or annoyances when trying to watch Sky Go abroad in Europe.

Don’t worry, though – in this article, we’ll show you exactly how you can access Sky Go in Europe, and discuss why the service is often restricted.

Why Is Sky Go So Popular?

Sky Go is an online television service offered by Sky UK – one of the largest telecommunications companies in the UK. The platform is quite intuitive, comes free with a Sky TV subscription, and it has apps that work on multiple devices.

One of Sky Go’s main attractions is its content variety. You can enjoy tons of popular movies and TV shows like Flash, Murder on the Orient Express, and The Blacklist.

Does Sky Go Work Abroad?

Yes and no. If you are from the UK and have a Sky TV subscription, you can actually watch Sky Go abroad on compatible devices. However, there is a catch – specifically:

  • You can only watch Sky Go in certain countries in Europe. For example, you can’t do it in Switzerland, Norway, Ukraine, Serbia, and Albania (to name a few examples). Also, you can’t watch Sky Go outside of Europe, and you need to download all the content you want to watch before leaving.
  • Roughly every 30 days, you’ll receive an email letting you know you must stream Sky Go content on a device at your residence in the UK/Republic of Ireland within 7 days to prove you’re still a resident there. That can be quite the problem if you’re an expat, working abroad for a few months, or going on an extended trip through Europe.

If you’re not a UK citizen, you theoretically can’t watch Sky Go because you need a Sky TV subscription to access it, and you can’t really set up a subscription directly with Sky UK if you’re not from the UK. Your only option in that case is to get a Sky TV Box or a Sky TV Viewing Card, though keep in mind the prices are very steep, not all content might be available, and this solution only works in Europe.

Why Does Sky Go Not Work Abroad?

Sky Go is unavailable in certain countries because Sky UK uses geo-blocks to restrict access to it. If you’re not familiar with geo-blocks, they’re restrictions based on your geographical location.

So, if you’re in Switzerland, you can’t access Sky Go because the platform knows what your geo-location is when you try to connect to it.

Why Does Sky Go Use Geo-Restrictions?

Geo-blocks are usually enforced because of licensing agreements. Basically, Sky UK gets licenses to stream their content through Sky Go in certain European countries only. Copyright regulations might also prevent them from offering access to Sky content in some countries.

Sky Go might also be geo-blocked because UK residents need to pay a TV license tax if they’re watching it at home – something you can’t really do if you’re outside the country.

How to Watch Sky Go Abroad

First, if you’re not from the UK/Republic of Ireland, and live in Europe, you’ll likely need a Sky TV Box or a Sky TV Viewing Card because you must have a Sky TV subscription to watch Sky Go. If you live outside of Europe, there’s unfortunately not much you can do about this – at least until Sky Go no longer requires a Sky TV subscription.

how to watch sky go abroad

If you’re a UK/Republic of Ireland citizen who has a Sky TV subscription and is out of the country for a while, you’ll obviously need to find a way to hide your geo-location when you try watching Sky Go abroad.

That might sound difficult, but it’s surprisingly easy to do. You just need to use either a VPN or a Smart DNS service.

1. Using a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is a service that replaces your ISP-assigned DNS address with a different address that points to the UK. If you’re not sure what a DNS is, it stands for Domain Name System, and it’s responsible for translating website names into IP addresses, and the other way around. It also contains data that can reveal your geo-location.

Besides that, a Smart DNS will also intercept your connection to the Sky Go platform, and replace any data found in the connection request that can be linked to your geo-location with information that points to an “acceptable” location in the UK.

All of that happens instantaneously, of course. You’ll also be happy to know that you’ll get to enjoy your original ISP speeds as well since a Smart DNS doesn’t interfere with them.

2. Using a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be used to hide your real IP address since it contains information that reveals your geographical location. Basically, you connect to a VPN server in the UK, your IP address gets switched with the server’s address, and Sky Go will then believe you are connecting to its platform from the UK.

While VPNs are convenient and easy to use, it is worth mentioning that they also encrypt your online connections to secure them. As a result, there is a slight chance your speeds might take a hit, though that only happens sometimes.

Which Service Is Better Then?

That’s completely up to you. You could try our both services to see which one offers the better experience. Overall, if speed is important for you, it’s better to stick with a Smart DNS. But if you want to enjoy more secure connections while using Sky Go abroad, a VPN might be more suited to your needs.

Enjoy Sky Go Abroad Hassle-Free With SmartyDNS

If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to enjoy Sky Go abroad, you’ve come to the right place. SmartyDNS can immediate access to the platform, and help you bypass the annoying 37-day UK-streaming rule.

using sky go abroad

What’s more, we can help you unblock over 30 other websites from the UK – like Channel 4, Channel 5, BBC iPlayer, and ITV, for example. And if you ever want to enjoy more content diversity, you can unblock over 280 websites from countries like:

  • Canada
  • The US
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Australia

And yes, you can access the content from all those countries at the same time without having to change any settings on your device(s).

Plus, we also offer access to a VPN service if you want to try it out as well. It features powerful encryption, high-speed servers, DNS leak protection, a no-log policy, and unlimited bandwidth.

How to Watch Sky Go Abroad with SmartyDNS

  1. Register a SmartyDNS account.
  2. Use our apps to set up the Smart DNS service automatically, or use our helpful tutorials to set up our service on other devices.
  3. Enjoy Sky Go abroad from most European countries without having to deal with annoying restrictions and regulations.

“Can I Use Sky Go Abroad on Any Device?”

Cross-platform compatibility is a key feature of SmartyDNS, so it’s likely you’ll be able to use our service on your device(s). Here’s a list of devices our service works on just in case:

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Android TV

  • Amazon
    Fire TV

  • Roku

  • Xbox

  • PlayStation

  • NOW TV Box

Test-Drive Our Service for Free First!

You don’t need to make a commitment from the get-go. You can actually take advantage of our free 3-day trial to see if SmartyDNS can offer you the experience you deserve. No credit card details are required, and you can try out both our Smart DNS and VPN services.

What’s more, once you’ve become a SmartyDNS user, you’ll still be covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee if something doesn’t work as advertised.


Sky Go is an amazing platform, but it’s only available if you have a Sky TV subscription. If you live outside the UK, you can still get one if you’re in Europe, though the price is pretty steep. If you’re outside Europe, you might not be able to get a subscription, unfortunately.

In case you’re a UK/Republic of Ireland resident who already has a Sky TV subscription, and are going to be travelling, moving, or working in Europe for an extended period, you’ll still be able to watch Sky Go abroad but will have to put up with annoying restrictions. Luckily, you can bypass them by using a VPN or a Smart DNS service to hide your real geo-location every time you connect to the Sky Go platform.

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