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Unblock Spotify with Smart DNS

Unblock Spotify

There are so many media websites that cannot be accessed worldwide and Spotify is one of them. Many of you may have heard about this big ad-supported music service that gives you the possibility to listen to almost any music on-demand. More and more people get to like it, as music streaming services seem to be a good alternative to hear music non-stop and on the go. Because www.spotify.com is one of those geographically restricted media websites, in this article we’ll tell you how to unblock Spotify when you are abroad or just temporary traveling outside of US.

Geographically blocked websites

A geographically blocked website is the website that is regionally restricted, its content is blocked and cannot be seen by users located in different countries than the site is originating from. They are blocked for different reasons, but the most common cause is the advertising customers.


Spotify is one of the biggest commercial music streaming services. Being free to be used on iOS, Android devices and unlimited time on desktop computer, Spotify provides digital rights management-restricted content from major and independent record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and Universal. Launched in October 2008, Spotify offers ad-supported music streaming services to its over 20 million users now. But what option do you have if the website is only supported in a handful of countries?

Dealing with a message “you cannot access this page in your region”

Once traveling to another country in a different part of the world and trying to access one of your favorite media websites from your hotel room or from anywhere else, you get the message that familiarizes you with the restrictions related to accessing this media website from whatever region you are. Spotify must be one of the cases. You are trying to access it and get blocked because you are not in the select country Spotify streams in. The good news is that you can stop dealing with this kind of messages! The solution is Smart DNS service.

Unblock Spotify

What if you see the message “Spotify is currently not available in your country”?
If this is your situation, then we have great news for you! Being restricted in a lot of countries, fortunately Spotify can be unblocked and accessed from anywhere using the service called Smart DNS.

It is a service that directly unblocks restricted media websites including radio on demand sites. Smart DNS service is the most efficient and easy way to bypass regional restrictions of a certain geographically blocked media website. And also, the service is available on all popular platforms including Windows, Mac, Apple TV, iOS, Xbox, PS3, Wii, Roku and more.


  • Smart DNS service allows you to unblock Spotify and many other streaming platforms from anywhere in the world
  • It works just perfectly on many devices
  • It gives you the possibility to enjoy the original speed from your Internet provider, meaning that you don’t experience any buffering
  • It is safe and secure
  • It is easy to use

Along with all these, the Internet has reserved few ways to unblock media restricted websites like Spotify, the ones that cannot be accessed worldwide. But are these ways safe and easy to use? That’s the question we are going to answer in next post. Meanwhile, try and see how Smart DNS service from SmartyDNS works for you, so you could have an idea about the differences. It can be a great discover for yourself, and we are confident about it!

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