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How to Watch NOW TV Abroad Hassle-Free

Now TV Abroad

With all the amazing content on display, it’s truly a shame you can’t watch NOW TV abroad to your heart’s content without encountering problematic obstacles that stand in the way of your entertainment.

Luckily, there’s a workaround to your problem, and we’re going to show you exactly what you need to do.

Does NOW TV Work Abroad?

Previously, you weren’t able to watch NOW TV abroad even if you had a subscription. You had to download content on your devices before leaving. But, as of now, NOW TV does work abroad for UK residents who have a subscription.

That doesn’t mean you won’t encounter any obstacles, though. For one, NOW TV only works in certain countries in Europe that are in the EU. If you go to a non-EU country in Europe (like Norway), you won’t be able to watch NOW TV abroad. The same goes for countries outside of Europe.

Next, even if you are in EU countries, you won’t be able to watch NOW TV abroad for more than 30 days. When 30 days pass, you’ll have to watch NOW TV in the UK to confirm you’re a resident to be able to watch it abroad again.

Overall, that can be pretty annoying if you’re going on an extend vacation through Europe or outside of Europe, if you’re moving to a different country, or if you have to move from the UK for work for a few months.

How Does NOW TV Know You’re Not in the UK?

It’s pretty simple – the platform uses geo-blocks to restrict access to “unauthorized” users. If you haven’t heard about them yet, they’re a means of blocking user access to a website or website content based on their geographical location.

So, when you try to connect to NOW TV’s website from Switzerland (a non-EU country), for instance, the website will know your location, and won’t let you access its content based on that.

Why Does NOW TV Use Geo-Restrictions?

One of the main reasons NOW TV likely enforces geo-restrictions is because many UK residents who use the service have to pay for a TV license, a government tax which viewers from outside the country wouldn’t have to pay.

using now tv abroad

Besides that, there’s also a big chance NOW TV only bought the rights to broadcast their content in the UK and the EU countries listed on their website. Legally, they aren’t allowed to stream their content in countries where they haven’t bought any rights.

How to Watch NOW TV Abroad

Since geo-restrictions are your main problem, it’s pretty clear you need to find a way to hide your geo-location whenever you’re online. It might sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are actually 2 ways you can bypass geo-blocks to enjoy NOW TV:

1. Use a Smart DNS

A Smart DNS service will replace your ISP-assigned DNS address with a different one. It does that because your current DNS address contains information that can reveal your real geographical location. The new DNS address you will be assigned will instead contain data that points to a location in the UK.

What’s more, a Smart DNS will also intercept your connection request to NOW TV’s platform. When it does that, it will replace any info that leaks your geo-location with data that points to an “acceptable” place in the UK.

Oh, and if you’re not familiar with what a DNS is, it stands for Domain Name System, and it’s responsible for translating website names into IP addresses, and vice-versa.

2. Use a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help you watch NOW TV abroad without having to deal with annoying restrictions by hiding your real IP address (which can be linked to your geographical location) and replacing it with the IP address of the VPN server you’re connected to.

Basically, you just have to connect to a VPN server that’s based in the UK, and you would have access to NOW TV from anywhere in the world. Though, do keep in mind that a VPN encrypts your connection, meaning there is a slight chance you might notice a drop in speeds sometimes.

Which Service Is Better?

It all comes down to your preferences. Like we already said, a VPN might cause a drop in speeds sometimes, so if smooth, consistent connection speeds are a must for you, you’re better off using a Smart DNS since you can use your original ISP speeds. However, if you don’t mind that aspect, and you also want to secure your Internet privacy while using NOW TV abroad, a VPN would be a decent option.

Can I Watch NOW TV Abroad If I’m Not From the UK?”

It’s a bit tricky. To watch NOW TV, you’ll have to register an account on their platform. The problem? NOW TV’s FAQ section clearly says you can only do that in the UK.

Still, you could use a Smart DNS or VPN to sign up and either try out the 14-day free trial multiple times or register a paying account. To our knowledge, you will be asked to enter a UK address and postcode, but you could try entering a random postcode from the UK, type in your payment details, and see if it works.

SmartyDNS – The Best Way to Enjoy NOW TV Abroad

Need a way to watch NOW TV outside the UK without having to deal with the 30-day restriction? No problem – our Smart DNS service will help you bypass that issue. On top of that, SmartyDNS can also help you unblock over 40 other UK websites if you want even more content.

What’s more, you also have over 280 other websites from around the world to choose from if you ever get tired of UK content, and want some variety. With SmartyDNS, you can access websites from countries like The US, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, France, Canada.

Plus, if you’re also looking for a VPN service, we’ve got you covered too. We offer a reliable VPN that comes with high-speed servers, unlimited bandwidth, and powerful encryption.

How to Watch Now TV Abroad with SmartyDNS

  1. Start by registering an account with SmartyDNS.
  2. Set up our service automatically with our apps, or check out our useful tutorials if you want to set up the Smart DNS manually on other devices.
  3. Start using NOW TV abroad to your heart’s content anywhere in the world.

Can I Watch NOW TV Abroad on Any Device?”

We know how important cross-platform compatibility is today, so we made sure SmartyDNS works on a large number of devices:

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Android TV

  • Apple TV

  • Roku

  • Xbox

  • PlayStation

  • NOW TV Box

Take Advantage of Our Trial Period!

Not fully sure about getting a subscription? Don’t worry, we understand, and we don’t want to pressure you. That’s why we also offer a free 3-day trial for both our Smart DNS and VPN services – no credit card details required, and you get to try out all the features.

Furthermore, once you become a SmartyDNS user, you’ll still be covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why Is NOW TV So Popular?

As a content platform, NOW TV offers tons of entertainment and diversity. You have things like Boardwalk Empire, The Affair, The Handmaid’s Tale, and that’s just scratching the surface.

On top of that, NOW TV lets you customize your experience by only paying for the type of content you want to watch. Plus, if you get the Entertainment Pass, you also get live TV, and you can also pair up the service with the NOW TV Box for 720p quality.


While NOW TV is an amazing platform, its content restrictions abroad can be pretty annoying – not to mention you need to set up an account in the UK to start using it too. Luckily, there’s a way to bypass its annoying geo-restrictions and watch NOW TV abroad – using a VPN or a Smart DNS service.

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