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SmartyDNS Bring You Nine New Streaming Sites

Nine New Streaming Sites

We pride ourselves on providing our subscribers with access to some of the best sites around. By constantly expanding our service and responding to your feedback, we’re able to open up new streaming content to you on a regular basis. Today, we’re happy to announce that our users will now be able to enjoy nine great new sites from around the world. With a selection of the latest sports, drama, film and TV, there’s never been a better time to use SmartyDNS.

Take your pick from the following sites:

Two Great Streaming Services from the USA

The USA is a major powerhouse for film and television. Use our service to avoid geo-restrictions and access two great streaming services:

Hallmark Movies Now – a great cinema site, with a huge back catalogue of films both old and new.

Fox Sports GO – Live streaming of major sporting events from of the the biggest broadcasters in the US.

One of Germany’s Best Broadcasters

DMAX – A German language channel broadcast in three European countries, offering a wide selection of documentaries.

Four Top UK Sites

British film and television are respected around the world. SmartyDNS users can now access more UK content than ever before, with access to:

My5 – A great site with a huge selection, covering a wide variety of different genres from both sides of the Atlantic.

Sky Sports Box Office – Pay-per-view access to all the most important upcoming events.

Sky Sports – Sports coverage from one of the most popular broadcasters in the UK.

Now 80’s – Take your from four channels playing the best 80’s music, 24/7.

Some of the Best Motoring and Sporting Programs

Motor Trend On Demand – A streaming site with a huge amount of content, dedicated exclusively to cars.

Watch NRL – Constant coverage of the Australian Rugby League, including news and talkshows.

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