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SmartyDNS Has New VPN Server Locations In Canada, Italy and France

New VPN Servers in Canada, Italy and France

We are happy to announce that SmartyDNS is set to expand, with three new VPN servers coming into operation in Canada (Montreal), Italy (Milan) and France (Gravelines). We are constantly working to set up in new locations around the world, providing our clients with a service that gives them flexibility coupled with the highest levels of privacy and security. These new servers do just that. You’ll be able to access any geo-restricted content from these countries, without risking either your online security or your internet speeds.

It didn’t take long for streaming services to divide their available content by country or region. The result is that a huge amount of film and television are inaccessible to viewers in the wrong part of the world, as well as many other online services. With a VPN, these problems are a thing of the past. Not only can you enjoy increased privacy, you can access geo-restricted content from some of the best streaming and download sites around.

Canada VPN

Our Canadian VPN server gives you access to any Canadian websites, while maintaining high internet speeds and keeping your IP address completely private. It’s only recently that some of the unsung glories of Canadian culture have come to light for the rest of the world. There’s never been a better time to check out the fantastic film and television coming from this more polite version of America.

France VPN

Recent French television shows such as The Returned have become cult hits throughout Europe. Now, armed with our latest French VPN server, you have access to more content than ever before. You can enjoy streaming services provided by all the major national channels, plus a whole host of other restricted content previously available only within France.

Italy VPN

There’s plenty to enjoy in Italian film and television, and with our new Italian VPN server, you’ll have the entire collection at your fingertips. Our clients now have extensive access to any previously blocked Italian websites, covering everything from internet radio to streaming television, and more. Enjoy unprecedented coverage, without having to compromise either your security or your connection speeds.

How to get the new servers

These three new servers support all our current VPN protocols: OnenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, SoftEther, SSTP and PPTP

Our new servers are now available to all clients. To update your SmartyDNS VPN, simply sign out of SmartyDNS app and sign back in to enjoy these new VPN locations.

If you configure your SmartyDNS VPN manually, the IP addresses of the new servers can be found in the Client Area under Package Details.

Customers using the OpenVPN protocol can simply download the configuration files.

Bottom Line

Streaming film and television has never been bigger, and SmartyDNS gives you everything you need to take your pick of all the latest hits from around the world. With three new servers up and running, your access to global content is more extensive than ever. Sign up today, and check out some of the hidden gems that are waiting for you.

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