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We Just Unblocked 12 More Websites for You!

12 New Websites

We’ve got great news for you – we listened to your feedback, and we unblocked 12 more websites from the US, Switzerland, and Germany that you can access using our Smart DNS service. Here’s an overview of all of the new content you’ll get to enjoy:

7 Amazing Websites from the US

1. BritBox

BritBox is a great video streaming platform that brings you some of the best shows ITV and the BBC have to offer like Coronation Street, EastEnders, and Jonathan Creek. The service has a free 7-day trial, and you can check it out on multiple devices.

2. Hayu

Hayu is a popular video streaming website that provides access to entertaining reality shows like Below Deck, The Real Housewives of Dallas, and Shahs of Sunset. And besides all the content variety, Hayu also lets you download tons of shows straight to your device if you use their app.


HIDIVE is a large anime streaming platform that features noteworthy shows like Elfen Lied, Lady Death, and Kino’s Journey. It even has some exclusives like Onigiri and Armored Trooper Votoms. Like BritBox, HIDIVE also features a free 7-day trial, and works on multiple devices.

4. DC Universe

DC Universe is the perfect video streaming platform for DC fans – or anyone who enjoys comics and superhero movies. The websites offers access to awesome shows like Titans, and epic animated movies like Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. On top of that, you can also use the website to read your favorite comics.

5. Bleacher Report

The Bleacher Report is a more “unique” kind of sports platform that on top of covering the latest in sports also offers articles about sports culture. You can also watch tons of sports videos, watch the Bleacher Report live, and check out any sports you want (including NASCAR, Formula 1, and Gaming).

6. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (stltoday)

stltoday offers all sorts of content ranging from news to business, but most sports fans will love the sports section on their website. That’s where they’ve got the latest in news – including top stories.

7. NBC Sports Gold

NBC Sports Gold provides access to an extend array of sports content. Besides just working on multiple devices and operating systems, this platform covers sports like cycling, motocross, auto racing, and speed skating (just to name a few examples), and also lets you check out full event replays and highlights.

3 Big Video Platforms from Switzerland

1. Play RTS

Play RTS is a lovely video streaming platform that offers access to all sorts of content – including documentaries, series, kid-friendly shows/videos, and sports. The unblocked website also includes RTS Un, RTS Deux, and RTS Info.

2. Play SRF

A popular video streaming website, Play SRF offers the latest in news, sports, and documentaries. You can also browse tons of movies and TV shows as well. The unblocked website also includes SRF 1 and SRF Zwei.

3. Play RSI

Play RSI is a well-known video platform that provides access to a huge variety of content (sports, culture, movies, science and technology, and kids’ shows/videos) and a selection of radio stations. The unblocked website also includes RSI LA1 and RSI LA2.

2 Popular German Websites


An amazing Video-On-Demand website, WATCHBOX lets you view great live-action movies and shows (like Usagi Drop, Stand Up Guys, and Byzantium) and awesome animes (like Overlord, Concrete Revolutio, and Naruto). Best of all – it’s free to use!

2. Sportschau

One of Germany’s most popular sports broadcasters and magazines, Sportschau’s website offers access to tons of news and information about sports and matches – including videos.

Have Any Questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us on our website, or our Facebook and Twitter pages. In case there are any other websites you’d like to see unblocked with our service, please reach out to us and let us know.

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