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Major update on our iOS app

Major update on our iOS app

As you probably already know, here at SmartyDNS, your needs always come first. And that is why our top priority is to find ways to provide you with the best experience possible for you when using our services. Following the feedback from customers, we decided it was time to make some important changes to the SmartyDNS iOS app.

On top of the complete redesign, which not only gives our app a fresh new look but also makes it more user friendly, there is a bunch of technical changes we made.

You may have noticed that before the update, the app only offered you the possibility to create VPN connections, but didn’t also include a Smart DNS function and it wasn’t possible to connect to a VPN directly from the app. That is no longer the case. You can now connect to VPN directly from the app with the recently added IKEv2 protocol and the Smart DNS service has been added to the app. You no longer need to manually set up the Smart DNS on your iOS device!

On top of this, we added a couple of functionalities we know you will surely enjoy!

First of all, you will now be able to sort the VPN servers by speed, which means you will always be sure to get the most out of your VPN connection based on your location and needs.

Second of all, we added an automatic reconnect feature for VPN. That means that if you lose your internet connection temporarily, once you are back online, the VPN will also reconnect with no action required from your part.

Last but not least, the SmartyDNS iOS app can now automatically sign in and connect at launch. Once you’ve set everything up, you can now get right into the action by simply opening the app. You will no longer need to manually connect every time you open the app.

We hope you will enjoy the SmartyDNS iOS app as much as we do!

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