Unblock Rdio with Smart DNS

Unblock Rdio

Rdio was opened all the way back on August 3rd 2010 and is a similar service to that of Spotify. Rdio is a music service that offers free music streaming but is supported by advertisements, though as with Spotify there is a premium service available that eliminates the adverts leaving you with just the music you want to listen to. The music streaming service was created by the Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.

Rdio is available in over 60 different countries and is supported on a whole wealth of devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android devices, Windows Phone and even Blackberry. Also supported are the tiny streaming machines Roku and the Hi-Fi systems manufactured by Sonos. Of course also available are native desktop applications for both Windows and Mac OS X. Rdio have partnered up with Google to make sure that their service is available on their streaming product, Chromecast, and is available in 12 countries. Not to mention that Tesla Motors, the high profile creators of the electric sports car have announced that Rdio will be integrated into their cars in Europe and will be the default audio service.

Rdio houses music from the biggest labels around in music including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and the Warner Music Group. Rdio also launched a Pay Per View TV show and movie streaming service that went by the name Vdio on April 2nd 2013. The service was set up in a similar fashion to Rdio and featured content from the likes of Disney, FOX, Warner Bros. and Universal Studios. Due to low demand though the service was closed down just 8 months later on December 27th of that same year.

Rdio has been praised for what it offers over other similar services. Entertainment Weekly praised the service by grading it an ‘A’ and saying that it offered the best app and online interface of all the big players. Which is huge praise indeed when you consider the size of the competitors this service is going up against.

Rdio can be praised for being available in many countries and is seemingly always looking to expand into a new territory. In 2011 they partnered with the biggest telecommunications company Brazil (Oi) to bring their service to the country and they go by the name Oi Rdio in the country. They also purchased the Indian music streaming outfit Dhingana earlier last year to help push their global expansion plans.

Sadly though with the ways music labels work the content on offer differs substantially from region to region. So, if the song you want is not available in your country, then you are out of luck.

Though thankfully there is Smart DNS that can help bypass the restrictions to unblock Rdio and also unblock music sites across the internet. Smart DNS works just by rerouting your information through a server that exists in the country the website you are accessing resides.

It is also simple to set up! Just copy the DNS values from your client area to the DNS settings on your device of choice. See you within the next post!

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