Unblock music websites with Smart DNS

Unblock Music Websites

Over the years as digital music came to the forefront. Music labels have been searching for ways to seemingly force customers to find the music they want through more nefarious means due to the difficulty of finding the music they want in the country they live in. This is usually due to labels having various deals with companies in different countries so they can make more money. As usual from big companies this is completely anti-consumer and disgusting. Let’s see how you can bypass these restrictions and unblock music websites.

How to unblock music websites with SmartyDNS

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  3. Access your favorite music website!

I am a bit of an audiophile and I like to have my music available in FLAC format. It is exceedingly difficult in Germany to find the music I listen to in this format. This forces many to take an easy trip to a torrent site and download what they want with no hassle. Piracy is a content delivery problem and it is relatively simple to not punish your customers for having the audacity to live in a country you deem not worthy for a specific artist.

Luckily Smart DNS can help eradicate some of these problems by giving you access to the most popular music websites available on the internet. With the big players like Pandora being available on our service.

If you are one of those people that likes to stream your music, then we have you covered. You don’t need to worry about your favourite band not being available if you use Smart DNS for free unblocked music.

Unblocked music sites

BBC iPlayer Radio


Channel4 4Music







Absolute Radio


CMT – Country Music Television


Jam Music


Now 80s

We unblock music websites like MTV, so you can keep up to date with various music news without being blocked out from content you want to see (interviews, music videos and the like). We unblock radio stations like BBC radio and iHeart, so if you are someone that still likes to listen to the radio then Smart DNS has you covered. We have a whole range of unblocked music available (streaming, videos, news, you name it we unblock it) so you are sure to find something you like.

How Smart DNS helps you unblock music websites

If you don’t live in the UK or US then I would say that for you music lovers Smart DNS is nigh on essential. From personal experience, finding any music I like readily available in this country is a nightmare. There are so many roadblocks that just aren’t worth it.

Thankfully with Smart DNS I can bypass all of the fat and just get straight to the music I want to listen to, which is exactly how it should be in every country.

Smart DNS works by taking your IP and putting it through a server that is located in the country of origin of the particular website you wish to visit. There is no speed loss and it is simple to set up, even for those of us that aren’t all that gifted in the technology department. Once this is done all of the unblocked music sites will be at your disposal.

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