Refund Policy

We offer 30-days money back guarantee if our service did not work as advertised!

Important! We do not offer money back in following cases:

  • If you are unable to access a site that is not found in our list of unblocked websites, using the Smart DNS service. We cannot guarantee that our service unblocks other sites. The service is provided “as-is”. You are able to test our service before purchasing by our 3-days Free trial.
  • If SmartyDNS terminates an account due to policy violation.
  • If you try to use SmartyDNS on devices or operating systems that are not in our list of tutorials. Make sure you test the service first.
  • If you shared your account login credentials and your account was closed because of that.
  • If your network settings have changed (you have changed your ISP, modem or you have a new device where the service is not supported).

You may also be interested in our Terms & Conditions.

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