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STV is the Scottish variant of ITV for those that live north of the border. It launched all the way back in 2006 as a replacement to the previous available Grampian Television (this is now STV North) and Scottish Television (STV Central). STV has expanded a little more in the past couple of years. On the 2nd of June of last year they launched the first of two local STV Channels with STV Glasgow and just last week on the 12th STV Edinburgh was launched. Now the residents of these two cities have their own tailored STV channels. It is worth noting that due to the geography and relative similarities between England and Scotland there is some overlap between ITV and STV near the borders of the two countries. Whilst the northern parts of Scotland have STV broadcast exclusively towards the south we have what is called ITV Border.

The lions share of original programming is usually that of national news programmes that cater to just the Scottish side of politics. Focusing more nationally rather than including the whole of the UK (which usually just means England getting the limelight). STV though is required to produce at least 1.5 hours of non-news regional programming and the channels are always working on producing more content than just the baseline.

The Scottish are forever trying to keep their own identity separate to that of the rest of the UK and as such in July of 2009 a lot of the more popular shows that ITV produces were axed from the STV lineup. Programmes like The Bill, Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, Poirot and Lewis and quite a few more all disappeared after the network vowed to make their programming more Scotland oriented. Things like filming and being set in Scotland came to forefront of their angle. This initiated a spree of legal action from both ITV and STV, ITV decided to sue STV for a perceived breach in networking agreements for the total sum of £38 million. STV decided to launch their own legal action by counter claiming the fact that ITV owed them money and they were also not happy with the way ITV was promoting their network. Six months later the STV chairman declared that he had made a major mistake dropping some of these popular shows but they still stuck with their goal of producing more Scottish content.

Want to unblock STV?

STV is a great source for those that are interested in various aspects of Scotland. From the football to the latest political debate it has unparalleled coverage in the region but their content is geo-blocked and therefore inaccessible outside of Scotland. This is shame for expats trying to keep tabs on how their home country is doing but with Smart DNS you can unblock STV and many others.

Smart DNS enables you to access a multitude of geo-blocked websites as if you were viewing from the correct country. It does that by simply rerouting your information through a server residing in the correct country of origin as your website, so you have complete unfiltered access to what the website has to offer.

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