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14 new media websites unblocked!

14 websites unblocked

What does it take to become more and more satisfying service in any industry? The answer is: listen carefully to customers needs, yes their needs have a lot to “say” :) What else? Undoubtedly work hard on what they request and let them get the best of what you can offer. This is the point we came to and we hope to keep on moving that way so it puts us further!

This time we have unblocked another 15 regionally restricted media websites that certainly would be rocking your screens from now on, if they haven’t before! Thanks to all your suggestions and requests you can now get access to additional 3 media websites from US, to 3 media websites from UK, to 2 media websites from Canada, to 5 media websites from Poland, and to one more German media website.

Check the list of newly added websites below:


  1. Discoverygo.com
  2. directvnow.com
  3. Eonline.com


  • anywhere.virginmedia.com
  • filmboxlive.com
  • bbc.co.uk/education
  • Canada

  • cravetv.ca
  • ctv.ca
  • Poland

  • wp.tv
  • fokus.tv
  • nowa.tv
  • go.cyfrowypolsat.pl
  • sport.pl
  • Germany

  • dazn.com
  • Keep checking our news feed, as you will be the first to know every time we change something so you could enjoy an even better service!

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