Unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS

Unblock Rhapsody

Rhapsody has been around for a long time now (long in regards to online music services). They were in fact one of the first music streaming services about. They are now steadily become more and more popular so it’s lucky you can unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS.

Whilst I still feel there is a gap for a big competitor to offer high quality lossless music at a price that isn’t extortionate, it seems that streaming is the way to go nowadays. Most people have access to a smartphone with mobile internet that is more than fast enough to stream whatever music they want without having to ‘waste’ precious space on music. I recently tried this method with uploading my music collection to Google Drive and using the android app ‘Beat’ to stream it and I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. Whilst I could never ditch my collection in favour for streaming, I can certainly see why people are switching over now.

How can you unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS?

Rhapsody though as with most on demand services has content that varies from country to country due to distribution rights and other horrible things like that. You can unblock Rhapsody with Smart DNS rather simply though. You can unblock Rhapsody outside the US or UK with Smart DNS so if you live in a place where it isn’t available or you would like a wider range of music, Smart DNS is the way to go.

Smart DNS doesn’t affect your internet speed and works on a wide range of devices, all it requires is a simple DNS value change to the ones we give to you and you off and ready to go.
A little more on Rhapsody though, they were one of the very early players in the music streaming business launching all the way back in 2001. They were in fact the first company to offer a subscription service for unlimited streaming, Something that pretty much every streaming provider offers nowadays. If we fast forward to 2010 when the next major thing happened to Rhapsody, the CEO decided to restructure and become an independent company again after being acquired by RealNetworks.

Now Rhapsody is on a steady incline, they are seeing subscription number increase year by year and continue to add music labels to their service. They have also had the money to throw about to buy the likes of Napster and the lesser known TheFuture.fm. It’s rather impressive to see some of these streaming/music companies from the boom are still around and all the things they have gone through because everyone knows the name but not everyone keeps tabs on them. I had certainly not paid any sort of time to finding out if they were still about. Even the likes of Napster is interesting to see where it ends up, the rather unholy birth of the service was rather big news at the time and radically changed the music industry as we know it today, so you never know what may pop up that changes the media that we enjoy. That’s your little nugget of wisdom today…

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