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Unblock NBC

NBC is another one of the American broadcasting giants and is the oldest one in the whole country being formed all the way back in 1926. It operates out of New York City and houses major additional offices in both Los Angeles and Chicago. In 1939 NBC broadcast their first TV programme and it was seen by around 1000 people in a 65km radius from its Empire State Building transmitter.

NBC is well known not only due to its stature but its rather eye catching logo which is a stylised in the shape of a colourful peacock, which plays into their slogan “More Colourful”. NBC was formed by the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) but 60 years later ownership was passed onto General Electric (GE) due to them purchasing RCA for $6.4 billion. NBC is currently part of NBCUniversal a subsidiary of Comcast. NBC isn’t just an entity in the United States they have a prominent presence in Canada, Germany and South Korea.

NBC as contributed some very popular programmes throughout the years and continues to do so, some of the most notable include the late night chat show The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and the incredibly popular comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live that features many popular American comedians and comediennes. NBC also has the rights to broadcast the Golden Globe Awards every year, they also broadcast annually the Miss series of pageants.

NBC is also held in high regard in part to its news programming, they launched separate channels to quench the news thirst people have with CNBC for business news and NBCSN for sports news, NBC also owns a share in The Weather Channel so they have their fingers in a few pies. NBC News houses its own rather popular features with the likes of Dateline NBC, Meet the Press, Rock Centre with Brian Williams and their popular early morning news production Early Today.

NBC is also home to various sports with NBC Sports (and NBCSN for sports news). NBC Sports is home to the likes of the NFL, NASCAR and the NHL. The channel also holds the rights to broadcast the Olympics and broadcast over 500 hours of Olympic action when the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi were taking place (over 1000 hours were streamed online).

You can only view this extensive programming though if you happen to live in the United States but luckily there is a way to unblock regionally restricted websites like NBC. You can unblock NBC and NBC Sports with a technology dubbed Smart DNS.

Smart DNS reroutes your information through a server that is based in the country in which the website you want to access is situated giving you full unfiltered access to that websites content.

Smart DNS is easy to set up too, all you have to do is match the DNS values given to you in your client area and replace the ones you currently have on your device of choice and you will be away browsing the web without having to worry about hitting any barriers.

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