Unblock MTV UK with Smart DNS

Unblock MTV UK

MTV is quite the international entertainment staple nowadays, though back in the 90’s MTV was truly in its prime very much influencing youth culture with its original programming, maybe less so in the UK but it still had an impact. MTV UK was launched on the 1st of July in 1997 and its purpose was to provide the people of the UK with more local artists and generally more relevant music content. Over the years as the times moved away from people consuming their music from music shows, MTV became a little less relevant (in fact MTV has been moved from the Music category in Sky’s listings to general Entertainment) but it is still a huge player in the industry, with various award shows and the like taking place. MTV UK is available to over 10 million households through the UK and Ireland, so it certainly has quite a far reach.

MTV UK’s most popular programming usually isn’t associated with music at all, which as I mentioned above isn’t all that surprising, probably the most famous (or should I say infamous) is that of Geordie Shore. The show is a kind of spin off of the popular Jersey Shore that exists in the United States just replace the Jersey people with people from Newcastle and you get the general idea. This show is very popular with people between the ages of sixteen and early to mid twenties, various sayings that have originated from Geordie Shore have found their way into the mainstream and it isn’t uncommon to hear people reciting things heard from this show.

MTV UK of course shows its fair share of imports from the US division of MTV with stuff like My Super Sweet 16, Pimp My Ride and Teen Dad all making regular appearances on the TV channel.
MTV UK also has its own news segment which is deemed to be rather popular for those that wouldn’t normal seek out the news, I don’t think the masses will be flocking to MTV though in search of enlightening and hard hitting news programmes. It certainly has its place though for people that are maybe more interested in a “news-lite” concept. Considering the main demographic of MTV in general I would say that makes sense.

MTV UK is blocked though to just those that live outside of the UK, which is a shame as some of the musical content is very good especially for those that are a fan of British music in general where in the US it doesn’t get as much exposure. There is a way to unblock MTV though and that is with Smart DNS.

With Smart DNS you can unblock from outside of the UK and view content the way it was meant to be without be blocked due to your geographical location. Smart DNS works by rerouting your information through a server in the country in which the website is based to make it appear as if you are accessing from the correct country.

It is simple to set up too, all you have to do is replace the DNS values on your device of choice with the ones given to you in your client area. After that you are free to browse all of the unblocked websites.

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