Unblock HBO Now with Smart DNS

Unblock HBO Now

Today is quite a big day in the on demand streaming calendar as HBO NOW, HBO’s new on demand streaming service launched. Perfectly timed in fact as the fifth season of the smash hit Game of Thrones is set to make its premier in just 4 days’ time, which I am sure will entice quite a few to sign up just to watch what has become the most popular thing on television. Even with the likes of Breaking Bad the fandom never seemed to reach as far as that of Game of Thrones.

Want to unblock HBO Now?

If you are looking to unblock HBO NOW to watch Game of Thrones or any other HBO series than you are out of luck if you don’t live in the USA, which I think is par for the course with these things.

Thankfully though the clever team here at SmartyDNS have put their heads together and have already managed to unblock HBO NOW, so you can go and use the service right now if you please.

There are some caveats though but they come from HBO’s end and that is that HBO NOW is only available at the moment on Apple devices (and select US broadband providers) so that means the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad are the only things capable of accessing the service. Which is of course a shame but I am sure as the service evolves over time other platforms will be catered for.

Until then though, if you meet the requirements, have fun with HBO NOW or one of the other video streaming services SmartyDNS unblocks.

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