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Unblock Disney

The Walt Disney Company or of course just Disney is one of the most recognized brands on earth. With the likes of Mickey Mouse and all of their various fairy tale story films that have accompanied many generations and continue to do so these days (though in a completely different tack). Of course there are some rather insidious things that lie within Disney but to the majority of people it is a factory of dreams. Pushing out one critically and fan adored brand behemoths after the other, I am not sure there is any other company in the world that can push anything out into the populous and have it adorned by so many (other than probably Apple but that is a completely different kettle of fish).

Of course we all know that Disney helped push animation to the level we are at today not only technically but commercially too. Though of course many people still hold true of the opinion that cartoons are for kids but slowly and surely that is a mind-set that is falling to the ages. I think Disney (and Pixar, DreamWorks and the like) make films that the whole family can enjoy and that is important in pushing animation (whether it be 2D or 3D) into a more prominent fixture in the entertainment repertoire. Only really towards the mid to late 90’s did we start to see cartoons that were explicitly targeted towards an older demographic.

Disney though is most known for their magical animated films. The likes of The Lion King and Toy Story are forever present still in fact Toy Story is getting a fourth film in a few years’ time which is testament to how much staying power the brand has. It deals with subject matter that most kids would have gone through. Losing a special toy can bring back many feelings and many kids that grew up on the films when they first came out have stayed loyal even as they got older and continued to watch the films because they have a connection and then these people have kids of their own and it continues etc. It’s a very genius thing Disney has with Toy Story.

Disney of course are still producing content to this day and have even seemed to have something with the Disney Infinite game series which sees consumers buying NFC type toys of various Disney characters so that they can use them in game (a method popularized by Skylanders). Of course the video content hasn’t stopped with stuff like Frozen taken the world by storm.

Want to unblock Disney?

A lot of this stuff is only available to certain countries though. Luckily there is Smart DNS to help unblock Disney and many other websites. What Smart DNS does is make it appear as if you are accessing the website of choice from an accepted location and then you get full unfiltered access to everything the site has to offer. No speed loss and no hassle.

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