Unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS

Unblock Blinkbox

Blinkbox is another UK offering in the on-demand streaming business, with content deals with some of the biggest producers around. The likes of HBO, BBC Worldwide, Disney, Warner Brothers and Universal are just to name a few with there being many more on offer for customers. This makes it a worthwhile endeavor to unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS outside the UK.

Blinkbox has changed hands quite a few times throughout its 8 year life span its first big buyout was in 2011 when Tesco decided to purchase an 80% stake in the business, four years later though in January 2015 Tesco sold Blinkbox to TalkTalk where it now resides. You may have noticed that these are all English company names being mentioned and therefore Blinkbox is only available in the UK.

How to unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS

With Smart DNS you can access Blinkbox with absolutely no problem even if you aren’t in the UK. Smart DNS works by rerouting your data through a server in the services country of origin making it seem as though you are accessing from the correct location. This means you get full access to all the content the website has to offer.

Smart DNS is simple to set up too, all it takes is a simple change of your DNS addresses with the ones we give you in your client area and you are ready to go. To go with that fast and simple set up Smart DNS doesn’t affect your internet speed one bit, meaning streaming should go ahead without a hitch.

Another positive to Smart DNS is the fact there is no need to be switching servers so you can access website restricted to different countries at the same time. This means you can have BBC iPlayer and Netflix US on at the same time. This comes in handy for houses with lots of people wanting to watch their own stuff.

Blinkbox doesn’t work on a subscription model like Netflix, it works piecemeal meaning you have to buy or rent movies separately. Doing it this way means they get access to a lot of newer content faster as it takes a while before putting it up as part of a subscription service is financially viable. Blinkbox offers great Movies and TV shows for all the family, as always a big pull is that Game of Thrones is available in HD. Other TV shows available include the likes of The Walking Dead, Arrow, House of Cards and Mad Men, all in HD.

Of course there are fantastic movies available as well, with a nice mixture between old and new movies at respectable prices. Some of the newer films available include American Sniper, The Interview and Selma.

Blinkbox is fantastic service with great prices, a wide collection of media for people of all ages to enjoy and a nice slick interface make this a good website to try out so make sure to unblock Blinkbox with Smart DNS.

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