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Unblock BBC Sport

BBC Sport is one of the biggest sports websites around; of course run by the BBC it is quite the British staple. BBC Sport has been around since 1988 and is responsible for some of the most popular sports programmes like Match of the Day and previously Grandstand.

BBC Sport is one of the few sports websites that is renowned for its accuracy when reporting, not relying on ‘clickbait’ articles to draw viewers in. This probably due mostly to the fact that the BBC do not employ the use of adverts in the UK but couple that with the fact the BBC is one of the most reputable news sources in the world and you have a good mixture.

For example, when the football transfer window opens, a lot of credible sports websites throw their reputation away and instead employ a horrible pseudo-journalism attitude, throwing up any old story they can think of without regard of whether it even has an ounce of truth. It is refreshing though that BBC Football keeps all of the rumours to a specific column and makes sure everyone knows they are just that – rumours. A lot of people will only believe a story when it is posted on the BBC, which is testament to how highly regarded it is by various sports fans.

The BBC Sport website really has something for everyone with an expansive list of sports to choose from you should be able to find what you are looking for. Of course you have the behemoths that are Football, Cricket, F1 and Rugby but you also get access to more ‘local’ sports with things like Gaelic Football and Hurling.

With all of these sports you get comprehensive coverage including video interviews, match reports and various opinions on whatever the big issues are in your sport. The opinion pieces are usually open for discussion in a comments section and a lot of the time they feature some heated discussions but are very interesting to read. The BBC Sport website also sometimes offers live streaming of certain sports and games which is great for smaller sports as they can use the pulling power of the BBC Sport website as a platform to maybe expand to a wider audience.

Sadly due to the BBC being British first a lot of the interviews and various videos on the website are only available to those residing in the UK, I learnt this the hard way. Thankfully there is Smart DNS to bypass these irritating restrictions.

What Smart DNS does is reroute your information through our servers and then direct it at the website of choice, making it appear as if you are trying to access your website from the correct location. The setup is incredibly simple too, all you have to do is configure the DNS settings on your device of choice to the ones we give you and then you will be able to view supported websites without needing to worry about missing any content.

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