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Unblock ABC

ABC is one of the biggest American TV networks around, formed all the way back on April 19th 1948, making it the fifth oldest major broadcasting network and it has only risen in popularity as the years have gone on. They weren’t always a TV network though; they first started out as a radio station dubbed ABC Radio but sold off their station to Citadel Broadcasting in 2007. After buying 80% of ESPN ABC merged with the publishing and broadcasting group Capital Cities Communications but then 16 years later ABC and Capital Cities were purchased by The Walt Disney Company. As 2010 rolled by though, ABC had started to decline in viewership numbers with various once popular shows being cancelled, like Lost and Ugly Betty.

ABC have produced a lot of programmes that have contributed to American popular culture with TV shows like Zorro, The Brady Bunch and Happy days all populating a stellar filmography. More recently ABC have produced the likes of Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family that have all seemed to have adopted their own cult followings. As you can see ABC continues to hit it out of the park every time they lend their hand to something and ABC has really become an American TV staple.

ABC can be found in three different states online. They have their popular ABC news website that keeps track of everything from politics to fashion, it is certainly one of the more well-known news websites. Then they have their on demand services in the form of ABC Go and ABC Family Go, the latter obviously housing their family centric programmes whilst the former contains the rest of their line-up. All programmes are available to watch on their two on demand services so you can watch whatever you want where you want, without having to worry about being in a certain place at the right time.

Sadly though their stellar programming is only available in the US, so those of us that live outside of the country are out of luck, unless you use Smart DNS.

What Smart DNS does is unblock regionally restricted websites so you can unblock outside of the US and watch whatever you want to your heart’s content. Of course Smart DNS also works for other countries too you can unblock outside the UK too if your website resides there, so stuff like the BBC is fully accessible for you.

How Smart DNS works is that it reroutes your data through a server that resides in the country in which the website is located and then makes it seem as though you are accessing for a country that has full unfiltered access to every bit of content. With all of this flexibility, it comes to absolutely no loss of speed so anything you watch won’t be spluttering as you stream it, resulting in a very enjoyable experience.

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching Smart DNS can be a fantastic solution to keeping you and your family entertained.

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