Top 5 video on demand services you can unblock with Smart DNS

Top 5 video on demand services

Video on demand (VoD) is huge now, this is no secret and with such growth sees a tonne of new players in the market all trying to make a name for themselves. We have the juggernauts of the streaming world but there are other more niche services that are filling a gap the big boys just can’t. Here are the top five video on demand services:


I figure we would get the biggest and most well-known out the way first. Available in a very wide array of countries with a good spread of genres, Netflix is a whole other level when it comes to popularity. A must have for any streaming only people.

Amazon Video

Probably the second biggest streaming service out there, Amazon Video has the added advantage of being connected to the very popular Amazon brand. You can get it free with a Prime subscription so for many people it is seen as a nice add on. Also throw in the huge push Amazon are making and we are going to have a fight on our hands between the two heavyweights. Amazon managed to get the original Top Gear crew so I imagine that will bring a lot of new subscribers.


Now its free service is sublime, the ads whilst annoying can easily be ignored for the great content on offer for the low barrier of entry. Hulu Plus though I feel is not worth the money as adverts still remain on many videos, which I feel is unacceptable for a premium streaming service.

BBC iPlayer

iPlayer has really evolved over the past few years, the functionality is fantastic and for free you can’t go wrong. With both SD and HD content available with a great player that just works it is really up there with the other streaming services although they don’t quite offer the same product. I use it all the time to watch Match of the Day. The only minor gripe I have is the 30 day limit many of the programmes have, this can be forgiven for their promptness of uploading. It is also great for live streaming BBC channels online.


Similar to iPlayer in what it offers but with a horrendous player and very long adverts. I can look past it though as the sheer amount of content on offer is fantastic. Absolutely everything is available forever. I can watch things like Peep Show and my guilty pleasure Come Dine with me all the way back from their first series. It is just a shame their player and adverts are so poor and intrusive.

This is our top, unfortunately all of these service are only available in some countries. But, you can unblock video on demand services with Smart DNS, so feel free to try them out. By the way, you can make it for free as we have a 14 days free Smart DNS trial. Smart DNS works without impacting your internet speed meaning streaming goes without a hitch. It is simple to set up too.

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