Top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS

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There are literally thousands of media websites available on the internet right now yet only a handful of them are popular because of their contents, quality and audience. Here is a list of top 10 media websites unblocked by SmartyDNS.


Hulu is a well known media website which is mainly known for its huge collection of movies and TV shows. Hulu allows users to watch latest episodes and titles on compatible devices however sometimes commercials annoy users which is its one biggest drawback. Hulu is available via monthly subscription that means you need to get SmartyDNS and Hulu subscription to access its contents from anywhere in the world.


Netflix has recently made splashes in the media because of its original TV series like House Of Cards and Orange is the New Black. However, it is not the only thing that had kept Netflix going over the last couple of years. The service has been offering competitive prices for years and now t is available for just $8 per month that is more that a fair deal considering thousands of movies and TV series it offers.


Crackle offers 100% free streaming that could be a surprise for some people who are paying $20 per month or even more for similar contents. Although Crackle is ads supported and sometimes commercials interrupt the movie or TV show at totally unsuitable moment but considering how much contents it offers for free, it’s still a more than fair deal. Unfortunately none of its contents are available in high definition.


HBO Now offers a 30-day trial for free where you can watch unlimited movies and TV shows. After the trial period runs out, you can continue the subscription for $15 per month. The best things about HBO Now are its reasonably adjusted price, easy to use mobile apps and simplistic user interface. However their mobile apps need some stability tests and more HD contents.

Sling TV

Sling TV is considered more of a TV alternative than a media streaming service even though there is not much difference between both. The main advantages of Sling TV are its availability to stream anywhere, no prior setup requirement, no contract or equipment needed and on-demand nature of the contents. Sling TV offers it services for $20 per month for various channels while some channels like HBO and Cinemax are available via separate packages.

Zattoo Switzerland

Zattoo Switzerland offers its services via free and premium subscription that come with hundreds of channels. Although the service is mainly focused toward German channels but there are UK TV channels too. With almost 5 million global users, Zattoo Switzerland is slowly becoming the most popular media streaming service in Europe. Users can either use their desktop software or official website to watch their favorite programs.


Vudu is an on-demand streaming service where you can rent your favorite movies and TV shows at cheapest price tag of $1 per title. The best thing about Vudu is its sleek design, easy to use interface and detailed information about the contents. However, the service has been experiencing some issues like lack of high definition movies on some devices like iOS devices and desktop computers.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a well known streaming service that is available for $99 per year. It might seems a lot but considering the per month prices of other services like Netflix, Amazon Prime is much cheaper. Amazon Prime has separate section for kids and it has a relatively better collection of movies as compared to the Netflix. However, the lack of monthly subscription and unstable Android app, Amazon Prime needs some work done.


BBC does not need an introduction and BBC iPlayer has taken media streaming to a whole new level. Now BBC iPlayer has a much more attractive user interface, improves collection of high definition movies and some new features like Favorites. Some of the most popular programs of BBC are Top Gear, The Disappearance, Match of the Day, New blood and Peaky Blinders.

Sky Go

Sky Go is available for free for people who already have subscription for the channel and free users can watch contents in standard definition ion up to two devices. Sky Go offers a balance combination of live channels and on-demand videos. However, the limitation of 2 devices at a time is not that promising. Additionally, Sky Go is not currently available for all major mobile platforms like Android.

All these websites can be unblocked with the help of Smart DNS. The service won’t affect your original speed meaning streaming will be smooth with no buffering.

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