Unblock House of Cards with Smart DNS

Unblock House of Cards

House of Cards is an addition to Netflix’s long line of fantastic original programming as the service looks to not just rely on other networks to allow them to stream their shows but to have a solid backup plan should that go bellies up. I am very surprised at how far Netflix has branched out from their role as just a streaming service, it is quite admirable. House of Cards not entirely a new concept as it is fact based on the BBC miniseries of the same name which focuses on UK politics after Margaret Thatcher. As you may imagine Netflix’s adaptation has ditched the UK settings for a US one and has the critically acclaimed Kevin Spacey at the helm as the lead actor. You know what you get from Kevin Spacey so I am sure just his name alone has piqued interest from many.

Want to unblock House of Cards?

House of Cards is actually available on all regions of Netflix but of course there are still many countries out there without anyway to access Netflix at all so luckily we have Smart DNS to help you out so you can unblock House of Cards with Smart DNS.

What Smart DNS does is make it appear as if you are accessing a geo-blocked website from the correct place. So if you live in a country without Netflix and use Smart DNS you can access either Netflix UK or US and many more with no server changes or loss of speed, meaning you can stream to the max capability of your internet. Which will be useful for House of Cards as it is one of the few programmes on Netflix that support 4K streaming, if you have the correct set up.

House of Cards shines a light on the internal politics within politics, dramatizing somewhat but it helps create a very tense atmosphere as double crossing and scheming take place. Kevin Spacey plays one Francis J. “Frank” Underwood a democrat from South Carolina who is trying his best to make his way up the chain to become president. Of course he is not the only one who wants to be the most powerful man in the world and this creates many swerves for Francis to deal with.

House of Cards has a very particular style and it is backed up perfectly by the acting of Kevin Spacey, the series is well known for “breaking the fourth wall” by having Spacey speak to viewer with various witty musings. It is these sorts of things that can help TV shows stand apart, especially as many TV shows seem to be trying just to ape the most popular thing at the time. House of Cards is around at a perfect time as the US government is under more scrutiny than ever and it helps shed light on the more personal side of things when it comes to politics, it also helps chart the dangerous route many people have to take in order to get noticed for a chance to really move up in their career.

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