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5 more websites unblocked!

5 more websites unblocked

More awesome news from our scientists at Smarty labs! As you already know, we’re always cooking something new for our users here at the SmartyDNS headquarters. Today, we’re very excited to announce that we’ve just extended the list of unblocked websites by 5 new additions. Eureka!

We value every suggestion received from our customers and we are always on duty trying to create the best services based on our users’ requests.

This time, you get to enjoy the perks of unrestricted access with 5 new additions from Poland, US, Germany and Canada.

Our newly unblocked websites

Showmax, Poland

Stream or download the best series, movies, shows and kids programs restriction-free. Keep the whole family entertained with Showmax anywhere, anytime as you can enjoy free access on all devices with SmartyDNS.

TV Now, Germany

With TV Now you get to enjoy unrestricted catch-up content from popular channels like RTL, RTL II, VOX, Super RTL, RTL Nitro and n-tv.

CW Seed, USA

CW Seed is the home for comedy, animation, and hundreds of hours of your favourite shows. Sounds great, right? Access CW Seed freely, wherever you are with SmartyDNS.

PlayStation Vue, USA

Whether you prefer sports, news, series or the latest must-watch films, This live streaming channel is the right choice for you. You get to experience premium channels and the possibility to stream on up to 5 devices simultaneously. Pretty neat!

Télé-Québec, Canada

One more amazingly entertaining media channel where you can find great shows, movies, games, interviews, short films, videos and documentaries. A wide collection of fun especially created for the entire family. Enjoy it now wherever you are.

And we’re not stopping here. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest SmartyDNS news and be the first to find out what our team has prepared for you. Also, don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions! Free browsing is happy browsing.

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