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SmartyDNS application now available on Android!

SmartyDNS Android application

Dear SmartyDNS users, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new Android Application!

Due to tremendous number of your requests on releasing Android application, we have taken in consideration your desires and dedicated some more time and energy to make it happen.

Now all the features that are available on Windows and Mac OS softwares are also available with SmartyDNS Android application. All the blocked applications can be accessed from your Android device as easy as one tap.

With this application you will have an easier and better control over the network settings of your device. You’ll be able to switch between US, UK, Canadian and German regions right from your application. Features like “Automatic IP update” will allow you to validate your IP automatically, so you won’t have to go to your client area on our website anymore. With server switcher you can choose the server that’s closer to you, in order to get a better performance.

You can find our application on Google Play Store. Just follow this step-by-step tutorial to set up the SmartyDNS app on your Android device.

Hope you’ll enjoy this upgrade! Stay tuned, we have more surprises coming soon!

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