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9 new regionally restricted US, UK and Polish websites unblocked!

New regionally restricted websites unblocked

Being busy and working hard on satisfying our customer’s needs, finally we’ve came up with 9 new regionally restricted media websites that all of you were so much expecting.

Now you can unblock 5 more media websites from US, 1 from UK and another 3 from Poland.

There is a little for each of you, we’ve unblocked content including music, sports, and kids entertainment.

For all those who wanted so much to unblock Songza, iHeart Radio or Last FM, in addition, we’ve managed to give you the big opportunity to unblock Radio.com. From now on, you can enjoy the music you like on radio.com with no restrictions from anywhere in the world using Smart DNS service.

Also, not only the fact that Golf Channel is available to approximately 79,250,000 pay television households made us focusing on unlocking it, but also your numerous requests to unblock Golf Channel was a motivating reason to bring you another famous, but restricted media website in other than US region. It never been easier to unblock Golf Channel, which is an American cable and satellite television network owned by the NBC Sports Group division of NBC Universal focusing on coverage of the sport of golf. Watch Golf Channel with Smart DNS service.

Also, for all those who admire or haunt best entertainment on S4C, here you go! The fifth-oldest British television channel aimed specifically at the Welsh-speaking audience – S4C is now unblocked. You can get access to S4C, just like you would simply unblock BBC using our service while being outside of the UK.

In addition, we unblocked IPLA TV, which is also a giant media website and well-known among Polish speaking VOD fans. We haven’t forgotten about our dear Polish speaking customers. Those into Chilli.tv, now you can unblock chilli.tv and watch your favorite series and movies there. Is also good to mention that one of the biggest kids entertaining media website in Polish cartoon industry is now available to you, as we unblocked Bajki Onet. All Polish speaking moms are welcome to delight their beloved offsprings.

Check out the entire list with the unblocked media websites that we renewed recently and find your favorite one!

  1. Sling.com
  2. Radio.com
  3. GolfChannel.com
  4. FoxSports.com
  5. ShoutFactoryTV.com
  6. S4C.co.uk
  7. Chili.tv
  8. Bajki.onet.pl
  9. Ipla.tv
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