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Smart DNS is now available with Android app

Smart DNS Android App

We’re sure you’re as happy as we are when we have something new and real good to share. Therefore we bring you the latest and the greatest news on what we’ve done here for you all!

The great news is that with the latest update of our Android application, you’ll have your Smart DNS service back within the application. That means that now you will have both VPN service and Smart DNS in one application. From now on, you don’t have to do it manually in order to set up Smart DNS on your Android device anymore.

Now you will be able to enable and disable Smart DNS on your Android device simple as one tap.

With this update you will have an easier and better control over the network settings of your device. You’ll be able to switch between US, UK, Canadian and German regions directly from your application. Features like “Automatic IP update” will allow you to validate your IP automatically, so you won’t have to go to your client area on our website anymore. With server switcher you can choose the server that’s closer to you, in order to get a better performance.

To set up the SmartyDNS Android app, just follow our step-by-step tutorial.

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