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VPN service from SmartyDNS

VPN service from SmartyDNS

Great news again! There are so many reasons to be excited about, one of which being our new surprise for you. Besides the holiday season that is about to warm our hearts and homes, we are pleased to announce the launching of VPN service that will make you enjoy SmartyDNS even more!

We have added a VPN service as an option for those who can’t use Smart DNS technology because of transparent HTTP or DNS proxy, public WI-FI, ISPs and preconfigured routers that don’t allow to change the DNS addresses, etc. The service like any other VPN also can be used to hide your IP, bypass Internet censorship or ISP restrictions. Or simply to be safe while you are connected to unsecured Wi-Fi network.

We offer two servers, US and UK, with a number of protocols to choose from: PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and SoftEther, so you can choose your preferred one. The VPN service is a bonus service offered for free and it is included in your Smart DNS package. You can find your VPN details, such as servers, protocols, username, password and other information in your Client Area, under your package.

For more information about how the VPN service from SmartyDNS works go to our VPN FAQ page.

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